YSL Beauté lip glosses are adored for their incredibly fashionable effects and wide palette of shades. Plenty to choose from

lip gloss: Benefits of YSL Beauté

YSL Beauté specialists create lip gloss variations that can satisfy any request. The brand's products provide not only a decorative effect, but also a caring one. Innovative formulas are responsible for this.

All lip products are presented in a wide range of shades - so that every girl will find the right makeup for different occasions.

YSL Beauté lip glosses, like all products of the brand, are packed in beautiful cases with the brand logo of the House of Saint Laurent.

YSL Beauté Lip Gloss Ingredients

YSL Beauté pays special attention to formulas. Lip glosses and lacquers do not dry out the lips, do not tighten the skin and do not clog into wrinkles. On the contrary, they perfectly moisturize the skin and are not felt at all on the lips.

All YSL Beauté glosses contain caring ingredients that protect sensitive lips. The composition contains oils - jojoba, apricot and others. The formulas also include components responsible for nourishing and softening the skin, such as tocopherol.

Color Palette

YSL Beauté Lip Gloss has a wide range of shades so every girl can find the right color for her look.

Gloss Volupté lip gloss comes in 20 shades and Vernis à Lèvres lip lacquer comes in more than 10.

  • Gloss Volupté Lip Gloss

    Classic lip gloss. The finish is not very dense, translucent - even if you take the brightest medium. And there are plenty to choose from: the gloss is presented in 20 trendy options - from transparent and classic pink-red colors to unusual shades.

    The shining particles in Gloss Volupté are very small, so the gloss on the lips looks quite restrained and harmonious. Almost all shades are perfect for everyday makeup.

    Shade 154, Aurora Pink

    Special mention deserves an applicator made in the form of miniature female lips. It differs not only in its original design: it can be quite attributed to “smart” tools, because it is able not only to evenly distribute the product, but also to accurately highlight the contour of the lips.

    Another undoubted advantage of the gloss is that thanks to the small shining particles in the composition, it adds visual volume to the lips.

  • Vernis à Lèvres lip lacquer

    This lip lacquer combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the durability of a liquid lipstick. The finish is very effective, iridescent, glossy, and at the same time quite dense, unlike classic lip glosses.

    Thanks to the combination of long-lasting pigments and moisturizing ingredients, the lip lacquer goes on perfectly evenly, filling cracks and making the surface of the lips look like a mirror.



    The polish comes in 13 different shades, from nude to red.

    The unique pointed applicator allows you to accurately draw the contour of the lips without using a pencil.

    YSL Beauté also offers other variations of Vernis à Lèvres lip lacquer. For a sheer, lighter finish (but no less resistant!) choose Vernis à Lèvres Pop Water, and for a more glossy, "vinyl" finish, choose Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream .



  • Volupté Tint-In-Oil Lip Balm

    This is a unique lip treatment that combines the properties of oil, balm and lip gloss.

    Special attention deserves the composition of the product, which includes four different oils (apricot, jojoba, coriander and stratoflower) for maximum hydration and nourishment of the skin of the lips.

    The original applicator, like Gloss Volupté lip gloss, allows you to apply the product targetedly and accurately. The finish is translucent, but at the same time the color is quite saturated, resistant, does not fade.

    The tool is not as bright as the brand's classic gloss and lip lacquer, but at the same time, a radiant effect is still guaranteed: it will perfectly complement natural makeup.

    Balm oil is available in different shades that are perfect for daily use.

YSL Beauté Glitter Options

You can create any look with lip gloss. For everyday, the gloss of natural shades is ideal - transparent, pale pink, peach, beige.

Lip lacquer is the perfect choice for evening make-up. Vernis à Lèvres products are long lasting and highly pigmented.

However, even with light shades you can make seductive makeup. After all, all YSL Beauté lip glosses make lips visually plumper.

YSL Beauté lip gloss is the best way to create a gentle wedding look.