Glitter and pink - is this a glamorous makeup? Since the early 2000s, the glam style has changed for the better, so today such a make-up can be the most elegant addition to your look

Glamour, if we talk about it as a separate style, today is dominated by stereotypes: it is believed that glam makeup is all pink, sparkles and rhinestones, false eyelashes flying up to the sky, glossy shine on the lips. So indeed they could paint 10-15 years ago. But today such a combination is considered vulgar.Glamor makeup began to be done in other ways. In the material, we will talk about what today is called glamor makeup, and also share tips on how to create it.

When would glam makeup be appropriate?

If we proceed from the fact that the word glamor is translated as "chic" , "charm" and "attractiveness" , then, in general, any make-up that allows you to look feminine and attractive can be called glamorous.

These are, as a rule, more “smart” looks than casual make-up, so it is better to leave everything glamorous for special occasions - for example, for dates, for evening outings. It is in such situations that it is most appropriate to use such make-up techniques that will draw attention to yourself - to the merits of your appearance.

Glam Makeup Features

Glamorous makeup is primarily feminine makeup. With it, the eyes try to make more expressive.And with them, the look is alluring. The graceful outlines of the contours of the face are also part of such a make-up, so the sculpting technique is also used. Useful palette 3 Steps To Sculpt Face Sculpting Palette from NYX Professional Makeup.

For sensual lips, classic lipstick, and liquid with a matte effect, and glossy varnish, and gloss are useful. Many of the tricks for this makeup look can be gleaned from the Barbie style look we've covered in detail in this video.

But you need to use all the tools and techniques wisely - so that your glamorous makeup does not end up looking vulgar and excessive. The subtlety of taste should be visible in it, so when working with accents, you need to try to make sure that everything is in moderation.

Bright evening make-up in glamor style

For brown eyes

  1. Arrows and cherry red polish

    Girls with brown eyes are often recommended oriental strokes. When creating such a make-up, they use black color, “filling in” including the inner contour. Shu Uemura's Lasting Soft Gel Pencil will come in handy. The corners of the eyes are emphasized with pointed arrows - this detail is just what is characteristic of a glamorous style makeup. Just do not draw them too wide so that you can safely add an accent to the lips in such a make-up.

    Saturated colors go well with the arrows. It is better to choose not an ordinary lipstick, but a lip lacquer - a glossy “finish” will add chic to the image. It can be, for example, Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquer from NYX Professional Makeup.

  2. Emphasis on contour and fuchsia lipstick

    Another lipstick color that brown-eyed people often choose is a bright, spectacular fuchsia. Pink can be either creamy or matte (check out Lancôme's L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipstick).

    Choose blush to match your lipstick and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. And emphasize the eyes slightly - it will be enough to stroke the inner contour with a brown kajal. It, if this is not enough, can be slightly shaded with a dense brush at the lash line.

  3. Plum smoky eyes

    Cat look and smoky eyes are the types of makeup that perfectly embody glamour. Do it with shimmery purple or burgundy eyeshadow and liquid black eyeliner.

    To add to this, you can add a “glare” highlighter in the inner corner.

    And also - black mascara, applied so that the cilia are slightly bent to the side - closer to the outer edges of the eyes. This technique will help make the look soft, "velvet" .

For green eyes

  1. Soft arrows and red lips

    Green-eyed accents created by shades of green; the main thing is that the cosmetics do not “merge” with the color of the eyes, but gently contrast with it. Draw arrows with a dark green pencil with shimmering particles and add shining shadows all over the eyelid. Useful Slide On Pencil from NYX Professional Makeup.

    Apply red lipstick on your lips, not being afraid that this color will "argue" with eye makeup.

  2. Golden brown smoky eyes

    To draw more attention to the eyes, create an expressive transition from beige-gold at the inner corners to brown (with the same metallic effect) at the outer ones. Pay attention to shading.

    Also, apply a double layer of mascara to your eyelashes to achieve a more expressive look. In glamorous makeup, this is especially important.

  3. Grey haze

    Smudge shimmery gray eyeshadow at the lash line. The haze can be "stretched" closer to the temples and slightly sharpened its outlines to achieve the effect of a "cat" look.

    Apply pink tint to lips with a translucent layer. Or use soft pale pink lipstick. For example, Color Riche from L'Oréal Paris. where to find?

For blue eyes

  1. Macara and burgundy lipstick

    Not all blue-eyed girls decide on such a variant of glamorous makeup. But in combination with an evening dress, it looks extremely successful. Apply a burgundy lip lacquer or wine-colored matte lipstick to your lips. Pay attention to the clarity of the outline.

    In this case, it will be enough to tint the eyes with mascara in two layers. Lash Sensational from Maybelline New York will come in handy.

  2. Copper cat eyes with brown arrows

    Red-copper shades are perfect for blue eyes.

    They create such a contrast that makes the blue of the eyes bright, draws more attention to it. Create haze, and then, in addition to it, draw sharp brown arrows (you can shade their “tails” so that they merge with the shadows). Don't forget mascara.

  3. Blue arrows

    Another glamorous look for blue-eyed people will help create blue eyeliner. It can even be a bright electric shade, which will certainly be the center of attention of all makeup.

    If you're not afraid to break the one-accent rule, add red or pink lipstick to the arrows.

Glamour everyday makeup

In everyday make-up, those accents that were especially bright in evening looks should be “muted”. So, you can use a black, brown or gray pencil to draw arrows, just avoid graphics - it's better to soften the lines with shading.

This will be enough to make the look more expressive. Moreover, the arrows will still need to be supplemented with mascara. And it can be applied in two layers even in everyday makeup.

As for lip makeup, here, speaking about the image for every day, you should be careful. Set aside bright lipsticks and lip lacquers. Instead, use a tint (let the layer of color on the lips be translucent) or completely colorless glossy gloss.Thanks to them, a touch of chic will appear in the make-up, which is so necessary in the glam style.

Do you often use glamorous make-up techniques? Write a comment.