Bronze shadows, light tan and carmine red lipstick: trying on the image of Elena the Beautiful

We have already mastered American and French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Russian make-up options. Today we will tell you in detail how to do your own make-up in the Greek style.

Characteristic features of Greek makeup

There are no strict canons on how exactly Greek makeup should look like: girls in modern Greece wear makeup in different ways. Most likely, the image of the ancient Greek goddess appears in your head - chiseled cheekbones, wide natural eyebrows, radiant tanned skin, expressive eyes.We will focus on it when creating this make-up.

Greek makeup rules

Athena, Penelope, Aphrodite, Ariadne - choose an example to follow among the closest to you in character and image of the heroines of Greek mythology. And when preparing makeup, follow our advice.

Face tone & contouring

Greek girls, as a rule, have dark skin by nature, which cannot be said about most residents of Russia. If you have porcelain or pale skin, don't try to fix it with a dark foundation. Better watch our video tutorial on how to make your face tan with other makeup products.

To make the face look aristocratically chiseled, like those of ancient statues, watch another video tutorial on the basics of sculpting.


In Greek makeup, eyebrows should be noticeable - thick and wide are only welcome. Brighten them up a bit with a pencil and set with clear brow gel.

But at the same time, eyebrows should look natural, so if you have thin and light by nature, you should not use a dark marker: it is better to slightly tint the hairs with a tint gel.


Greek make-up is great for shades of the “precious” range - gold, copper, bronze, silver. At the same time, the eye make-up should remain gentle, so too dark smokey is prohibited. But a light warm haze will only decorate the image: give preference to radiant textures. Below are some good examples for grey, blue, green and brown eyes.

By the way, you can add a make-up in the Greek style with beautiful unusual arrows, but such an image will definitely fall out of the “every day” category. But for Halloween or a theme party, it's perfect.


Greek makeup is the case when classic scarlet or hot pink lipstick can ruin the whole thing. When creating a Greek-style make-up, opt for calm shades of brown or a nude palette.

How to make DIY Greek goddess makeup?

Greek makeup is a good choice for several reasons. Firstly, it looks quite neutral, so it is suitable for the office, and for a themed party (if it is complemented by a suitable suit), and for graduation or New Year. Secondly, it is very easy to repeat it at home, using only products from a basic cosmetic bag. Follow step by step photo instructions!

  1. Apply moisturizer, makeup primer and lip balm. Wait until these funds are properly absorbed.

  2. Spread foundation with a fairly dense texture over the entire face. Use concealer on the skin under the eyes. Flawless skin is as essential to Greek makeup as it is to any other.

  3. Apply gold eyeshadow with a strong shimmer to the entire moving eyelid, blend it properly in the crease.

  4. With dark brown shadows (also with a strong shimmer), emphasize the lower eyelid. With them, draw an arrow on the upper eyelid and draw a line along the growth line of the upper eyelashes. Blend the arrow to "blur" the border with golden shadows.

  5. Eyebrows underline with a pencil, fix the shape with a transparent gel.

  6. Make up both upper and lower lashes with mascara.

  7. Use bronzer instead of blush. Apply it according to the scheme that best suits your type of face shape.

  8. Apply a suitable lipstick to your lips. We used a shimmery brown-burgundy: this would be appropriate for an evening out.

  9. The image in the Hellenic style is rather not even a special make-up, but a specific recognizable hairstyle. Gather hair into the so-called Greek roller and add a headband or bandage.

Greek look for every day

Depending on the shades and intensity of application, Greek-style makeup can be both festive and everyday.

  • In summer, add more color to your look, make colorful eyelid makeup, complement it with a neutral outfit and a neat haircut.

  • Braids also go well with Greek-style makeup: this look can also be casual.

  • Bronze-toned make-up and a Greek hairstyle are perfect for an open summer dress.

Ancient Greek wedding makeup ideas

Greek makeup is in great demand among brides, which is not surprising: this feminine and delicate make-up is perfect for a wedding. Below are five photos that can inspire you to create a similar look on your big day.

Have you ever done Greek-style makeup? Tell us!