The choice in favor of a yellow dress is not so much obligatory as it requires to show imagination - you need to think over makeup in detail so that this sunny shade emphasizes your beauty as much as possible

Yellow dress cannot be called universal, unlike, say, black. But with its help you can create a spectacular and memorable image.

To complete the image, it is important to choose the appropriate manicure, styling and makeup for the outfit. With a make-up, it will be the most difficult: you will have to take into account the compatibility of shades not only with the outfit, but also with the appearance. We will tell you how to make makeup become the icing on the cake.

What shades to choose for makeup for a yellow dress?

Yellow color goes well with bright shades from the sunny, sunrise-sunset range - for example, orange and red.

At the same time, there are also contrasting shades that will look harmoniously paired with yellow. We are talking about blue, blue, purple, green.

The brightness of the yellow color makes it self-sufficient, so in one image it "gets along" either with muted shades of other colors that will gently, unobtrusively complement it, or with other equally saturated colors that can withstand competition and balance the result.

Among the shades that do not differ in intensity, for makeup that successfully complements a yellow dress, you can safely choose beige, golden sand, peach, pale pink. If you want to use contrasting colors, but prefer a less dense coverage, apply shades of blue, blue or green shades in a translucent layer.

Romantic makeup for a yellow dress for blondes

Blonde girls should use contrasting shades so your delicate features will not go unnoticed. If you do minimal makeup without makeup, there is a risk that the yellow dress, which will be the main element of the image anyway, will distract attention from natural beauty. Therefore, with such an outfit in a make-up, accents are needed - even if the result should be soft and romantic.

  1. Shining arrows

    Emphasize the inner contour of the eyes with a light brown kojal, and draw a line on the upper eyelid with a liquid eyeliner in pink or lilac gold. This is a win-win solution for blondes. Even in everyday makeup, this technique will add both a festive touch and romance.

  2. Pink Haze

    To make the accent on the eyes discreet, but at the same time expressive, create a shadow in the crease of the eyelid using shimmery shades of pink. Shade a slightly brighter shade along the lash line.

    Finish your makeup by applying two coats of brown mascara to your lashes.

Stylish makeup for a yellow dress for brunettes

Brunettes should be guided by a completely different strategy: too bright accents in combination with a yellow dress may turn out to be superfluous, given that dark hair already stands out against a yellow background. So nude makeup will be quite successful in this case. At the same time, a make-up with a rich shade of lipstick will look harmonious. The choice of makeup depends on the occasion.

  1. Brown cat eye makeup

    The brown shade gives an extremely expressive result (the arrows that “stretch” the eyes make the make-up even more spectacular). This accent does not break the harmony - the makeup matches the hair color perfectly, and the yellow dress remains the main element of the image.

  2. Pink lipstick on lips

    Fuchsia, neon pink - choose the shade that best matches your skin tone. And it is enough to emphasize the eyes with mascara.

Evening makeup for yellow dress

In makeup for a yellow dress, a lot (if not all) determines the choice of colors. The catch is that shades that go well with an outfit can compete with your individual facial features, such as eye color.

This is especially important to consider if you plan to create an evening make-up with an emphasis on the eyes.

Blue eyes

You can emphasize blue eyes with shades of blue, but it’s probably better not to use anything other than them - other cold colors will noticeably conflict with the sunny note of yellow. Makeup idea with blue arrows you will find in our video.

If you want to do without contrasts, turn to the liners and shadows of golden hues: they will be successfully combined with both the dress and the color of the eyes.

Green eyes

Green-eyed girls who choose a yellow dress for an evening out can do makeup with the same green color. Create smoky eyes with metallic green eyeshadow. Complement them with a golden hue for a beautiful gradient.

The wide arrows of these colors will suit those who love graphic make-up more. Another way to pay attention to the color of the eyes is to apply classic red lipstick on the lips. By the way, she also rhymes perfectly with a yellow dress.

Brown eyes

Evening brown-eyed makeup will be a win-win if you use shades of beige-brown.

If the funds are with a shimmer, then the image will definitely turn out to be evening. Thanks to the radiant textures, your eyes will also shine.

Focus on the contour of the eyes - emphasize it with a brown kayal. Then draw arrows and slightly darken the outer corners of the eyelids. Emphasize the inner ones with shimmering light beige shadows. You can also use a highlighter.

Day makeup for yellow dress


Bet on the freshness of the image with the help of nude makeup: blend the pink blush with a translucent layer, apply a delicate shade of tint on the lips.

Useful tips for creating natural makeup you will find in this video.

It is convenient to use a dual-use product like Baby Lips Balm and Blush from Maybelline New York - the harmony of shades will be one hundred percent.

Eyelashes tint with mascara. If you need to highlight the eyes a little more, circle the inner contour with a kayal, the shade of which should ideally repeat the color of the mascara.

Classic elements

Proven beauty tricks like black arrows won't let you down either. Draw thin lines along the upper lash line, then apply mascara.

Finish your makeup with a clear lip balm or velvety lipstick in a natural powdery shade - you can easily find it in the Lip Lingerie collection from NYX Professional Makeup.

Crease accent

Classic smoky eyes are more of an element of an evening look. But if you create haze in the crease area, then this does not contradict the rules of daytime makeup. The result looks like a natural dimming, a play of light and shadow, giving an expressive 3D effect. Opt for beige-brown midtones.

The final touch is pink-brown lipstick. If the coating is made translucent, the color of the lips will look bright "naturally" .

You can find more inspiring makeup ideas for a yellow dress on the personal pages of beauty bloggers and makeup artists.

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Have you ever had to do makeup for a yellow dress? Write about how the image turned out in the comments.