Brown haze on the eyelids, fluffy eyelashes and red lipstick - we tell you how to repeat the signature look of the model


  • Georgia May Jagger makeup features
  • Step-by-step photo-instruction how to repeat the image
  • The beauty secrets of the Anglo-American model

May Jagger inherited not only a bright appearance, but also a love for everything new and unusual from famous parents. However, she does not chase trends.

Georgia May Jagger makeup features

According to the model, experimenting with makeup is one of the best ways to cheer up and show individuality. That is why it is rather problematic to single out Mae Jagger's "signature" makeup. However, there is an image that the model considers universal, because it is suitable for almost any occasion. It is enough to create a light haze with the help of brown shades, emphasize the eyelashes and apply red lipstick to feel confident, even if the “outing” was not planned, but inevitable.

Doing makeup like Georgia May Jagger: step by step photo tutorial

Before you start makeup, prepare everything you need.

For face tone:

  • Maybelline New York Dream Satin Fluid Foundation

  • NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil

  • Maybelline New York Master Fix Powder

For eye and lip makeup:

  • Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow

  • Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline New York

  • NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick in Eden

  1. Apply a light foundation to even out your complexion Dream Satin Fluid from Maybelline New York will do the job perfectly: hide imperfections and give the skin a he althy glow.

  2. The area under May Jagger's eyes always seems to be illuminated from the inside. For this effect, choose a concealer half a tone lighter than the color of the skin and apply it by painting over a conditional triangle with its apex down.

  3. Powder creamy textures to set them on the skin and make it easier to blend dry textures.

  4. Instead of a sculptor, May Jagger prefers to use a bronzer. It refreshes the complexion and gives a rested look. The main thing is to apply the bronzer not under the cheekbones, like a sculptor, but on the protruding areas. This way you will achieve the effect of a tan, and not a dubious red contouring.

  5. The model's eyebrows are natural and fluffy, without clear boundaries. To make the result of makeup look the same on less thick eyebrows, choose a hair styling technique. For example, with Maybelline New York's Tattoo Brow, you can draw four thin lines at once in one stroke, which saves a lot of time.

  6. To create a light haze, choose brown shades with a slight shimmer. They are easy to shade and look great even solo. Underline the lower eyelid with the same color. The right shade can be found in the L'Oréal Paris Eyeshadow Collection.

  7. Use a beveled brush with black shadows to line the lash line and draw small arrows. As May Jagger admits, it is precisely such soft, feathered arrows that are the easiest for her.

  8. Cover your lashes with mascara. For a daytime look, you can choose a dark brown shade.

  9. Pay special attention to the bottom lashes. Since you have emphasized the lower eyelid with shadow, it is important to carefully paint over the eyelashes to avoid the effect of tired eyes.

  10. To make red lipstick look appropriate with both an office suit and an elegant evening dress, choose a velor finish. It will balance the brightness of the lipstick color. Find the right shade in the NYX Professional Makeup collection.

  11. To give the lips extra volume, drawing a contour with a light beige pencil will help. You can also use a concealer instead.

The image is ready!

The beauty secrets of the Anglo-American model

When you're modeling, it's important that your skin looks good even without makeup. How does Georgia May Jagger achieve this, and what other beauty secrets help her in everyday life? Here are a couple of tips.

  • Georgia May Jagger uses a daily exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. But chooses a scrub with the softest possible texture so as not to injure the skin.

  • If the arrow doesn't work out, it doesn't matter, says Georgia May. It is enough to blend the line and thickly paint over the eyelashes with mascara - light smoky eyes in grunge style are ready.

    You will get a great evening look that will look organic during the day. You can find more helpful tips in this video.

  • There are always two products in the model's bag - make-up remover wipes and lip balm. This helps to ensure the bare minimum of skin care, even if other cosmetics are left at home.

  • Proper skin care is the key to successful makeup. Georgia May regularly uses a cream or oil to moisturize her skin, as well as sunscreen to protect her from the negative effects of harmful UV rays.