Doing make-up, brown-haired women can not limit themselves in anything. The problem is rather the process of choosing an image. Skin tone and eye color will help you decide

What hair color do brown-haired women have? Many are confused in the testimony, taking brown-haired women for brunettes and vice versa. From French, châtain translates as "chestnut" - that's the answer to your question. Most often, we are talking about lighter than brunettes, shades of brown with tints and highlights, thanks to which it seems that the color "plays" .

Brown-haired women on the conditional scale of hair color are somewhere between brunettes and blondes. It is this intermediate position that allows them to boldly experiment with makeup: brown-haired women can equally successfully paint using neutral tones and create bright accents, making their features more catchy.

In this article we will tell you what make-up will be the best beauty solution for girls with this hair color.

Makeup rules for brown hair

If blondes should avoid strong blackouts in make-up, and brunettes should avoid multiple accents (emphasizing both eyes, lips, cheekbones, and eyebrows), then brown-haired women simply do not have such restrictions. You can try different looks depending on your mood and occasion.

Skin tone, eye color, face shape should be used as a guideline. The general color type is another reference point when choosing shades of cosmetics.

Makeup for brown-haired women with brown eyes

Girls with brown eyes, in addition to black and brown, will suit shades that are not classic. Blue, purple, plum, emerald, turquoise - all of them will make the look more expressive, as makeup artists rightly believe.

Chocolate cream makeup will help brown-eyed brown-haired women create a balanced and delicate look. At the same time, there should be an accent that will stand out against the general background. Dark green arrows (this color can also be beaten in makeup of the lower eyelid) or purple smoky eyes will do this perfectly.

Instead, it is not forbidden to highlight the lips - and here any color is welcome, from delicate pink to dark eggplant.

Makeup for brown-haired women with green eyes

The situation is different here. In this case, the image does not require a mandatory color accent. Other tasks are relevant - for example, to highlight the eyes in such a way that their shade looks brighter and they do not get lost against the background of fairly dark hair. For a combination of green eyes and brown hair, eye makeup options such as smoky eyes in beige-brown tones using metallic textures, gray haze with a shimmer around the eye contour, purple cat eyes with arrows will be successful.

You can choose green shades of cosmetics, but it is important that they do not match the color of the eyes. A slight contrast is needed.

You can also use bright lipstick. Green eyes usually go well with red lipstick.

Even if you opted for an accent on the lips, you will also have to minimally touch up the eyes - at least work out the outline with a black or dark gray pencil to slightly balance the image.

Makeup for brown-haired women with blue eyes

The most important thing in this case is to make the beautiful shade of light eyes become more noticeable and expressive. Read about the makeup rules for girls with this appearance below, and you will find another idea for a successful makeup for owners of blue eyes and dark hair in this video.

Black eyeliner or rich smoky eyes in graphite color can visually reduce the eyes and instead of revealing the delicate color to the fullest, on the contrary, overlap it. For a competent accent, shades of pink, terracotta, earthy brown with shimmer, bronze, copper and gold, plum, blue are suitable.

Work with these colors, creating haze with a gradient effect and complementing them with arrows. But remember that blue eye makeup should not be too dark.

Smoky eyes in bronze tones

  1. Face tone

    Prepare skin for makeup with a primer and then apply foundation, either with a damp sponge or with a duo-fiber brush. Make sure to evenly distribute the product. Cover minor imperfections with concealer. The boundaries of its application also need to be shaded so that against the background of an even tone there are no noticeable spots and stripes.

  2. Correction

    Make a slight adjustment. Blend a small amount of sculpting powder under the cheekbones, and blush a little higher, on the “apples” of the cheeks. If desired, add a little highlighter to the protruding areas of the face. This detail will bring your image closer to the evening.

  3. Eyebrows

    Comb your eyebrows, tint them with a pencil or shadows if you need to fill in the gaps and add visual thickness to the eyebrows. At the end, fix the shape of the eyebrows with a transparent gel.

  4. Eyes

    Prepare your eyelid skin with a base. At the outer corners of the eyes, use light bronze shadows, closer to the outer corners - a darker shade. Create a smooth transition between these colors. With a dark brown pencil (soft kajal), underline the inner contour of the eyes, and use it to work out the lash line from the outside. Blend the color so that it blends into the shadows. Add mascara - in one or two layers.

Makeup ideas for girls with brown hair

Restrained everyday makeup

In a casual look, it is better to use halftones and soft accents that do not attract too much attention to themselves. A make-up using soft pink shadows with a slight shimmer will do.

Complete the shadows with delicate arrows.

Cover your lashes with mascara and apply a balm, tint or translucent lipstick to your lips.

Wedding make-up for brown-haired women

Makeup for a wedding, as a rule, is also chosen discreet. Create a light smoky effect with shimmery gray shadows around the eye contour and add a couple of highlights (at the inner corners of the eyes or in the center of the upper eyelids) using a pearl or silver highlighter.

Another solution is to draw arrows: brown or the same gray color if we are talking about blue or green eyes, black if it is makeup for a brown-eyed brown-haired woman.

Contrasting makeup for brown-haired women with red lipstick

The emphasis on the lips of brown-haired women goes no less than bright eye makeup. But in some cases, it is the lipstick that helps to create the effect - and with it the right impression. Red lipstick in a classic shade is the best choice.

You can combine it with black or gray arrows, a light haze of brown, or with a minimalist outline of the inner contour of the eyes (that is, mucous).

Burgundy lipstick on brown-haired women does not look as expressive as "pure" red, so choosing it will be a win-win.

Gentle make-up for brown-haired women

After applying the base beige shadows, slightly darken the crease of the eyelid with a hint of caramel or cocoa. Blend it towards the outer corners of your eyes to give your make-up (and look) more definition.

Apply mascara. And tint your lips with nude lipstick with a creamy texture and a slightly “wet” finish, choosing a shade to match your skin tone. It is important that it does not stand out from the range that was used in the eye makeup.

What other make-up rules for brown-haired women do you know? Do you choose images for the color of hair, eyes? Write a comment.