We analyze detailed schemes and rules that will help to make expressive eye makeup

Dark smoky, bright monochrome or art-style look - eye makeup can be absolutely anything. At the same time, makeup does not have to be intricate: just apply a little mascara. But even here there are some nuances, which we will definitely analyze in detail in this beauty cheat sheet.

How to beautifully make up your eyes: general rules

If you want to learn how to make beautiful eye makeup, be sure to consider the following factors.

  1. Eye shape

    The scheme of applying shadows directly depends on the shape of your eyelid. For example, if you have an overhanging eyelid, you need to focus on the crease in your makeup, smokey eyes are the best solution for Asian eyes, and girls with close-set eyes should not add dark shades of shadows to the inner corners. This material will tell you which technique to choose.

  2. Eye color

    Correctly selected shades are half the battle. Green-eyed people should add purple shadows, eyeliner or mascara to their makeup bag, blue-eyed ones should use copper ones, and almost any color will suit brown-eyed ones. More information was collected here.

  3. Brushes

    If you try to smudge eyeshadow with a brush designed to apply it, chances are you'll ruin your makeup. Remember: a flat brush is for dense application of shadows, a fluffy one is for blending them.

  4. One accent

    The classic rule of one accent sounds like this: you need to highlight either the eyes or the lips. Of course, this requirement cannot be called strict, and professional makeup artists often neglect it - for example, classic Hollywood or grunge makeup involves two bright accents at once. But, firstly, in any case, it is better to experiment with evening, and not with daytime makeup, and secondly, only when you fill your hand. At first, highlight either the eyes or lips to make the image look harmonious and balanced.

  5. Good base

    Primers should never be neglected in principle, but their role is especially important in eye makeup. A reliable base will provide easier application of cosmetics and significantly extend the durability of the make-up. If you don't have a special eyeshadow base, at least powder your eyelid before applying eyeshadow or eyeliner.

How beautiful to make up the eyes with shadows?

There are dozens of ways to apply shadows, but for beginners, it is enough to master two basic techniques: basic embossed and smokey ice. And also - to figure out how the schemes for applying dry and liquid shadows differ, and how to deal with the most popular shades of shadows. We will talk about all this in detail below.

Embossed technique

Relief technique is considered universal: you should start mastering makeup with it. The classic scheme involves the use of three shades of shadows: light, "intermediate" and dark. Moreover, it is not necessary to choose colors on your own, many brands produce three-color palettes designed specifically for this occasion. Having studied the basic scheme, start fantasizing: based on the relief technique, you can create dozens, if not thousands, of make-up options - just change the color of the shadows and the density of their application to get a completely different image.In addition, the relief technique allows you to highlight the eyes of any shape.

In our step-by-step instructions, we will analyze the embossed eye makeup in neutral shades: this look is suitable for "everyday use" .

  1. Smooth the surface of the eyelid with a primer or concealer. If you have used concealer, powder your skin further. Spread light shadows on top (it doesn’t matter if they are shiny or not). Starting from the inner corner, apply shadows not until the end of the century, but as in the photo below. The upper border should run approximately along the crease.

  2. Shadows of a medium shade type on a flat brush. Draw a line under the lower eyelid: it should not start from the beginning of the century, but at some distance from it. Draw this line outside the eyelid: you should get a small “inverted” arrow.At this stage, you need to use matte shadows to emphasize the deepening of the eye.

  3. With the same dark brown shade, mark the outer corners of the eyes.

  4. With the so-called intermediate shade (we used copper), soften the borders between different shades of shadows. In this case, you can also use matte textures and shining ones.

  5. With the same intermediate shade, deepen the crease of the upper eyelid and emphasize the lower one, stepping back 1/3 from the outer edge. In the case of an impending eyelid, this is especially important to observe: the crease is more noticeable, and the eyes are bright.

    Tip! If you don't succeed in blending the borders between the shades properly, go over it again with a clean fluffy brush.
  6. Shadows that you used in the first step, apply under the eyebrow. This will create the effect of neater and more beautiful eyebrows, and in general will make the image more balanced.

  7. Emphasize the lower eyelid with light shadows, blend the borders with a copper tint.

  8. Apply mascara to your lashes.

As we mentioned above, color combinations with this makeup can be absolutely anything.

Smoky Ice Technique

"Smoky" smokey ice is the first solution that comes to mind when creating a spectacular evening make-up. But such an image may well look everyday, it all depends on the chosen shades. Classic smoky in black and gray is definitely an option for going out.But if you do the same in shades of nude, light brown or pink, you get a natural daytime look. A step-by-step instruction on how to make up eyes using the smokey technique is in front of you: you can choose absolutely any shades.

  1. Be sure to apply an eyeshadow primer on both the upper and lower eyelids. To make the black haze really saturated, at the first stage use a black soft pencil kayal: with it you can create a kind of base under the shadows. Then underline the lower eyelid with a pencil.

  2. The pencil borders should be slightly blurry, blend them with a fluffy soft brush.

  3. Apply black shadows over the pencil “substrate”, maybe with sparkles.

  4. Soften the borders of the black shade with dark brown shadows.

  5. In the inner corners of the eyes, add shadows with a shimmer. This simple beauty trick will give you that sparkly look.

  6. Both upper and lower lashes thicker make up with black mascara. Don't be afraid to overdo it: in a classic smoky eye makeup, the eyelashes should be really expressive so as not to get lost on a black background.

Reinforce what you've learned and watch a video tutorial on how to create an exemplary smokey:

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The most important thing when creating any look with shadows is thorough shading. Beauty blogger Alina Fly Cloud tells how to perform it correctly.

How to use cream and liquid shadows?

Dry shadows are the most popular because they are the easiest to apply and blend. But cream and liquid ones often do not require the use of additional beauty tools: they are applied with a special applicator or fingers, and shaded with fingers. In addition, eyeshadows with a cream or liquid base do not crumble (therefore, makeup is more resistant), do not emphasize wrinkles and are suitable for dry skin.

How to apply cream shadows, see our tutorial video.

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Shadows of the most popular colors

Today it is very easy to get confused before choosing in a cosmetics store. But no matter what beauty trends declare, there are a few colors that will always be in fashion. In this section, we show video tutorials on make-up with pink, red, black and shadows of other popular colors.

  • Fiery red makeup

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By the way, with the help of shadows you can create not only bright monochrome or multicolor images, but also create clear beautiful arrows. How exactly? The answer is in our video.

How beautiful to make up your eyes with a pencil?

There is no universal instruction on how to quickly, simply and beautifully make up your eyes with a pencil. Depending on whether you have a kajal in front of you or a classic dry lead pencil, you should choose a drawing scheme at home.

Eye makeup with powder pencil

Pencils with a hard lead are best suited for creating classic “every day” eyeliners: the makeup is not defiant, but delicate and strict. The proof is in our video instruction.

How to use kajal?

Kayal is a pencil with a soft creamy texture, which is intended mainly for inter-eyeliner and mucosal drawing. But it will not work to draw geometric arrows with its help - only slightly “smoky” Arabic ones. Kayal is also often used as a base for smoky eyes.

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How easy is it to apply eyeliner?

Makeup with liquid or gel liner is the next level of sophistication. It is harder to handle such a pencil than powder or kajal. But as soon as you learn this, endless possibilities will open before you: eyeliner allows you to draw arrows of various shapes, as well as create art makeup.

Below we will give the simplest scheme of how to make up your eyes with eyeliner. Based on it, you can create your own makeup options: make the arrow wider, draw "cat" arrows or experiment with bright shades.

  1. In makeup with a liquid or cream liner, the preparation of the skin of the eyelid comes to the fore. Be sure to use an eye primer to keep your eyeliner from smudging.

  2. Use a soft kayal to make an eyeliner.With a liner, draw a small line outside the outer corner of the eye. It should be a short thin stroke. When creating it, you can, for example, attach an ordinary clerical ruler to the eye or stick a piece of masking tape in its corner.

  3. Draw a line with an eyeliner, and then connect it with the "stroke" that you drew in the first step.

For more on how to make up your eyes with eyeliner:

How beautiful to make up your eyes with mascara?

Macara is perhaps the most popular beauty product of all. Which is not surprising: handling it is easy. But if you want to get thick, long and curled eyelashes without lumps ( although the image a la Twiggy is in fashion), follow the step-by-step photo instructions.

  1. Use a primer so the mascara won't show on your skin.

  2. Use a curler. Squeeze your eyelashes with it in three places - at the very roots, in the middle and at the tips. Important: you can use the curler only before applying mascara, otherwise you will ruin your eyelashes!

  3. To make eyelashes visually look thicker, we advise you to resort to a simple beauty trick: just paint over the space between the eyelashes with a soft pencil.

  4. Press the mascara brush against the roots of your lashes and start rotating it. This will slightly lift the lashes at the roots and distribute most of the mascara exactly near the roots - as it should be.

  5. Curl or zigzag over the rest of the lashes.

  6. Additionally fan out the lashes by positioning the brush almost parallel to the lashes and perpendicular to the surface of the eye.

  7. If you have applied too much mascara, brush your lashes with a clean brush.

Two additional video tutorials on the topic:

How beautiful to make up brown eyes?

Purple and brown shadows in your case are definitely on the list of favorites. A simple or easy scheme for creating a make-up for brown eyes is in front of you.

  1. Distribute light shadows with a satin finish as in the picture.

  2. In the crease of the upper eyelid and on the lower eyelashes, “place” the color of dark chocolate. Use a brush to create an active haze.

  3. Add dark brown shadows to the outer corners of the eyes. Slightly blend them in the crease.

  4. Use mascara.

Video instructions on how to make up brown eyes are attached below. In them you will find both daytime and evening make-up options.

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How can I make up green eyes?

Grey, burgundy, purple and bronze are shades that will help highlight green eyes. How to create an easy daytime look?

  1. Prepare the canvas completely: use foundation, correct imperfections with concealer, do some light sculpting.

  2. Distribute the primer.

  3. Matte dusty pink shadows emphasize the crease of the eyelid.

  4. Apply soft pink shadows with a strong shimmer to the entire moving eyelid: shining particles in the composition will provide the effect of sparkling eyes.

  5. Select the inner corners of the eyes with satin shadows from a light range or a highlighter: this simple beauty trick will help visually enlarge them.

  6. Line both slimy eyes with a copper or gold colored pencil.

  7. Beige, pink or light brown lipstick or gloss make up your lips.

Thinking about what makeup to do for a special occasion (for example, for a wedding or birthday)? Bright evening smoky is a great option.

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How to make up blue eyes?

Blue-eyed girls should feel free to buy eyeshadow palettes, which contain shades from a warm range. Discreet shadows with sparkles (as in our photo tutorial) are suitable even for a day out.

  1. Apply foundation or cover your eyelids with regular powder.

  2. Walk along the upper lashes with a bronze pencil.

  3. Apply yellow gold eyeshadow all over your lid. Emphasize the crease with them.

  4. Duplicate the pencil layer created in the second step.

  5. Add shimmery shadows.

  6. Apply mascara, make up your lips with lipstick (it should not be too dark).

Do you want something brighter? How about makeup with bright black and orange arrows?

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