Surprise and please - such tasks were set by beauty brands on the eve of winter. The surprises were really nice. Let's talk about them in more detail

In winter, there will be several reasons to update your cosmetic bag at once. Firstly, it's the season to switch to denser textures that keep the skin comfortable and protected during the cold season. Secondly, the approach of the New Year is pushing you to please yourself with beauty gifts or pick up new means for festive makeup. Thirdly, the season is in full swing! Surely during the fall you did not have time to “try on” all the trends that interested you; novelties will help you with this.The material contains an overview of new cosmetic products that are worth paying attention to in the winter of 2023/19, and current makeup ideas.

General makeup trends for winter 2023/19

We have already talked about the fashion trends of the year. What's trending in winter?

  • There are still a lot of make-up artists who promote classic natural make-up on the catwalk - Balmain, Alexander Wang and Michael Kors had “make-up without makeup” with a slight correction. Everything you need to know about the natural nude for every day, you will find in this video.

  • Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Off-White add some depth and expression to these looks with bronze haze on the eyelids of models.

  • But there were also unusual solutions - for those who are ready for beauty grotesque. At the Genny show they used glitter, and at the Ulia Johnson show they used gold foil, which from the outside looked like foil.

    Kate Spade used rhinestones. By the way, this makeup is quite in the spirit of the trends for New Year's Eve 2023.

  • At the shows of Prada, Marc Jacobs, Antonio Marras, the eyes of the models were decorated with sweeping arrows throughout the eyelid with long “corners” reaching to the very tips of the eyebrows. Jour Ne, Noor by Noor, Salvatore Ferragamo and many others relied on color in its purest form: a monochromatic coating created by bright shadows was not even complemented by mascara.

  • There were also bold makeup options with eyeliner - for example, at the Sies Marjan show, the eyes were literally circled using orange and turquoise colors. At the Anna Sui show, the crease of the eyelid was also emphasized with a purple liner. Here we show a couple more makeup options with colored eyeliner.

Overview of funds

As for lip makeup, here in the autumn-winter 2023/19 season, there were some bright colors. Both rich red (Brandon Maxwell, 21) and deep, sophisticated burgundy (Erdem, Chalayan) were used.

Besides this, you could see extreme beauty like a blue-blue ombre at the Maison Margiela show and color-blocking with purple and green at the Self Portrait show. However, no obligations. It is quite possible to limit yourself to a colorless balm, creating a spectacular “clean” look.

However, among the winter novelties there are those that will allow you to perform the most extraordinary make-up with accents that will not go unnoticed.

  1. Midnight Chaos Series, NYX Professional Makeup

    NYX Professional Makeup supported the fashion for holographic reflections and color overflows. Therefore, in the new season, the brand has two new products, united by the common name Midnight Chaos .

    The first is a lip gloss that gives a fairly rich coverage (there are also unusual shades like Galactic Blue dark blue or Pastel Comet silver lavender).

    Galactic Blue

    Pastel Comet

  2. Shine shimmers thanks to the shining microparticles in the composition.

    The second tool is a double-sided eyeliner. In one part of the tube - a basic shade with a matte texture, in the other - a brighter, more radiant, with a chromatic effect.

    They can be used separately or together, "playing" on the finish difference.

  3. Palette Countdown Palette, Maybelline New York

    In winter make-up, shining shades of shadows are asking. In Maybelline New York's new Countdown Palette, 8 out of 12 shimmer to create a festive mood.

    The advantage is in pink and red-brown shades, lighter and darker, so that by combining them with each other, you can create smoky eyes with expressive overflows.One half of the palette is “warm”, the other is “cold”, so there will definitely not be any difficulties in choosing a gamut suitable for a color type or outfit.

  4. Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss, NYX Professional Makeup

    Original make-up is in fashion. To support the bold trend, you can get the new Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss from NYX Professional Makeup .

    This translucent texture and holographic glow can also be used on the eyelids - in addition to shadows (Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss will shimmer and add a glossy "finish" ) or instead of them. With the role of a highlighter, he will also cope perfectly.

    A thicker application is your choice if you're ready for some real holiday face art. This is how the shades look on the skin.

  5. Eyes to Kill Stellar Eyeshadow, Giorgio Armani

    Eyes to Kill shadows, well-known to fans of Giorgio Armani cosmetics, appeared in a new quality by the beginning of this winter. The Stellar version is a gel eye shadow that looks thick, “elastic” in the package, and in contact with the skin becomes a weightless powder.

    Everything is thought out so that application and shading do not cause difficulties; The shadows glides onto the skin softly and creates a smooth finish with a noble shimmer that captivates and makes the eyes look deep and expressive.

  6. Lightbeam palette, Urban Decay

    With Lightbeam, it's easy to follow the bronzer eyeshadow trend. The novelty is winter, but creates a summer mood, because five warm, sunny shades are hidden under the cover with a convenient mirror.

    The top five includes both universal (beige, brown) and bolder colors - bright apricot and rich plum. All shades are combined with each other; the main thing is to choose those that will be in harmony with the image.

  7. Liquid lipstick Tatouage Couture The Metallics, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    The matte effect never goes away, but fashion brands do not stand still, creating trends that may top the fashion charts tomorrow. So, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté decided to release lipsticks with a metallic effect Tatouage Couture The Metallics in a liquid format.

    Smooth finish with shimmer on the lips - a result that regular cream lipstick, as a rule, cannot achieve; but the liquid texture, frozen on the lips, turns into a colored film that ideally “lays down” on the lips and lasts as long as possible.We taught how to apply liquid lipstick correctly in the course of this video tutorial.

  8. Matte Supreme liquid lipstick, Shu Uemura

    For those who haven't yet found "their" version of liquid lipstick with a matte finish, Shu Uemura offers a novelty Matte Supreme, which combines the lightness of the texture, the "density" of the coverage and the brightness of the color (it seems that after application it becomes even richer than in the tube) and all-day wear.

    Shu Uemura promises to make lips look clean and natural - and this is a big advantage of Matte Supreme.

Which of the new autumn-winter 2023/19 decorative cosmetics would you add to your makeup bag? Write a comment.