The season and skin type - these factors largely determine the choice of one or another foundation, or rather, one or another of its textures. Let's talk about the selection criteria in more detail


  • Light texture foundation
  • Thick texture foundation

Today, many girls know that there should be different foundations in a cosmetic bag; at least two - for summer and winter.In the hot period, you don’t want to “overload” the skin, but in the cold, you want to protect it as best as possible from dry frosty air, and dense creams are indispensable in this case. Let's tell you what to be guided by when choosing a foundation by texture.

Light texture foundation

The lightest foundations are those with a fluid texture: they cover the skin with a translucent veil that evens out the tone, smoothing out small color "discrepancies" .

This option is good for owners of normal skin that is not prone to rashes; it rarely needs serious correction, and, as a rule, a concealer copes with temporary imperfections.

Fluids are beauty products that are almost liquid in consistency, but there are creams among foundations that are light in texture. For example, L'Oréal Paris Alliance Perfect "Perfect Merger" which we have already tested.

In the case of this cream, there is no need to fear the effect of the mask; on the contrary, you can be sure that the coating will be very natural. The main thing is to apply the product correctly. You will find all the tricks in this video tutorial.

A barely noticeable layer of this cream will reliably hide imperfections due to the presence of micropigments in the formula. They are responsible for the fact that the product literally merges with the skin, visually smoothing out uneven tone and relief.

Fluids and creams like Alliance Perfect "Perfect Fusion" are best for the summer season, but if there are no visible skin problems, then products with a light texture can continue to serve you in the winter. By the way, you can read about the choice of tonal creams for summer here.

Thick texture foundation

Dense, thick tonal products are more needed for those who are concerned about noticeable unevenness of tone, redness, pimples and other factors that do not have the best effect on appearance.

These foundations are durable. As a rule, they are created taking into account the peculiarities of oily skin type and do not "float" in conditions of active sebum production, controlling unwanted shine and maintaining a flawless look of the skin for a long time.

You will learn more about how to mask skin imperfections in this video.

These products are characterized by a high concentration of pigments and a fairly economical consumption.

In autumn and winter, a thick texture foundation can be a good solution for any skin type - in cold weather, it will provide protection and comfort to it. Most of these products contain caring ingredients (by the way, Alliance Perfect contains oils, as well as vitamins E and B6).

Which thick texture foundation would you call the best? Do you have a favorite light foundation? Write a review in the comments.