Few people "know how" to wear things like a leopard print dress. And if he decides, he does not always know what to do next - for example, with makeup. We tell you what nuances should be taken into account!

" Animal" motifs return to the list of trends from time to time. However, they are most often on the verge of fashion and bad taste, since few manage to create a harmonious image, for example, with the same leopard dress. It is important not only the combination of clothing items, but also the selection of hairstyles, makeup and other details.In our material - a detailed explanation of how to create makeup for a leopard dress, which will look fashionable and modern in 2023.

Makeup under a leopard dress: what shades to choose in 2023?

Leopard dresses of the classic “color”, although they do not differ in the brightness of shades, the print still dazzles in the eyes - it is catchy, and it is almost impossible not to pay attention to it. And if the design nevertheless decides to replace the usual colors with more original ones, then it will be even easier to make an effect in such an outfit. All this will have to be taken into account when creating makeup.

Only monophonic accents are allowed in it. Choose from black or brown eyeliner, grunge gray smoky eyes with one shade of eyeshadow, red or nude lipstick. The main thing is not to mix a lot of colors in such a make-up, to avoid transitions and overflows.

You should also give up shimmery products and metallic textures. In the case of a leopard print dress, it will be impossible not to recognize that this element of the image will be in the foreground - without compromise. Attempts to draw attention to makeup, if it is done with a leopard dress, will most likely turn out to turn out to be vulgar.

Makeup under a leopard dress for every day: photo ideas

Brown eyes

When choosing a leopard print dress for a casual look, show restraint in makeup. Limit yourself to thin black arrows or a delicate selection of the eye contour with a black kayala.

On the lips, use a nude lipstick to match the skin tone or a colorless balm.

Blue eyes

Blue-eyed people should use brown instead of black. For casual makeup under a leopard dress, they can, again, draw arrows (either graphic or softened by shading).If you decide on the second option, you will find detailed step-by-step instructions in this video.

Emphasis on the contour is also possible. Apply brown kajal to the slimy or thin line drawn along the lash line, blend to a light haze. In order not to darken the makeup, take light shades of gray instead of brown.

Green eyes

Girls with green eyes will also suit makeup in beige and brown tones. Line the upper eyelid with a pencil (turning the lines into a haze will provide expressiveness to the look), and underline the lower one from the inside with a shining golden or classic white contour pencil.

Thanks to the effect of "highlighting" it will visually "open" the eyes - vivacity and freshness of the image will be provided. Another option is to work with dark green. For example, swamp.

Only, again, the accents should be rather modest, because we are talking about an everyday look in which a leopard print dress will be a bright spot anyway.

Fatal makeup for a leopard dress for a brunette

  1. Lip accent

    To get a fatal look in a leopard dress, brunettes just need to use cherry lipstick with any texture.

    Both creamy and matte will do.

    It remains only to slightly highlight the eyebrows and bring the eyes, as well as "thickly" apply mascara.

  2. Focus on the eyes

    To make it the "center of gravity" in the image, either draw wide arrows in black, or create a careless haze in grunge style - you won't need to blend the shadows or pencil lines too carefully.

Evening makeup for blondes and blonds in a leopard dress

  1. Lip accent

    Blondes and blonds who are ready to experiment can make evening lip makeup using wine color - in combination with a smooth styling, this beauty solution will help to get an elegant evening look (and the print on the dress will not interfere with this).

  2. Focus on the eyes

    If you need to draw attention to the eyes, use brown shadows to draw haze, "capturing" both the upper and lower eyelids to get an expressive smoky effect. Find useful makeup tips for blondes here.

Makeup for a leopard dress: step by step photo tutorial

  1. Preparation

    Moisturize your face and apply a primer to further evenly distribute the foundation - in makeup under a leopard dress, tone defects should not be visible. Imperfections dot mask concealer.

  2. Correction

    Highlight your cheekbones with sculpting powder, and blend dark red blush on the apples of your cheeks. If desired, add a little highlighter - for example, on the skin under and above the eyebrow.

  3. Eyebrows

    Gently “lay” the hairs in one direction (you don’t need to comb them up - in combination with a leopard print dress, this technique will look rather careless). Fill in the "gaps" with a pencil or shadows.

    And then fix the shape with gel.

  4. Eyes

    After primer, apply golden beige shadows with very fine shimmer as a base. Emphasize the lower mucosa with a light kayal. From above, draw sharp black arrows - but not too wide. Finish off with mascara.

  5. Lips

    These arrows allow you to focus on the lips. Apply red or darker cherry lipstick on them. "Dense" coverage will match the evening look, but if you are afraid that it will be superfluous, apply the color in a translucent layer.

What makeup will you do for this outfit? Write a comment.