Beauty brands present unusual products that are not the result of culinary experiments

Many people no longer imagine their cosmetic bags without baked products - blush, eye shadow, powder. In the production of such decorative cosmetics, a special baking technology is used, which makes it possible to achieve a special quality of products. We will tell you in more detail how baked powder differs from traditional one and why baked powder is sometimes better for makeup.

Baked powder: what is it?

One of the amazing features of baked products is that despite the texture of dry powder, they also contain moisturizing ingredients that initially have a liquid consistency. Moreover, as part of the powder, these substances retain their beneficial properties as much as possible and have a positive effect on the skin, improving its condition.

What does "baked" powder mean? This is a special baking technology. The mixture of pigments and liquid ingredients is subjected to high temperatures. Namely, they are left in a special oven at a temperature of 60 ° C. As a result, instead of a fluid or cream, a baked product is obtained, very similar to the classic compact powder. But the difference will be significant. We'll talk more about this in the next section.

What's the difference between baked powder and regular powder?

When looking at the surface of the baked powder, you can see veins that seem to create a marble effect. It seems that the shimmer particles were specially added to the powder, but in fact they appear as a result of the specifics of production.

As for the texture, we can note the incredible lightness - it is an airy, weightless silky powder, very pleasant to the touch. In the package, it is compact, but as soon as you touch the product, it becomes crumbly.

It is applied easily, literally "glides" over the skin. It is easier to evenly distribute and blend to hide imperfections. The durability of such a coating will be higher than that of a regular compact powder.

It is also worth noting that baked powders are more reliable - they hold better in the case and are less prone to cracking under mechanical stress.

Pros and cons of baked powder

The advantages are obvious already at the application stage. This powder is easy to blend so that there are no streaks or spots left.

By the way, you can use both dry and wet methods of applying such powders. In the second case, the coating will turn out to be more dense, as if you used a foundation; this is suitable for evening makeup with, for example, glossy lips or dramatic smoky eyes.

Skin feels comfortable under a layer of baked powder. This is because baked powders often have a mineral base, and mineral particles, as you know, do not react with the skin.

The presence of caring components, such as oils, also affects. The powder shows enviable durability, but at the same time it is easily washed off with ordinary micellar water.

There are practically no flaws in baked powder. Unless, of course, she cannot completely replace cream care. Those with dry skin who want to add baked powder to their makeup bag should remember that before applying it, you still can’t do without additional moisturizing. It not only improves the quality of the skin, but also prepares it for makeup. This way the powder will "lie" better and the coverage will look natural.

what brands make baked powder?

  1. NYX Professional Makeup

    NYX Professional Makeup baked products contain minerals. Together with the manufacturing technology of the product, this is a double plus. And the shimmering particles in the composition refresh the complexion.

  2. Urban Decay

    An example of Urban Decay's baked powder is Naked Illuminated, a radiant effect that can be applied on both the face and body (to create shimmery accents when choosing an open outfit).

    This composition is baked on terracotta tiles for 24 hours and then processed by hand. The powder is rich in color and has a high concentration of "warm" shimmer.

How to use baked face powder?

  1. Take a small amount of powder onto a large brush with natural and fairly hard bristles (it can be a kabuki brush or any classic powder brush).

    Please note that the powder will become loose when in contact with the brush. If you run the brush over the surface of the product several times, you will have to shake off the excess before applying.

    Given that baked powders often come with a radiant finish rather than a matte finish, they should be used sparingly.

  2. Spread the powder in a thin layer. Circular movements will help to achieve even coverage - further shading in this case is not needed. To achieve a thin layer, you should do without pressure. Useful tips for applying powder you will find in this video.

Tips from professional makeup artists

  • Before applying powder, take care of moisturizing. Use the cream and wait until it is completely absorbed.

  • In the evening make-up, experiment with wet application. Sponge to help you.

  • Find a baked powder that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Then it will serve you as a soft version of the bronzer.

Do you know how to use baked powder to enhance makeup? Write a comment.