Chinese women are known for their "doll" make-up and are famous for their perfect skin. We will tell you how to make a make-up in the style of the Celestial Empire and share useful tips

Is Chinese style makeup suitable for every day? And for an evening out? Let's sort it out in order.

When is Chinese makeup appropriate?

This makeup can hardly be called defiant. Light blush, shimmering shadows and laconic arrows are suitable for all occasions.

A delicate look will look organic with any outfit, whether it's an airy dress for a date, a formal suit for the office or an evening dress.

How to do Chinese makeup: step by step photo tutorial

Prepare the makeup you need to create your look.

For face tone:

  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – 5.0 ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup Conceal Concealer Palette. Correct. Contour – Light ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup No Filter Finishing Powder – 02 .

For eye and brow makeup:

  • NYX Professional Makeup Precision Brow Pencil – Espresso ,

  • Urban Decay Anti-Age eyeshadow base ,

  • Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeline 24H – Black ,

  • Mask Maybelline New York Lash Sensational .

For lips makeup:

  • Maybelline New York Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick – 35 Rebel Red ,

  • Lancôme Le Lip Liner – 132 Caprice .

Now follow our step by step instructions.

  1. Even out your complexion with foundation. Conceal dark circles under the eyes and skin imperfections with concealer.

  2. Highlight your cheekbones with a dark brown cream corrector, then powder your face. If you use a dry corrector, then it is better to change the procedure: first powder the skin, then emphasize the cheekbones - so the dry corrector will definitely not stain when shading.

  3. Finish your eyebrows with a pencil or shadow, giving them a straight shape. Use a skin tone concealer along the lower and upper borders of the eyebrows to make them more graphic and strict.

  4. Apply eyeshadow base to lids. Pick up a mustard brown matte eye shadow with a fluffy natural brush and blend all over the lid, as well as along the orbital line. "Pull" the shading to the temple.

  5. Then, using a barrel brush, emphasize the outer corners of the eyes with matte red-brown shadows and blend the color to the temples.

  6. Fill the moving eyelid with shining golden shadows.

  7. With black gel eyeliner or eyeliner, paint over the space between the eyelashes, then emphasize the contour of the upper eyelid and draw a long arrow.

  8. With the rest of the eyeliner on the brush (or pencil), draw a small arrow on the lower eyelid. Apply mascara to your lashes.

  9. Apply the blush to the cheekbones, going a little under the outer corners of the eyes. Add highlighter - on the back of the nose, a tick above the lips, in the inner corners of the eyes, on the top of the cheekbones. Complete the look with red matte lipstick.

  10. Classic red symbolism will help to give the image of national authenticity. You can carefully draw signs of any complexity with a well-sharpened lip pencil.

Useful tips to help you repeat Chinese makeup, you will find in this video.

Characteristics of traditional Chinese makeup

We have already talked about the general features of makeup for the Asian type of face.However, each country has its own nuances. An integral feature of traditional Chinese makeup is the perfect "glass" skin. This effect is achieved by Chinese women with the help of multi-layer moisturizing and tonal means. If you decide to repeat Chinese makeup, we advise you to work on the skin first - it is best to start with a scrub to achieve the most even surface. Then it is important to properly moisturize the skin. It is better to choose a foundation that is lighter than your natural skin tone - this way the face will look more “doll-like”, just in the style of Chinese women.

Chinese women try to enlarge their eyes with makeup, but their love for arrows is inescapable. True, for the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire, this is more an element of an evening look, rather than an everyday one.

Those who decide to do Chinese makeup will have to work on their eyebrows - in Asia they don’t like wide eyebrows and don’t spare hairs that violate the boundaries of a clear arcuate line even by a millimeter.But if nature itself awarded thick eyebrows, they will not argue with her - they will simply delicately emphasize them with light brown shadows.

To make the face more sculpted, Chinese women generously apply blush. But no shades of brown! Only pink or cherry. Plus, thorough shading to make the blush as natural as possible.

In China, two lip makeup options are popular - either with a translucent pink gloss, or with a classic red lipstick. The choice is yours. Both options will harmoniously complement the Chinese-style makeup.

Chinese girls party makeup

If a Chinese woman is going to a party, she will do her makeup in a special way. The usual foundation will be replaced with a more resistant one (so that the “doll” image does not suddenly float in the middle of the evening) and will give preference to bright lipstick.

Girls who don't like bright lip makeup draw dramatic black arrows.

Chinese-style daily makeup

Chinese makeup for every day is very refreshing face, because girls in China prefer delicate shades with shimmer.

An obligatory item in the everyday make-up of Chinese women is blush. Often they become the main element of the image. In this case, the eyes are highlighted with thin arrows, the eyelashes are emphasized with mascara, which separates the eyelashes well (no spider legs - they are unacceptable in Chinese makeup), and pink gloss is applied to the lips.

Chinese beauty secrets

It seems that the Chinese women really comprehended the secret of eternal youth and smoothness of the skin. Maybe it's all about their beauty habits?

  • Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire do not like to sunbathe.And protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet radiation in all available ways: apply sunscreen, wear hats and umbrellas. And it's not just that Chinese women are afraid of photoaging. It's just that the ideal of female beauty in China implies fair skin without a hint of tan.

  • In China, preference is given to local brands of cosmetics, and they also like to use homemade products. Among them are a pearl powder mask and a mint leaf mask.

  • Girls in China know that skin will not be perfect as a result of care alone. Therefore, they monitor nutrition, and without certain foods and drinks they cannot imagine their diet at all. Among the indispensable is green tea, rich in antioxidants.

How do Chinese women enlarge their eyes with makeup?

Chinese women have tried a lot of tricks in pursuit of visual enlargement of their eyes.

  • To make the eyes appear more round, they emphasize the upper and lower eyelids with arrows, while the tips do not show (so as not to get the opposite effect), and the arrows themselves are drawn wide, in the shape of an arc.

  • Chinese women often complement the arrows with lush false eyelashes - they also visually "open" their eyes.

  • Also, some girls wear fake eyelid creases and wear round lenses that visually make them look like anime characters.

Where are you ready to do this makeup? What beauty secrets of Chinese women surprised you the most? Share in the comments.