It's not as easy as it might seem. We talk about important nuances

White products - be it shadows, lipstick or powder - have their own characteristics. Who they are suitable for, how to apply them correctly, what makeup products to combine with and how to avoid possible mistakes - we will answer these and other questions in this article.

White eyeliner

The most common area for white pencil application is the slimy contour. To make the eyes look visually larger (especially for those with an Asian eye shape or deep-set eyes) and brighter, draw a slimy outline with a white pencil on top and bottom.

If you have dark skin and brown eyes, a white pencil may contrast too much with them: a harmonious make-up will turn out if you add black to a white pencil and apply along the lash line on the upper and lower eyelids.

White pencils are in the collections of different brands - look for them, for example, Urban Decay and NYX Professional Makeup.

A well-known way to instantly "refresh" the look and "erase" traces of fatigue is to create highlights with a white pencil at the inner corners of the eyes. In addition, it can also be used as a base for eye makeup - in this case, shade the upper eyelid with a white pencil and blend thoroughly, and then apply your favorite shadows. Their color will become brighter, and make-up will last: the white base effectively prevents eye shadow from rolling.

White liner

Drawing perfectly shaped arrows is much easier with a liner than a pencil.

Use, for example, a gel liner - and apply the product with a small flat eye brush to make the arrow more graphic and accurate.

With the help of a white liner, you can also make a retro make-up similar to what Twiggy did - use the tool paired with dark mascara and liquid eyeliner. Generously apply dark brown mascara to the upper lashes (start with the mascara, so as not to smear the liner with it later), With a waterproof eyeliner of the same color, go along the contour of the eyes from above and below, and apply a white liner to the mucous membrane.

You will learn about other options for arrows of unusual colors from this video.

White shadows

As with a white pencil, white shadows can act as a base - in this case, it is most convenient to use shadows in pencil format. Apply them all over the eyelid so that the color of the shadows you apply after looks brighter.

In addition, white shadows can be applied under the eyebrow as a highlighter: the main thing is to blend them thoroughly. This trick will also be useful for those who do not have time for eyebrow correction - white shadows will mask unwanted regrown hairs.

White mascara

Most often, white mascara is a primer for eyelashes, helping to add volume and length to them. Use it if you have short lashes or if you would like to get more out of your main mascara.

White mascara is also good because after applying it, you can better see the places that need to be covered with color.

White lipstick

Of course, it can be useful for themed makeup - for example, on Halloween. However, white lipstick can also be useful in everyday makeup.

Apply white before color for a lighter, pastel shade. In this case, the main thing is to carefully mix the products in the corners of the lips. This trick also works the other way around - a layer of white lipstick on top of color will also make it a little lighter.

White lipstick can also be useful for ombre lip makeup - white color will work great paired with any shade of lipstick. On top of the color, apply white lipstick in the center of the lower lip with the pads of your fingers, and then blend, closing the lips. Another option is to make a “reverse” ombre and emphasize the corners of the lips with white lipstick.

White lipstick can be used not for its intended purpose - as a highlighter. If you have fair or dark skin, apply it to the top of your cheekbone or any other area of your face that you want to highlight. If the skin is dark, use white lipstick paired with a highlighter - and apply it before it to make the makeup more effective. And, of course, be sure to remember about white lipstick when creating an attractive art make-up.

White concealer

Great alternative to the basic nude concealer, which is used when there are no visible skin imperfections. In addition, this tool can replace the highlighter - use it to add radiance to certain areas of the face. White concealer is rarely released as a separate product - as a rule, this shade can be found in palettes for tone correction and sculpting (for example, NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette).

NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

White face corrector

It can also be used as a highlighter or in addition to it - and applied to those parts of the face that you want to highlight in the future.

White corrector will also help if you have chosen the wrong foundation, concealer or corrector (they are too dark). Dilute them with white to get the right color.

White Powder

White - transparent - powder is most often used at the final stage of the make-up.

It fixes makeup, neutralizes unwanted shine, visually smoothes the skin (fine wrinkles, acne marks and enlarged pores). The white powder does not leave pigment on the skin, so it can be layered without fear of the “layer cake” effect.

Apply white powder under your eyes to set the concealer so it won't flake. In addition, if the particles of mascara crumble, in this case it will be easier to brush them off the skin with a brush.

White powder can also highlight some parts of the face: the area under the eyebrow, cheekbones, notch above the upper lip, lateral areas of the forehead.

Refresh your makeup with white powder throughout the day. It is important to use a small flat brush - thanks to its shape, it allows you to “drive” the product into the skin and control its amount. Use a powder puff, which is often attached to the powder, if you want to achieve the most matte finish, the “powdered” effect - this is hardly suitable for daily makeup.

White highlighter

Use it if you have very fair skin. Pearlescent or pearly white highlighters are, for example, in the arsenal of Urban Decay. With a product of this color, it is important not to overdo it and carefully blend it if it has a creamy or liquid texture, and if it is dry, apply with a brush, shaking off the excess.

Urban Decay Liquid Aura Instant Glow Serum

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