Where did this new beauty trend come from and how to wear it - we explain and show it in step-by-step photo instructions


  • Yellow blush is a trend for bold girls
  • How to do makeup with yellow blush

Yellow blush is one of the many trends that first appeared on Instagram, and then went “to the people”. The girls started trying on this unusual “sunny” blush back in the summer, but even now the trend has not lost its relevance. After all, when the season does not please with rich colors, makeup is a great way to diversify gray everyday life and emphasize natural beauty in an unusual way.

Yellow blush is a trend for bold girls

This blush is a bright accent in itself, and such makeup is not suitable for every occasion. In the office, it will most likely look out of place, but at a fashion party, where the most unusual trends are often tried on, it is just right.

However, you may run into a problem - it is unlikely that finding a blush of a yellow shade will be easy. No problem! You can use shadows instead.

What shades do you pair with?

Yellow is quite an active shade. So the image should be considered especially carefully. After all, not every color will go with this sunny shade of blush.

Many makeup artists are not afraid to combine different shades from the same range and create on the cheeks, for example, a smooth transition from red-orange to yellow, similar to the sunset sky.

Ready for more radical experiments? Then you can apply bright purple shadows on your eyelids. They will create an interesting contrast with yellow blush.

What can I replace?

Yellow blush is a rarity in fashion brand lines. But there is good news! There are many alternatives. The most obvious replacement option is yellow shadows. There are, for example, in the 'Nude Matte Shadow' line from NYX Professional Makeup. Often they can be found in multi-color palettes.

In addition, in response to the emerging Instagram trends, some brands are releasing, for example, highlighters and lipsticks in unusual shades, including yellow. So they may well be a good substitute for blush.

Applying technique

The most important thing in makeup with unusual shades is careful preparation of the skin.Do not forget about the base - otherwise the yellow blush may not be distributed at all as you intended. In addition, it is important to hide all skin imperfections. This will help tonal tool and concealer. Read more about how to properly prepare the skin for makeup, we told in this video.

How to do makeup with yellow blush: step by step photo tutorial

For makeup you will need:


  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation

  • NYX Professional Makeup Conceal Palette. Correct. Contour-Light

  • NYX Professional Makeup SFX Creme Color


  • NYX Professional Makeup Worth the hype,

  • NYX Professional Makeup Precision Brow Pencil – Blonde


  • NYX Professional Makeup Lip Pencil

  • L'Oréal Paris Infaillible Gloss Lip Gloss – 103

  1. Such an unusual element of makeup as yellow blush requires the perfect complexion, so start by applying foundation - spread it all over the face with a brush, sponge or fingers. Then add the corrector under the eyes and on areas with skin imperfections, if they remain visible after applying the foundation.

  2. As a blush, use eye shadow in a suitable shade or cream makeup. If you apply shadows, first powder your face so that the shading is soft and even, and the pigment does not “stick” on the skin that is damp from the tone.Apply light yellow blush on the cheekbones near the eyes, as well as on the inner corners of the eyes.

  3. With a darker shade of yellow, close to orange, paint over the entire moving eyelid, as well as the area under the cheekbone, softly blend the borders.

  4. Densely paint over the eyelashes with mascara, add shining shadows to the inner corner of the eye. Underline the eyebrows with a pencil.

    By the way, you can learn how to style and fix eyebrows in this video.

  5. Finish the look with classic lip makeup - line the outline with a medium brown pencil, soften the inner line with a fingertip or Q-tip, then apply caramel gloss.

The image is ready!

Would you dare to repeat such an image? Where would you go with this makeup?