We explain why black eyeliner is useful not only for girls, and we provide step-by-step instruction on emo makeup


  • Characteristic features of emo makeup
  • Emo makeup step by step: step by step photo tutorial
  • Tragic emo makeup for guys
  • Emo makeup for girls for every day
  • Review of cosmetics for creating emo makeup

The emo subculture is familiar to many. However, not everyone knows about the characteristic features of makeup in this style. Let's figure it out step by step.

Characteristic features of emo makeup

Emo-style make-up, like images in the spirit of other subcultures, has its own characteristics. The first one is the perfect skin tone. After all, the makeup will be quite active, which means that any redness will become more noticeable if they are not masked. Foundation and concealer will help you with this.

Be sure to spread the last one under the eyes and dot mask imperfections of the skin with it. How to "erase" bruises, we showed in this video.

Another characteristic feature of emo makeup is expressive eyes. A circular stroke and wide arrows will help achieve this.

Emo makeup step by step: photo tutorial

Prepare the necessary cosmetics:

  • Fit Me foundation, Maybelline NY,

  • Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeline 24H,

  • Giorgio Armani Precision Brow – Black,

  • Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fatal Blacks mascara.

Now follow our step-by-step recommendations.

  1. Emo makeup requires careful preparation of the face. Wipe the skin with tonic, apply a moisturizer and wait a couple of minutes for it to be absorbed. Then even out your complexion with a foundation that suits your skin tone. If you are planning to do an exaggerated emo-style makeup (for example, for a themed party), you can use a foundation that is lighter than your usual shade.

  2. Sculpt lightly with a dark brown cream or dry corrector, emphasize cheekbones, temporal cavities, gently blend the borders, as in the photo.

  3. With black gel eyeliner, paint over the mucous contours of the eyes above and below, paint over the space between the eyelashes, and also line the eyes along the contour. Before the eyeliner is dry and set, blend the edges a little with a small natural or artificial barrel brush.

  4. Set the eyeliner with dry black shadows and also blend the borders a bit. Paint your lashes with black mascara.

  5. Underline your eyebrows with a pencil to make them as expressive as possible.

  6. Add a drop of peach or pink blush to your cheekbones and apply a light beige or pink gloss to your lips.

    The image is ready!

Tragic emo makeup for guys

Makeup for girls can be very diverse. Makeup for guys is always a certain risk. And emo-style makeup - even more so. It's important not to overdo it. Believe me, there are options for those who want to look masculine.

  • Even out skin tone. Choose a product with a light texture so that it is invisible on the face, but hides imperfections well.

  • It is not forbidden to experiment with black eyeliner - for example, blend it along the eye contour.

  • Don't forget the kajal, otherwise your eye makeup will look incomplete.

  • To give the face texture and make it more expressive, blend the dark sculptor under the cheekbones.

If you want to create an even more expressive look, you can draw inspiration from the step-by-step instructions above. Thanks to shades from the dark range, this emo makeup is quite suitable for men. But we still advise you to refuse blush and shine - without them, the image will turn out more brutal.

Emo makeup for girls for every day

In general, emo makeup cannot be called too active and defiant. Therefore, it is quite suitable for every day. And to make it even softer, a few tricks will help.

With brown eyes, you can replace black eyeliner with brown or make shading with coffee shadows - this way the image will look calmer, and the color of the eyes will become more expressive.

For blue-eyed and green-eyed people, gray or silver shadows will provide the same effect.

Review of cosmetics for creating emo makeup

Emo makeup will require a certain set of tools. Among them are black eyeliner, blush and shadows of dark shades, which will help to create a sad, but romantic look. We talk about the most suitable ones, according to the editors.

  • Superstar eyeliner, L'Oréal Paris

    Felt pen format eyeliner allows you to evenly distribute the product and draw even the thinnest arrows thanks to a convenient applicator. The flexible base makes it easy to control direction.

  • Fresh Cushion Blush, Shu Uemura

    There are many shades in the palette of this blush. For a daring emo look, we recommend choosing pale pink. They will help create a romantic look, but at the same time they will not distract attention from bright eye makeup.

  • Born to Run eyeshadow palette, Urban Decay

    This eyeshadow palette has everything you need to create an emo look. With dark shades, emphasize the contour of the eyes and the crease of the eyelid. And use bright colors for shading.

Would you dare to do such makeup? Share your opinion in the comments.