There are three correctors for the face in the brand's portfolio, different shades and textures - how to choose the right one?

Maybelline New York concealer benefits

Every girl can find the right concealer in the Maybelline New York line, as the brand's assortment includes concealers of different formats - both denser and lighter.

Another advantage of Maybelline New York concealers is a wide palette of shades. This is especially important when choosing tonal products. The composition of the brand's concealers deserves special attention.

Maybelline New York Concealer Ingredients

The sensitive skin around the eyes needs special care. That's why Maybelline New York concealer formulas include conditioning ingredients that hydrate and brighten the eye area. Maybelline New York concealers contain natural extracts of berries and plants rich in vitamins and minerals.

Some brand concealers contain vitamin E. It serves to prevent age-related changes and makes the skin smoother.

Fit Me

A classic creamy concealer that provides light, natural coverage with a matte finish. It perfectly copes not only with dark circles under the eyes, but also with other skin imperfections - for example, with local redness and inflammation.The composition is enriched with chamomile flower extract, which is known for its soothing properties.

Fit Me concealer has a familiar applicator that is easy to handle even for beginners. With a thin soft tip, it is convenient to wield pointwise, but it does an excellent job with the treatment of larger areas of the skin. By the way, due to the weightless texture, the concealer can replace the foundation in case of urgent need: if you distribute it over the entire surface of the face, there will be no mask effect.

To make the concealer last longer, you can lightly powder the area under the eyes in advance - preferably with a colorless transparent powder, such as Master Fix from Maybelline.

In Russia, the product is presented in ten shades. Please note that some of them can only be purchased online.

Find out what Fit Me concealer looks like on the skin in the video tutorial below.

Instant Eraser

Even if you are far from the world of cosmetics, the Instant Eraser concealer is most likely familiar to you. The original packaging with a round sponge at the end is enough to see once to remember forever.

Bloggers, beauty editors and make-up artists around the world have been acknowledging this tool for years, and in Europe Instant Eraser has received the status of "number one concealer" . By the way, this year Maybelline is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of the first Instant Eraser concealer.

What is the reason for success? The cushion concealer is very easy to use. It is enough to scroll the base of the stick several times - and the necessary amount of foundation will saturate the round sponge tip.You just have to apply it to the surface of the skin and blend - either with the sponge applicator itself or with your fingers.

Due to the special shape of the tip, the Instant Eraser is especially effective at masking dark circles under the eyes. In this capacity, he became famous, but in general the tool belongs to the category of multifunctional.

Concealer provides medium coverage, perfectly smooths out uneven skin, perfectly hides imperfections and evens out tone, adding freshness to the face. Instant Eraser has a satin finish and is suitable for all skin types.

Anti-aging concealer formula deserves a special mention. Formulated with goji berries and haloxyl to care for the sensitive skin around the eyes, lighten dark circles and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Many users note a slight lifting effect!

The line includes 13 shades of pink-beige and beige-golden scales. The former are suitable for skin with a cold undertone, the latter are designed for a warm undertone. Two shades - 05 and 06 - are designed specifically to cover dark circles under the eyes.

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Of all the Maybelline Superstay concealers, the thickest and longest lasting. He will cope not only with a small pimple, but also with more serious skin imperfections, while remaining invisible!

Concealer is equipped with a convenient spatula applicator and packed in a soft tube that is convenient to take with you. Dense matte texture spreads easily, quickly masks signs of fatigue, hides dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections.

Concealer stays on the skin for up to 24 hours, does not roll or clog into small wrinkles. In addition, he is not afraid of rain or sweat in the heat: Superstay has a waterproof formula.

Distributing this concealer over the skin is no more difficult than all the others. Use the applicator to apply concealer to problem areas and blend in any way you like - with a sponge, fingers or a brush.

The tool is presented in six shades. There are versions for both "snow whites" and "darkies" .

How to use Maybelline concealers

The main rule is to apply concealer over foundation or BB cream, not before them. If your goal is to mask dark circles under the eyes, spread the product, as if drawing a figure under the eyes in the form of an equilateral triangle, pointing down.

Remember: if you blend the concealer with an arc, covering the entire lower eyelid, it will only emphasize unwanted swelling. This will be especially noticeable in the photographs.

Don't forget the inner corners of your eyes. By ignoring this area, you risk looking tired and sleepy. Another area of application of the product is the lines under the eyebrows. So the eyebrows will look more neat and well-groomed. By the way, using concealer as an aid to perform various tasks, and not just for its intended purpose, is one of the main modern trends.

And one more tip: don't apply oil-based care products before concealer - otherwise the disguise won't last long.

For more information on how to understand the different types of Maybelline concealers and how to apply them, you can learn from the video of the brand's official makeup artist.


Professional concealer hacks

  1. When choosing a concealer, consider the condition of the skin around the eyes. For example, the Maybelline New York Eraser is best for thin and dehydrated skin.

  2. When choosing the color of the concealer, be guided by the undertone of the circles under the eyes: the reddish will well “overlap” the concealer from the yellow palette; for gray and earthy bruises, peach or pinkish concealer is suitable.

  3. The most effective way to apply concealer is with light patting movements.

Do you use Maybelline concealers? Tell us about your favorite product in the comments!