Stylish gray nail designs and manicure options that will just lift your spirits

Grey lacquer does not hint that the manicure will look inconspicuous - on the contrary, if you take into account the popular techniques of nail masters, you can easily make a design with gray lacquer very expressive. In this article, we will talk about the fashionable manicure with a gray design in 2023, and also share photo ideas for nail design from the social networks of nail stylists, including French, moon manicure, “marble”, with an ombre effect, sparkles, rhinestones - and more. .Get inspired by our selection and save your favorite ideas: most manicure options can be repeated on your own!

Gray manicure: fashion trends

For the autumn-winter show Roland Mouret, nail stylist Marian Newman chose a universal gray-beige shade of varnish, which decorated the nails of all models. The same master worked at the Mary Katranzou show - and again a natural, but “complex” shade of gray was used, with the help of which the models were given a monochromatic manicure. Amy Struist worked on the backstage of the Emilio de la Morena show - the nail stylist chose a gray-brown glossy polish that echoed the makeup of the models' eyes. Blue-gray appeared at the Prabal Gurung show, and light gray - at Bibhu Mohapatra and Sophia Webster: in the first case, manicure masters made a jacket with it, and in the second, they complemented the decor in the form of gold metal monograms. In addition, Each & Other models received a metallic gray manicure.

In the future, spring-summer season-2023, nail masters are also not going to give up gray manicure. Gray sequins adorned the nails of Anna Sui models, Sadie Williams chose a gray polish with micro-glitters and complemented it with black to create a geometric jacket. And the models at the Vivienne Westwood show showed a manicure in a translucent gray color, applied in a thin layer on long nails. Gray was also seen at Preen - it was applied to the models' nails with "gaps" so that the manicure looked casual - and the Kim Shui show, where the models' nails were decorated with a gray manicure with a holographic effect.

French options with gray lacquer

French manicure with gray lacquer nail masters offer in 2023 to do in different ways. With gray varnish, glossy or glittery, you can decorate the free edge of the nail diagonally, while leaving the “background” transparent.

Another option is to take a gray base, matte or with a metallic effect, as a basis, and paint the free edge of the nail with ordinary black varnish or decorate with sparkles.

A manicure will cheer you up, where gray varnish is taken as the basis, and the tips of the nails are decorated with varnishes of other colors - blue, pink, light green, peach. Get inspired from our photo gallery!

Matte gray manicure options

Matte gray manicure will look spectacular in any case, but nail stylists offer options on how to diversify it.

Fish or flock of birds, geometric stripes, rhinestones, marbling, whatever you like.

Plus - take note of the combination of matte gray and gold: you can use it to make a classic French manicure or moonlight.

Gray ombre manicure

The ombre effect can hardly be called a novelty, because it has not gone out of fashion for many seasons: not only eye and lip makeup, but also manicure are decorated with a gradient. The color transition can be made from dark gray to light gray, or you can go beyond the gray color scheme and include in the gradient, for example, dark purple and even black.

In addition to the horizontal gradient, which nail masters complement with rhinestones and large stones, the color transition can be made from the little finger to the thumb.At the same time, to make the nail art look even brighter, stylists resort to some tricks: draw geometric patterns, and also use a matte top coat, shiny powder and glitter.

You will find another non-banal ombre option in this video.

Grey marbled manicure

For those who can spend hours looking at stains on marble tiles, a marbled manicure design will do.

Most often gray varnish is involved in its creation. You can decorate all or only a few nails with a “marble” pattern, while leaving the rest in plain color or also decorate with stripes, rhinestones, sparkles.

By the way, creating such a manicure yourself at home is not difficult - paint your nails with white varnish in two layers, draw black thin wavy lines with a thin brush (it is important to make them randomly located on the nail plate), then put gray round dots and, until they are completely dry, blot with a sponge. The result is beautiful “marble” stains! This technique is described in more detail in our video tutorial.

Grey manicure for short nails

Even if the length of the nails does not allow you to make a dream design, there is always a fallback. With the help of gray varnish on short nails, you can draw a winter pattern, a floral or geometric pattern, as well as make a “cozy” knitted manicure.

The latter, by the way, can be done at home - choose a gray gel polish in light and dark shades, stock up on a fluffy brush, dotter, acrylic powder and special gel paint - and follow our instructions!

Grey glitter manicure

Manicure with gray lacquer and sparkles will appeal to those who want to feel the mood of the holiday around the clock.

With their help, you can, firstly, make an expressive moon manicure. Using gray polish as a base, highlight the holes with gold or silver sparkles, and apply them to the entire surface of the little finger or ring finger.

Secondly, with the help of sequins, you can make a "star" manicure - on the finger to which you want to draw attention, lay out a large star from the sequins, and sprinkle small glitter on some other one.

Thirdly, do not forget that glitter can already be contained in the varnish itself - with the help of this you can make both a monophonic and a manicure, for example, with a floral pattern - both will look very gentle.

Nail design with gray polish and rhinestones

Don't think that any design that includes rhinestones looks tasteless - manicure masters offer a lot of options on how to make large stones on the nails look appropriate.

The main thing here is not to overdo it: decorate the base of the nails with rhinestones, for example, in the form of an arc, triangle or semicircle, or highlight only one nail with a rhinestone strip.

Also, rhinestones can be turned into shining stars - stick several large stones on one or two nails, and from them, with a thin brush, draw stripes tapering to the end.

Gray blue nail designs

Almost any shade of lacquer with the addition of gray, be it taupe, taupe or blue-gray, will look unusual and “complicated” on the nails.

Get a monochromatic blue-gray manicure - this will be enough to draw attention to your nails.

Or decorate with round gold stones, rose gold sparkles or monograms.

Another option is to make a multi-color manicure: gray-blue will go well with white, red, lilac, green and yellow.

By the way, cat-eye manicure is also easy to imagine in shades of gray-blue, gray-mint or gray-turquoise.

Grey pink manicure ideas

Perhaps one of the most advantageous combinations of gray is with pink.

Experiment with these colors to your heart's content: divide each nail into two parts and paint the first with one color and the second with another, or draw a picture in the spirit of abstract art.

In the latter case, add yellow and burgundy to light gray and pink.

In addition, gray and pink will go well with gold - but you can use not varnish, but, for example, foil. Cut it into many small fragments and lay it on your nails in the form of shining designs.

Combine gray with pink, regardless of the shade itself (for example, whether it is “cold” or “warm”), pictures of the work of nail artists prove that these two colors work great in pairs under any circumstances!

Manicure with gray polish and silver

The combination of gray lacquer with silver or silver lacquer solo indicates that the manicure design will turn out to be truly winter. We advise you to take note of a few photo ideas below!

Grey nail polish with silvery micro glitters and regular white nail polish can be used to paint snowfall and a snowman.

You get a kind of ombre effect if you make the transition from silver polish to gray-blue, and only on a few nails, so as not to overload the manicure.

To create a silver accent on your nails, you can also use sheets of thin metal paper (cut out small fragments from them and stick on your nails) or star-shaped stickers.

Dark gray manicure

If you prefer to be on the "dark" side, a manicure with dark gray polish is the best option: some shades can even be used as an alternative to black.

And despite the fact that a dark gray monochromatic manicure in itself will look impressive and eye-catching, it can be embellished with floral stickers, large pale pink beads, rhinestones, rubbing or an animal pattern.

In addition, you can experiment with the texture of the varnish - gray pearl varnish or gray varnish with fine shimmer will shimmer beautifully on the nails, playing with different shades. Plus - do not forget that you can always focus on several nails with a matte finish.

Light gray nail polish ideas

Light gray lacquer can sometimes be confused with white or blue - but, unlike "pure" colors, it looks more "complicated" .

Dilute it with geometric shapes, stripes or squares in contrasting colors (like blue), or draw on top of patterns that will give a winter mood, such as decorations similar to those on Christmas wreaths.

Stars, fruits, flowers, stripes - on a light background created with light gray varnish, any drawings and decorative elements of bright colors will look advantageous.

Plus, don't forget about the trendy technique - nail contouring: to visually lengthen the nail plate, brush with light gray varnish in the center of the nail, and dark gray along the edges.

Which version of the gray manicure do you like better - plain or with a pattern? Write a comment.