It is the format that makes this beauty product an object of desire. How functional are powder balls? Let's talk about how to use this blush

Experienced beautyholics do not choose blush in balls because such a product can become an adornment of their cosmetic bag ( although this is a good reason to add them to your arsenal).

The fact is that with the help of such a blush you can emphasize the cheekbones with any desired shade and achieve a natural result. Let's talk about the features of this tool, as well as how to use it correctly.

Blush in balls - what is it?

This is one of the blush release formats (read more about the product and its other formats here). In a jar - balls of pressed powder of different colors. When you pick up this powder with a brush, the shades blend into each other. When applied, they literally merge with the skin, and the result is very natural. Most often, the pigments are supplemented with radiant particles that give the skin a soft glow.

With the help of this tool, you can not only make your cheekbones more sculpted, but also refresh your complexion.

The obvious advantage of blush in balls is that you can choose the desired shade (or combination of them) and change the “composition” according to the situation. For an everyday make-up, one set of shades is suitable, for an evening - another.

Another advantage of blush balls is economical consumption. As a rule, funds are not enough for one year. Such long use is consistent with expiration dates. For products with a dry texture, it is about two years, but storage rules must be observed.

Don't leave the jar open and clean your brushes regularly.

Who would suit blush balls?

Unlike compact blush in a flat pack, blush balls stored in a jar are inconvenient to carry around in a cosmetic bag. It's more of a "home" remedy. At the same time, the variety of shades makes it universal.

As for the choice of such a blush, taking into account the type of skin, it is important to remember that powder products are recommended for owners of dry skin only if it is well moisturized. Such blush will be much more relevant for girls with normal and combination skin.

How to choose blush balls?

Since the package contains balls of different shades, the choice is determined by the overall tone. It should match your color type - in other words, be warm or cold.

If the jar is filled mainly with pink balls, and white, lilac and even green ones complement them, this means that you have a remedy for a cold type of appearance. By the way, this set of balls can also be used as a highlighter: it will leave a delicate pearl shimmer on the skin.

For girls with a warm color type, a set of balls of brown, beige, red and coral colors is suitable. Such a blush can replace a bronzer. Tips from this article or this test will help you decide on the color type.

Take the test13

What kind of skin do you have?

  • Warm tone, closer to peach
  • Cool tone, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Warm tone with golden undertones, slight contrast between skin and hair color
  • Cold, "porcelain" tone, great contrast between skin and hair color
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What color is your hair?

  • Lighter, closer to golden hue
  • Light blonde to chestnut, cool undertones with ashy undertones
  • Brown to black. Golden or red undertone
  • Dark chestnut to black with ashy undertones
3 / 3

What eyes do you have?

  • Blue, green, light brown
  • Blue, gray-blue, gray-brown
  • Hazel, dark brown, olive or warm green
  • Medium brown to black, blue-grey, cool green

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When choosing blush balls for casual makeup, pay attention to the ratio of balls of bright colors and more restrained pastel shades. If they are added to the package in equal proportions, then the result will be natural.

How to use blush balls: step by step instructions

Despite the unusual format, this tool does not cause much trouble. And the answer to the question of how to apply blush in balls is extremely simple. Below we have analyzed in detail the technique of applying this tool.

  1. Take a beveled brush and draw some product on it, trying to touch balls of different tones and, as it were, mixing shades of colored powder.

  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile so that the apples of your cheeks appear on your face. Highlight them with blush. Then with another brush - kabuki or fluffy for powder - blend the color so that the boundaries of the application are not noticeable. In general, shading blush in balls is not much different from the traditional one, so you can safely use the recommendations from this instruction.

  3. With the same beveled brush, brush over the sides of the forehead, lower jaw contour, chin, bridge of the nose. Refresh your complexion with this trick.

Blush balls: what to replace?

Blush balls will enchant those who love not only functional beauty products, but also beautiful ones.

But lovers of practicality, this format is more likely to upset, because it is inconvenient to wear such blush with you. As soon as the lid is loosely closed, a scattering of shining balls will appear at the bottom of the bag, which will certainly crumble into powder.

You can replace such blush with compact palettes like Born To Glow Highlighting Palette from NYX Professional Makeup or Naked Flushed from Urban Decay - the effect will be identical if you brush over all the colors at once, thus mixing the powder pigments.

But don't forget about shine - there is a risk of overdoing it. You don't want to shine brighter than a New Year's garland, do you?

Bron To Glow Highlighting Palette by NYX Professional Makeup

Naked Flushed by Urban Decay

This is a worthy alternative to even the best blush balls. When applied, you will achieve the same natural result.

What blush do you use? Write a comment.