Also known as a curler, it is no coincidence that professional makeup artists always have this beauty tool with them. How to use it?

One mascara is not always enough. Although there are formulas that seem to “know how” to do everything: lengthen, add volume, and twist, in many cases you can really “open” the look only with the help of an eyelash curler. Why is this tool so useful? In the material we will tell you how to use eyelash curlers.And also - we will advise the best of them, according to the editors. But first, check out the list of professional tips: make-up artist Natalya Oginskaya tells how to choose a curler.

Best Eyelash Curler Review (Editor's Choice)

  • Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

    Among the most popular curlers is the Eyelash Curler by Shu Uemura. This tool is versatile: comfortable handles, soft silicone pad, plates with a comfortable curve - all this together allows you to create a light, natural curve that "opens" the eye.

  • NYX Professional Makeup Eyelash Curler

    Another option for supporters of quality tools: these tongs from NYX Professional Makeup, thanks to the same silicone “layer” between the plates, do not catch eyelashes. The curl will be neat and as safe as possible.

Eyelash curler - what is it?

If you have naturally large eyes and long eyelashes with a graceful curve, you don't have to put on much makeup. Even without mascara, the look will be expressive. In some cases, however, the help of cosmetics and tools such as an eyelash curler will come in handy.

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What is your favorite eye makeup?

  • Smokey eyes
  • I don't make up my eyes at all
  • Arrows
  • Emphasizing only eyelashes
2 / 8

How do you choose mascara?

  • I've been using the samefor years
  • Always buying new items
  • Recommended by friends/bloggers/media
  • I buy a lot of products with different effects

How would you describe your eyelashes?

  • Light and short
  • Light and long
  • Dark and short
  • Dark and long

Which lash effect do you like the most?

  • Maximum natural lashes
  • False eyelash effect
  • Ultra long lashes
  • Ultra Volume Lashes
5 / 8

How do you feel about eyelash extensions?

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • I prefer lamination
  • Hard to say
6 / 8

Which statement is about you?

  • I use mascara primer
  • I always go for waterproof mascara
  • I always use a curler
  • None of the above
7 / 8

What eyelash makeup problem do you care about the most?

  • Mascara is imprinted on the eyelid
  • Mascara clumps
  • Mascara crumbles under eyes
  • Mascara doesn't wash off well
8 / 8

What product can you imagine your makeup without?

  • Without foundation
  • Without mascara
  • No lipstick
  • No blush or bronzer

An eyelash curler is a metal tool with two plates curved under the contours of eyelash growth (they can be squeezed tightly - this is how eyelashes are fixed using tongs), soft rubber linings on them and handles, like scissors. It can look intimidating - for those who see the device for the first time. True, once you figure out how to curl your eyelashes with forceps, they become indispensable. After curling, the eyelashes seem to rise at the roots, which creates the very bend from which the look becomes more attractive.

What is another name for an eyelash curler? Not everyone knows that the second name of this tool is curler (from the word “curl”, which means “curl”). It is also used by beautyholics.

Effective eyelash curler

When used correctly, the curler can really make the eyelashes more curled and expressive, and the look more attractive.Curler is especially useful for girls with short straight eyelashes. However, eyelash curlers can hardly be called a basic cosmetic product; for many girls, curling mascara will be enough (look for a list of verified ones here). In addition, eyelashes can be curled without using a curler. How? Told in this article.

Are eyelash curlers harmful?

Eyelash curlers can be used every day, if only handled correctly, taking into account all the technical details. So, you always need to act carefully and without haste, without squeezing the eyelashes too much. It is also important to monitor the condition of the tongs themselves - for example, if cracks form on the rubber “layer”, it must be replaced. Curlers, by the way, come without a rubber insert - this applies to low-quality fixtures. The absence of such a protective element allows you to reduce the price of forceps, but in the end it becomes a traumatic tool.Using this, you will soon have to spend money on eyelash treatment.

The most important rule: use a curler before applying mascara. Otherwise, you will damage them.

It is also worth remembering that it is precisely the benefits of curling eyelashes that will not be for sure. And this means that additional hair care is needed, with which special serums for eyelashes, burdock and castor oils do an excellent job. Then the use of a curler will not affect the length and density of the eyelashes.

Also, pay attention to mascaras with oils and other caring components in the composition.

Types of eyelash curlers and their names

There are two main types of eyelash curlers. The first is the classic metal tweezers that create a mechanical effect on the eyelashes.

To get the desired effect, you just need to attach them to the roots of the eyelashes and squeeze lightly by pressing two plates of tongs against each other. After some time, they are released, and the eyelashes, in turn, remain "raised" . Only this result does not last long, if you do not fix it with mascara.

The second type is electric tongs. They work on a different principle: due to heating, they curl eyelashes like a curling iron. On the one hand, this is more efficient - the desired bend can be obtained faster, and it will last longer. On the other hand, thermal exposure to eyelashes is just as harmful as to hair. And if you overexpose them in such tongs, then the tool will simply burn them. The consequences will be the same if you use such a gadget too often. Along with tongs, there are electric brushes with a thermal effect. Passing this on the cilia, you get at the same time a perm.

However, buying such a thing is not necessary at all. There is a life hack: if you have ordinary mechanical tweezers, just heat their working surface under a stream of hot air from a hair dryer. Of course, you do not need to bring them to a red-hot state. Even a sufficiently weak heating is enough for the cilia to better “remember” their bend after curling.

How to choose the right tongs?

Choose between mechanical and electric curlers should be based on whether the eyelashes curl well. A simple option without heating is suitable for owners of fairly thin eyelashes - they are easy to twist and so. There are also eyelashes that are more voluminous and “dense” by nature, and also straight, and it’s more difficult with them. Perhaps only electric tongs can manage to give them a bend and make the effect persistent. At the same time, again, you need to remember that thermal exposure is not an option for every day.

With the choice of the model of tweezers directly, difficulties can also arise. It is better to prepare for spending and not to buy the first tool that comes across. So, mechanical tongs without a rubber insert, which serves as a "safety cushion" , will only do harm. Along with metal tongs, there are also plastic ones, but for those who are for quality, they will not work. And in the event that we are talking about eyelashes - their beauty and he alth, it cannot be otherwise. As for thermal tongs, it is also worth choosing only proven models from among them. And also look at the technical characteristics: it's good when you can adjust the temperature. For more tips on choosing a curler, click here.

How to curl eyelashes with forceps at home: how to use

Not everyone who first took this tool in their hands will understand how to curl eyelashes with forceps. It is better to get acquainted with all the intricacies of the process by watching a photo or video tutorial on how to use eyelash curlers at home.This will save you some embarrassment and also help you avoid mistakes that can seriously damage your lashes.

  1. It's worth taking hold of the tongs before you start doing eye makeup. Lightly warm them up - with a hair dryer or, for example, under running hot water.

  2. Position the forceps so that the upper plate is adjacent to the upper eyelid, and the lower one “holds” the eyelashes at the roots, but at the same time does not touch the skin. Close both plates, but without strong pressure. Hold the forceps in this way for 10-15 seconds.

  3. Move up the length of your lashes. Repeat the same in the middle and towards the ends. Given that they are more fragile here, it will be necessary to reduce the pressure even more.

  4. Seal the result with your usual mascara. How to paint eyelashes with mascara, we have already told.

And to better remember the rules for using a curler, watch our video tutorial.

Do you know unusual life hacks for using a curler? Share them in the comments!