Really bright and special - that's what you can say about blue manicure and nail design. There are over a hundred ideas for inspiration in this article!

Marine theme, New Year, space - the blue color evokes a lot of associations, which are masterfully used by manicure masters in their work. There are many design options for a manicure with blue varnish - different techniques and decor elements are used. Matte polish manicure, french manicure, moon manicure, cat-eye manicure, glitter manicure - get inspired and save the ideas below to show your master later or repeat yourself at home.

Blue manicure 2023: fashion trends

According to the fashion trends in nail design, blue manicure 2023 was not deprived by the masters of Phillip Lim. During the fall-winter show, they opted for a monochromatic manicure in blue-green, and at the Marc Jacobs show, a monochromatic blue manicure was combined with models' eye makeup in the same shade. Manicure in cob alt blue for the autumn-winter show was chosen by nail master Gareth Pugh. The extra-long nails of the blue color of the models were decorated with a design made using the negative space technique: closer to the free edge of the nail, the masters carved a small round hole on the nails.

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As for the spring-summer of 2023, don't forget about the blue color during this period. Nail masters Emporio Armani chose a glossy blue polish for the show and complemented it with black. Tadashi Shoji offered a variant for the brave - the blue nails of the models were decorated with a gradient made in bright blue varnish with small sparkles.And blue shiny rhinestones were scattered on the nails of models at the Rodarte and Matteo Valle shows.

Matte Blue Manicure Ideas

A manicure with matte blue polish will look great on nails of any length - make it solid or choose a design: you can open up the marine theme by depicting ocean inhabitants (fish, starfish, whales) on your nails, or decorate one or more with waves nails. Examples with photos showing blue matte nails are below.

A more festive option is to draw stars or snowflakes on your nails or generously decorate them with rhinestones. The main thing is not to overdo it with decorations, especially if the nail plate is long.

And don't forget about the classics: in matte blue, you can repeat the polka dot pattern or make a graphic design.

Decorate your nails with stripes or geometric shapes in a contrasting (for example, yellow) or neutral black color as shown by the nail masters below.

Variants of blue jacket on nails

The nail design of blue nails, in which the nail plate is transparent and the free edge of the nail is highlighted in color, is just one of the many examples of the classic French manicure in blue. In fact, a blue jacket can be made in a lot more ways.

The free edge of the nail can be decorated with stripes of two colors, and you can walk with a brush from the varnish either parallel to the base of the nail or diagonally, while leaving the nail plate transparent.

And you can - find another shade in addition to blue: pay attention to the combination of blue and beige or blue and coral (the design of blue nails in this case will turn out to be brighter).

Other ideas include pairing a jacket with a moon manicure, complementing a jacket with a polka dot pattern, or decorating the free base of the nail, for example, with pieces of foil. How to make a manicure with foil, see this video tutorial.

Blue moon manicure

Highlight the hole in blue, and leave the base of the nail colorless, or vice versa - the moon manicure in blue will turn out spectacular anyway.

In addition, you can add a graphic element to the manicure by highlighting the hole with a triangle.

Plus - the option that we already mentioned: a moon manicure can be combined with a jacket, while you may have several colors at your disposal. Pay attention to the combination of blue with red and white - you can combine these colors in any order without thinking that the design may look inharmonious.

Cat-eye blue manicure

The blue “cat” manicure (look for more than a hundred ideas for such a design at the link) will appeal to those who want to add zest to the classic and plain blue coating.The result will undoubtedly attract attention: the “cat's eye”, made in blue, resembles a starry sky, especially if black varnish is chosen as the base.

But nail masters also offer to “dilute” this version of the manicure with a pattern - for example, over a “cat’s eye” made on a black base, you can draw a snowflake in a contrasting white color.

Manicure blue and white

Perhaps the most common combination is blue manicure with white polish. The masters offer literally hundreds of ideas on how to combine these two colors in one design. Marble stains, flowers, stripes, waves, stars, a cage - draw attention to the manicure with a pattern, as well as with the varnish itself, its texture. White can be “clean”, without inclusions, and blue can be shimmery, and vice versa.

Other colors will go well with blue and white - for example, red or its alternative burgundy - as well as blues close to blue (look for such colors in the YSL Beauté and Essie collections) and purple.

White itself can be replaced with a neutral nude - the combination of blue with it in this case will turn out to be less contrasting.

Dark blue manicure

Blue nails with dark polish are perfect for every day. But dark blue manicure can also be diversified - for example, with vertical stripes that visually lengthen the nail plate, or golden contrasting details in the form of geometric shapes (they can overlap with the pattern on the clothes).

On a dark blue background, drawings drawn in white will look very wintery, red, burgundy and turquoise will also work.

A minimalistic version with meaning - a Turkish blue eye drawn on a transparent background.

Another idea is to make dark blue not the main thing in manicure, but to complement neutral beige with it, for example, in the form of highlights or stripes framing the base of the nail.

And look for even more ideas in the photo below.

Bright blue manicure

A more summer and festive version of a blue manicure will turn out if it is done in bright colors, and also complemented with a decor of a contrasting shade: yellow, pink, bright red or blue.

For the most daring - an option with a bright accent on each nail (use foil, stickers, stencils).

A more relaxed option is when only one nail is selected. For example, ring fingers can be decorated with bright pink glossy varnish, and black blots can be drawn on top.

Trendy plaid, a tricolor of blue, yellow and red or blue-and-blue streaks - nail artists do not get tired of offering more and more new ideas for manicure with bright blue varnish for your inspiration.

Blue Manicure & Gradient

It seems that a manicure in blue tones with an ombre effect will never bother us - such a design always attracts attention. Choose calm shades of blue, turquoise and purple, make a smooth transition between them with the “participation” of transparent varnish, and decorate individual nails with live or painted flowers - and the blue nail design will turn out to be very delicate.

New Year's version 2023 - make a contrasting transition between white and dark blue with intermediate colors of the same range, and then decorate your nails with sparkles, glitter or diamond-shaped silver stickers.

Plus - classic: draw contrasting white peas against the background of a gradient with an expressive transition from black to blue.

Manicure blue with silver

A blue manicure with silver and decor in the colors of Christmas decorations will bring a festive mood - highlight the free edge of the nail with silver or use glossy silver stickers.

Paintings in the spirit of abstractionist nail masters offer to paint on nails, combining blue not only with silver, but also pale blue.

Plus marble design: draw silver and blue streaks on a black background so that they resemble the night sky.

Manicure blue with gold

Another color that will make a blue manicure more festive is gold.

Large glitter varnish can completely highlight one of the nails - for example, the nameless one - or use varnish with a small shimmer, placing only small accents on them.

On top of a plain coating in cold blue, you can draw a golden “snake” or highlight the edge of the nails around the perimeter with gold.

A minimalist version of the manicure - with an accent on one of the nails, consisting of two thin strips neatly lined with sparkles.

Blue Glitter Manicure

They can be small or large, included in the varnish or applied separately - you can experiment with sparkles as much as you like. Fashionable leopard print can be drawn on a black background: complement dark blue and turquoise spots with gold sparkles.

They can also decorate an ombre manicure design - apply glitter over the transition of colors from dark blue to light so that the nail art resembles snowfall as a result.

Festive and at the same time casual version of the manicure is a French manicure created with a blue-lilac varnish with sparkles.

And an option for the brave ones is a monochromatic coating created using varnish with large sparkles. It is better to apply this with a sponge so that the coating is obtained without “gaps”.

And look for more ideas in the selection below.

Blue manicure on short nails

If you have a short nail plate, the most effective way to visually lengthen it is to draw vertical lines on your nails. However, if such a task is not in front of you, there are no restrictions in design. The same animal print, done in bright blue, will look more than spectacular on the nails.

And don't forget about geometry: blue, pale blue and transparent varnishes create such a harmonious combination that no matter how you combine them with each other, the manicure will turn out beautiful and delicate.

Other blue nail polish ideas

Blue gel polish is one of the most popular shades: a whole parade of ideas proposed by nail masters “speaks” about this. Drawings of Aladdin characters, abstracts, stripes, waves, military prints - get inspired by ideas from social networks and customize them with blue polish.

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