How to achieve the effect of foil lips and what to combine it with? Let's figure it out together

Using foil is a favorite technique of makeup artists who work at fashion shows. No wonder - every spectator in the hall will definitely see the foil. How did this trend come about?

Foil lips are trending

Models appeared with foil on their faces at the Jeremy Scott show back in 2014. True, then it was glued on the eyelids, and the lips, on the contrary, were left neutral.However, the fashion for metallic textures did not leave makeup artists indifferent either. Now they are experimenting with foil lip makeup and posting inspirational photos of their work on Instagram.

Obviously, foil lips are not a makeup option for every day. But if you want to shine, it's easy to find a reason. The New Year is coming soon - at the holiday, the foil on the lips will look more than appropriate. Especially if you choose a classic golden hue.

But this makeup is best suited for a photo shoot - in this case, foil can decorate not only the lips, but also the face as a whole, and even the hair.

Foil looks interesting in combination with creative eye makeup in blue tones.

What are the best shades to combine foil with?

It is important to understand that the foil will be the key accent of the make-up. Therefore, we do not recommend overloading makeup with other details. A dramatic and expressive look will help to create both bright and restrained black smoky eyes.

You can even limit yourself to a single accent.

To make your lips look more complete, before applying the foil, cover them with gloss or varnish of a similar color tone, with a metallic finish.

Applying technique

  • The easiest way to make foil effect lips is to use false eyelash glue. Dot it on your lips and carefully place the pieces of foil on the areas with glue. You can use tweezers. This method is absolutely harmless, and the foil will keep well on the lips.

  • If you need makeup to withstand only a photo shoot, you can use an easier way. Apply liquid lipstick or gloss to lips and spread foil until dry.

Cosmetics for creating foil lips

Below we will talk about the tools that you will need for lip makeup with foil, in more detail.

  1. False eyelash glue

    Suitable, for example, EyeLash Adhesive NP from Shu Uemura . It holds foil securely, spreads quickly, holds well, and is water resistant.

  2. Lip Gloss

    The shade of glitter depends on what effect you are trying to achieve. If you plan on using it instead of glue, your best bet is a sheer or soft pink like Infaillible in shade 103 from L'Oréal Paris. But if you want your lips to look like they're completely covered in foil, choose a shade that pairs perfectly with the color of the foil. Give preference to glitter with a metallic finish. For example, if the foil is gold, NYX Professional Makeup's Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Metropolitan would be a good choice.

  3. Glitter primer

    This tool, unfortunately, is not in every cosmetic bag. But supporters of bold beauty experiments should definitely get them. Be sure to apply a primer to your lips before sticking the foil - it will serve as a good base.

By the way, you can achieve the desired effect without using foil! It is enough to apply gloss on the lips, and then use a brush to spread pigment with glitter on them like Face & Body Glitter from NYX Professional Makeup .

Of course, the difference is noticeable up close. But from afar, the effect will be almost identical. It is this makeup that we propose to do with the help of step-by-step photo instructions.

Useful glitter lip makeup tips can be found on Gev Mua's YouTube channel and the video below.

Makeup with foil effect on lips: step by step photo tutorial

Prepare for makeup:

  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 5.0 foundation ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup Conceal Concealer Palette. Correct. Contour - Light ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer ,

  • glitter NYX Professional Makeup Face and Body glitter - 09 ,

  • blush stick NYX Professional Makeup Bright Idea ,

  • Maybelline New York Master Strobing Stick - 100 .

  1. Even out your overall skin tone with foundation. Mask darkening under the eyes with a concealer, cover skin imperfections with it, if they remain visible after applying the tone.

  2. Spread the glitter base over the entire surface of the lips. If you do not have such a specialized tool, use a lipstick similar to glitter. Important: lipstick should have a glossy finish and have a creamy texture so that the glitter can be fixed.

  3. Apply the glitter on the lips closer to the center with fingertips, and fill in the contour and corners using a small eyeshadow brush.

  4. Do not try to remove glitter particles that are on the face or extend beyond the perimeter of the lips with your fingers, brushes or cotton swabs. To remove excess and not damage the makeup, take an adhesive tape - gently “wet” it with the areas that need to be cleaned of sparkles. This is how you can achieve a perfectly even contour of shining lips.

  5. Supplement your makeup with blush of the right color, highlight your cheekbones, back of the nose and inner corners of the eyes with a highlighter, emphasize your cheekbones with a dark corrector, paint over your eyelashes with mascara.

The image is ready!

Beauty blogger Elena Stormborn also presents her own version of lip makeup with a foil effect.

Apply matte lipstick as a base. If it dries quickly - great if it has a more satin finish - blot with a tissue.

Choose a pigment to match your lipstick: in our case, the choice fell on a fashionable shade of rose gold. Pick up the pigment on the brush and start gently rubbing it into your lips.

Just a couple of minutes - and the metallic effect is ready. By the way, makeup with lipstick and glitter applied over it turns out to be quite resistant.

The last step is optional. Add a sheer gloss over top with a strong glossy sheen. But this version of the lips will not live so long, so the choice is yours.

Would you dare to do such lip makeup? Share in the comments!