Even those who have tried the most daring make-up can still be surprised: for example, a make-up with rhinestones on the eyelashes. This is another way to "beat" the trend for everything shiny, and on New Year's Eve it can come in handy

Bunches and strips of false eyelashes are far from the only option for beauty experiments. Makeup artists also offer to decorate them with rhinestones - and in this case, the phrase "shining look" takes on a literal meaning. In the material, we will talk about what makeup you can add eyelashes with rhinestones to, and we will also give instructions on how to stick rhinestones on eyelashes yourself.

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Rhinestone Eyelashes Trend

False eyelashes can hardly be considered a harmonious addition to casual makeup - when the emphasis is on their splendor and density, it looks elegant in the evening. So lashes with rhinestones are an even more festive trend. It is for those who are not afraid to try on a burlesque look.

Speaking of rhinestones in general, you can be sure that this is a trend. Glitter also remains relevant, but this season the podium make-up was also decorated with stones. We showed a variant of such a make-up here.

So, at the Prada show, they were attached to a fixed eyelid over the shadows with which they drew the “tails” of wide cat eye arrows. At the Kate Spade show, randomly glued rhinestones on the eyelids made up the entire makeup - even without mascara.

Based on these examples, in the new season, closer to the holidays, it is quite possible to try decorating eyelashes with rhinestones.

How to choose rhinestones for decorating eyelashes?

According to reviews, acrylic or glass rhinestones are most often used on eyelashes. It is better to choose stones with a matte film on the base - without it, it will be seen from the side that they are completely transparent, without expressive shine.

Even if you are planning a festive make-up with rhinestones on your eyelashes and are not worried that your look will seem too bold to someone, it is better to give preference to small rhinestones. With large ones, firstly, it will be uncomfortable for you - their “heaviness” is felt on the eyelashes. Secondly, such rhinestones will look like something foreign - small rhinestones, unlike large ones, shine intriguingly, not immediately revealing their presence in makeup.

It is worth paying special attention to the choice of the shade of rhinestones. It is best that it harmoniously blends with the color of the eyes. So, brown-eyed people should pay attention to golden or bronze rhinestones.

And if you want a more extravagant result, then, for example, blue rhinestones will do. Girls with green eyes can also use rhinestones with gold glitter. And under blue eyes, silvery crystals with a cold shimmer will be the most successful choice. To create an unusual accent, look for red rhinestones.

How to glue rhinestones on eyelashes?

Having decided to decorate eyelashes with rhinestones, many girls believe that they can stick stones directly on their natural hairs. But then it is very important to make sure that the eyelashes look long and voluminous.

If you do it once, it won't do much harm, but ideally it's best not to do it.This is especially true for those whose natural eyelashes are not long and thick, but quite rare, thin and fragile. To play it safe, use a strip of false eyelashes and decorate them already. How to glue false eyelashes correctly, we showed in this video instruction.

Another option is to immediately find eyelashes that have already been decorated with rhinestones by the manufacturer. Those who wear extended eyelashes will have less trouble - you can work with them using decorative elements without fear. It is believed that the best rhinestones "hold" silicone and silk cilia.

Figuring out how to glue rhinestones on eyelashes is not so difficult. You will need the following set: the rhinestones themselves, glue (cosmetic - it is safe for eyes and skin, does not cause irritation), tweezers, a toothpick or an orange stick.

  1. Apply glue to the base of one of the stones.

  2. Using the tweezers, place it on the lashes where you want to create a glowing effect. Hold the crystal with a toothpick or wooden stick; in a few seconds, the glue should “grab”. Done!

  3. After that, it is better to sit with your eyes closed for about 2-3 minutes, so as not to spoil the result with unnecessary movements, to allow the stones to fix properly. Do the same with the other rhinestones if you want to use more than one.

Beautiful eye makeup options with rhinestones

  1. Glitter Accent

    After gluing false eyelashes, complement them with one or two stones at the eye contour or at the tips of the eyelashes. The area nearby can also be sprinkled with glitter in the color of rhinestones or apply shadows with a shimmer. Make such a make-up, paying attention to the study of skin tone and neat "styling" of the eyebrows.

  2. Shining arrows

    Start by creating graphical arrows. It is better that the line is thin and long enough - with its help, "pull out" the contour of the eyes. Glue a few tufts of false eyelashes at the outer corners. Add a couple of rhinestones to their base. Next, fix a few more crystals on the “tail” of the arrow or under it. They should become a continuation of the decor on the eyelashes.

  3. Scattering stones

    With the help of rhinestones, you can complement one-color smoky eyes, which have been in fashion for more than a season. Create a haze on the eyelids, add false eyelashes (either a strip or separate bundles if desired), and literally scatter the stones over the eyelids, over the eyelashes in a chaotic manner.

Tips from professional stylists

  • To keep the rhinestones on the eyelashes better, when gluing them, “grab” a few hairs with the base of the pebble. The risk of brushing off the crystals will be much lower.

  • It is better to glue the rhinestones not on the tips, but closer to the base of the eyelashes. This technique is especially suitable for shooters. The radiance of the stones will enhance the emphasis on the line drawn along the contour of the eyes, and will also help to “open up” the look.

  • Rhinestones on eyelashes can be used as an anti-aging measure. Attach them closer to the outer corners of the eyes to visually "lift" them - this will create a lifting effect and rejuvenate the look.