Almond shaped, oval or square? Discussing the varieties of nail shapes and their features

Perhaps you have been doing manicures all your life without thinking about what shape of nails suits you the most. Or, on the contrary, you think that you have found “your” form and do not change it. In both cases, it will be useful to know what options are in principle possible. We put everything on the shelves in this material.

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Who and where does your manicure?

  • Doing my own manicure at home
  • I always go to the same master in the salon
  • I go to one salon where I trust all masters
  • I order services to my home or office

What is your favorite nail shape?

  • I love very short nails
  • I am for the classics: I always prefer the soft square shape
  • I love Rihanna and Kylie Jenner's edgy nail shape
  • Love ultra long nails

Which manicure option do you choose most often?

  • No design, just red polish
  • French manicure
  • Regular clear coat
  • I love experimenting with different nail designs

What is your favorite nail trend?

  • Ombre effect
  • Lunar Manicure
  • Graphic design
  • I don't follow trends and always apply solid colors
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The perfect bridal manicure is…

  • french manicure
  • unusual nail designs like flowers or rhinestones
  • plain white or nude finish
  • definitely something bright - for example, fuchsia polish
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How do you choose a pedicure cover?

  • Toenails and fingernails must be the same color
  • I love doing nail designs on my legs
  • I love it when my fingernails and toenails are different colors
  • depending on the mood
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Choose the shape of nails: basic rules

The perfect manicure starts with choosing the right nail shape. How to understand which one is best for you? It is important to consider a few basic details: the shape of the fingers, the condition of the nail plate and your lifestyle.

  1. Long square nails are stronger than round ones and are harder to break. Therefore, if at work you have to type a lot on the keyboard, then, for example, black square nails are the most practical solution.

  2. Rounded (round and oval) nails help create a more delicate and feminine nail look.

  3. Almond-shaped nails are contraindicated in active lifestyles and sports, as they are the easiest to break. For the same reason, this form is not recommended if you have weak and brittle nails.

  4. If you have short nails, the best choice for you is square or round nails. Oval, almond and ballerina-shaped nails, on the other hand, are suitable for longer nails.

  5. One of the following nail shapes will help lengthen and narrow your fingers: almond-shaped, oval or “ballerina”.

  6. Women with long and slender fingers look best with square nails.

  7. One of the most famous nail rules sounds like this: the shape of the tips should mirror the shape of a semicircular cuticle. Indeed, with this approach, you definitely won’t go wrong, but this does not mean at all that other forms of nails will absolutely not suit you: try different options! By the way, some people think that the shape of nails can even tell a lot about a person's character.

Almond shaped nails

Almond-shaped nails will be the perfect continuation of long thin fingers. However, for naturally plump nails, this form will also come in handy: it outwardly lengthens the fingers. It is very easy to understand exactly how this form looks and how it differs from the rest: just imagine the fruit of an almond.The shape of the nail with a narrowed, but not too sharp tip just highlights the almond-shaped nails. For short nails, "almond" is not suitable, but for long nails it will provide an impeccable look.

How to get almond-shaped nails?

Almond-shaped nails are today's favorite of nail bloggers and professionals: such a manicure is increasingly common at fashion shows. Creating the same form at home is very simple: follow the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Using scissors or nippers, cut off a little from the free edge of the nail so that the nails become square, with sharp edges.

  2. File with a low abrasive file the sharp corners of the resulting square so as to create a slight sharpening on the nails. Please note that the edge of the nail should not be too sharp, do not try to create an even "pyramid" or "triangle" .

  3. Be sure to sand the edges and round off the tips with a softer file to get the desired almond shape. Otherwise, the nails will leave clues on the clothes. Look for successful examples of manicure for almond-shaped nails in the photo gallery below.

Round nails

The round shape is considered universal, but is most suitable for girls with short fingers and wide nails.It will allow you to create a more sophisticated look and make your fingers visually longer, even if the nails remain short. An important plus of round nails is that their shape is easy to maintain at home, no special skills are required for this. In addition, they do not interfere in everyday life: they will not break and will not cause trouble even during the general cleaning of the apartment.

Oval nails

If you have long, thin fingers, the oval shape is a great way out: your hands will look very aristocratic. For short fingers, this look is also ideal, as it lengthens the nails and fingers, softens the image. The main difference between an oval shape and a round one is that the tips taper slightly at the edges. File your nails at a slight angle, trying to create a shape that resembles the outline of a chicken egg.

Square nails

Square nails "shorten" fingers: keep this rule in mind. Therefore, a wide nail plate and long fingers are the main “indication” for choosing this form. Initially, it was created only for French manicure, but these days, such nails are a suitable basis for any manicure. By the way, square nails are quite strong, since the width of the top edge is approximately equal to the width of the bottom one.

Today, manicure masters are most often "ordered" the "soft square" shape - with smooth, not sharp edges: it looks less aggressive.Please note that the square shape will be the best solution if you have medium-length or long nails. They should be long enough so that the square part "protrudes" from behind the fingertips. If you like ultra-short nails, oval or round nails are your best choice.

If your square-shaped nails are not too long, when creating nail art, place the images vertically and in the center of the nail to visually lengthen them. And avoid large round elements.

To create a square shape, file the side edges of the nail vertically and make sure they are strictly perpendicular to the free edge of the nail. Then soften the corners with a nail file. You can learn more about how to make a basic manicure with this shape of nails from the video.

Great examples for manicure with square nails are presented in our photo gallery.

Stiletto nail shape

Long narrow and sharp nails look quite eccentric (if not outrageous), so they are suitable for fans of nail experiments. In addition, such nails are very impractical and often break, so when creating a manicure, it is better to use not regular, but gel polish. Perhaps your own nails will not be ready for such experiments, in this case, give preference to false nails.

Ballerina nails

Ballerina-shaped nails with tapered square tips, reminiscent of the silhouette of pointe shoes, are definitely not the most obvious choice for everyday manicure (the second name of the shape is “coffin”). But the "ballerina" is absolutely suitable for any nails and any structure of the fingers. This form is a more “wearable” version of the “stiletto” nails, which were discussed in the section above. To achieve the ballerina shape, first create a square shape, then file the edges of the nails at a slight angle and soften the lines. Please note that the “ballerina” shape is not suitable for short and weak nails: they simply cannot cope with such a “load”.

Pipe nail shape

The main feature of this form of nails is already encrypted in the name. Translated from English, pipe means “pipe”, and nails of this shape have very long tips, from a distance they really resemble tubes. Needless to say, such nails are extremely inconvenient in everyday life. With pipe nails it is easy to imagine only Zhanna Aguzarova or Rihanna, they are not adapted for ordinary life, but they will instantly make you the star of the party. Since nails of this shape look shocking anyway, there is no point in being modest when choosing a varnish and nail design: neon colors, rich decor, rhinestones - it's time to go all out! But keep in mind that you are unlikely to grow your nails to the required length, you will have to do extensions.

Sharp nail shapes

Almond, ballerina, and stiletto refer to sharp nail shapes (which are on the 2023 fashion trends list, by the way). As we already mentioned, sharp nails are not the most practical solution. But the inconvenience of "exploitation" is compensated by the effect produced. If you decide on a sharp shape, grow your nails at least to medium length: short nails have nothing to create sharp tips.

How to create sharp nail shape?

To create pointed tips, only move the file in one direction. If you file them back and forth, the nails may begin to peel. Which is bad in principle, but fatal for sharp nails: he althy, strong nails are needed for this form.

How to choose a varnish, given the shape of the nails?

The shape of the nails is definitely not the most important factor when choosing a shade of nail polish: it is much more important to consider skin tone. But there are still some rules that will help make a manicure even more beautiful.

  1. On round nails, both pastel polishes (pale beige, pale pink, white, sky blue) and saturated ones (scarlet, burgundy, black, dark orange, dark blue) look great.

  2. An oval-shaped nail manicure will perfectly complement pastel polish and a bright pattern. Floral motifs, surreal or geometric shapes - any trendy nail design will do.

  3. Saturated bright and deep shades (red, blue, orange) are suitable for square nails. Dark and trendy matte polishes are also on the must-have list.

  4. Geometric pastel manicure is a great solution for ballerina nails.

  5. Almond-shaped nails are a worthy reason to try on a trendy nail design with pastel polish and metallic embellishments. By the way, almond-shaped nails are more difficult to paint than square or round ones. Professional masters advise not to rush and paint nails from the middle, and “process” the tips last.

  6. If you decide to choose stiletto-shaped nails as the basis for everyday manicure, it is better to give preference to a soft monochromatic nail design.

  7. Light shades attract attention and increase, dark ones, on the contrary, hide and diminish. On this property, among other things, the make-up technique of sculpting is based, this rule should not be forgotten when creating a manicure.Remember that light shades of varnishes visually increase the nail plate, while dark ones, on the contrary, help to reduce and narrow it.

How to shape nails at home: life hacks

Are you going to do your own manicure? Listen to these tips from professional nail artists.

  1. Don't forget that the nail file needs to be "wielded" in only one direction! You can learn more about different types of files from this material.

  2. When giving your nails an oval shape, hold the file at a 45 degree angle. And before proceeding, determine where the center of the free edge of the nail is. This point should be strived for by filing the nail from both sides: this way the oval will turn out perfectly even.

  3. For fans of square shape, we recommend the following beauty trick: place the free edge of the nail sideways on the edge of a table or any other flat surface.If the nail is in this position slightly raised, as if floating, then you went too far. If, on the contrary, the surface of the nail does not come into close contact with the surface of the table, then it needs to be filed a little more. Ideally, the nail should lie flat on the surface.

  4. When working with a nail file, hold it with two or three fingers, do not clamp the tool into a fist. This way you can better control your actions and avoid making mistakes that will be difficult to correct.

What is your favorite nail shape? Share your opinion.