Red lipstick is relevant all year round. But one of its shades - terracotta - looks especially good in the cold season. How to create a harmonious makeup with such an accent?

Terracotta lipstick color can not be called one of the most sought after. It never occurs to many to add such a tool to a cosmetic bag, where the time-tested classic lies. However, terracotta has one significant advantage even over the “perfect” red: this color is bright enough to attract attention, but still not too striking.Therefore, you can use it even in casual makeup.

In our material we will talk about who suits the terracotta color of lipstick. We will also give examples of images that you can create with it.

Who would suit terracotta lipstick color?

Terracotta lipstick will be the perfect choice for girls with a "warm" color type. It looks best on medium skin tones. Lipstick of this color goes well with olive skin. As for hair color, there are no restrictions. Terracotta on the lips is in perfect harmony with the image of a blonde, and with the features of a brunette. But eye color matters. Best of all, the terracotta shade of lipstick is combined with brown and green eyes.

The owners of gray eyes can also experiment with this color. But for blue-eyed girls, such lipstick is suitable, perhaps, only for creating an evening make-up. Moreover, other components of the image in this case must also correspond, otherwise there is a risk of getting a dissonance of cold and warm tones.

A separate item is make-up with terracotta lipstick for red-haired girls. For them, this is a good beauty solution for accentuating lips in everyday make-up. The fact is that terracotta lipstick softens the redhead - unlike the same red, which, on the contrary, emphasizes the fiery brightness of the hair color.

Terracotta lipstick: what is it like?

Even the same shade will look different due to texture.


The peculiarity of the matte texture is that it usually focuses on the color, making it visually more saturated and deep. In the case of the terracotta shade, everything is a little different. Terracotta matte lipstick, on the other hand, is not bright.

For the same reason, in everyday makeup matte terracotta lipstick is a great alternative to red. By the way, you will find the secrets of using matte lipsticks in this video.


Terracotta lipstick with a creamy texture is also suitable for those who want to only slightly emphasize the lips; she does not pretend to be the main and only accent in the make-up.

Take a look at Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick in Insanity. If you have a warm skin tone, makeup with this color on the lips will look very natural.

That's because the shiny texture "eats" the brightness of the color a little. It looks like it's translucent.


Terracotta gloss is perhaps the brightest of the available options. If you use lip lacquer, the difference from cream lipsticks (the coating created with their help also shines noticeably) will be fundamental. The color from the side will seem bright and saturated, and the mirror shine will only enhance the effect.

Even though the terracotta shade is not as catchy as the classic red, this remedy is best used for special occasions.

Makeup with different shades of terracotta lipstick

If terracotta lipstick is chosen taking into account the color type, skin tone, eye and hair color, then there will be no problems in creating makeup. The main thing is that the terracotta color on the lips is complemented by other warm shades in the makeup. Exceptions to this rule include a successful combination of terracotta lipstick with gray arrows or neat gray-brown smokey ice in watercolor.

But still, gray is more of a neutral shade than 100% cold. You can also take note that the restraint of the terracotta shade allows you to complement the emphasis on the lips with an emphasis on the eyes - they will not “argue” with each other.

Calm everyday make-up

For everyday looks, it is better to choose a cream or matte terracotta lipstick, and the shade should be closer to beige, peach or coral.

If we are talking about a casual look, then it is quite possible to limit ourselves to only lipstick. However, emphasizing the eyes is also not forbidden. Use light brown shadows to slightly darken the crease or emphasize the mobile eyelid, thereby adding depth to the look.

With the help of kajal, you can emphasize the inner contour of the eyes, and then blend into a translucent haze a thin line drawn by him along the lash line.

Business make-up with terracotta lipstick

For an office make-up, choose a product with a matte texture - this solution will look strict and restrained. The terracotta accent on the lips is in perfect harmony with the classic black or dark gray arrows (it is better that they are neat and thin).Look for the secrets of how to create them in this video instruction.

This make-up is suitable for an important meeting where you want to look perfect.

evening makeup with terracotta pink lipstick

In evening make-up, terracotta lipstick is also in place. But it makes sense to give preference to a more original shade - for example, a mix of terracotta with pink. This is the perfect choice for those who don't like "doll" pink. On the lips it will look like sun-bleached coral.

You don't have to worry about the expressiveness of the result if you choose a glossy lipstick or a product with a matte finish. In this case, you don’t have to brightly paint your eyes - thin arrows or haze around the eye contour will be more than enough.

Overview of the best terracotta lipsticks, according to the editors

  • Chocolate Passion Shade from Les Chocolats, L'Oréal Paris

    This terracotta shade is close to brown and therefore especially expressive; it can softly complement any look thanks to its velvety matte texture. And the 16-hour hold saves you the hassle of refreshing your lip makeup throughout the day. Bonus - a pleasant aroma of chocolate dessert.

  • Seductress shade from Matte Ink, Maybelline New York collection

    Another version of terracotta with a matte finish is Seductress. Unlike the previous example, this color is closer to a beige or caramel shade. Therefore, lipstick can be used every day, creating a discreet and calm look without dramatic accents. You don’t have to worry about the “safety” of makeup during the day - Matte Ink has a 16-hour durability.

  • Shade 942 from Rouge Unlimited Burnt Nude collection, Shu Uemura

    This shade of Rouge Unlimited from the Burnt Nude line can be called "pure" terracotta. The matte texture and special rich pigments with crystal cores are responsible for the intensity of the color. The color will last on the lips for about 8 hours, while the skin of the lips will feel as comfortable as possible - Shu Uemura made sure that the formula is saturated with moisturizing ingredients.

  • Shade 196 Orange Sanguine from L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte collection, Lancôme

    The peculiarity of this lipstick is that its texture combines matte and "inner" radiance. The latter is possible due to the light-scattering particles in the composition of the product.Comfortable and soft (the formula contains jojoba oil), it is easy to apply, leaving an expressive color accent on the lips. 196 Orange Sanguine is for those who want their terracotta lips to be the center of attention.

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