The makeup director of L'Oréal Paris flew to Moscow for the presentation of her book Validated. And at the same time she showed how to make a make-up in her corporate style: fashionable, memorable and fast

Val Garland is one of the most respected makeup artists in the world. And he is always happy to share his secrets with fans. The main one - how to quickly turn daytime makeup into evening - she opened at her master class in Moscow. Fashion make-up look is tried on by French model Thylane Blondeau.

  1. The first step is to apply foundation.When it comes to evening makeup, choose matte and persistent (for example, L’Oréal Paris Infaillible “Fresh tone 24 hours”): this way the face will look perfect in the photo, and the make-up will last until the morning. If you apply the tone with a fluffy synthetic bristle brush, the result is very natural - as if the foundation was literally sprayed onto the face. Spread the cream in a circular, lightly stroking and patting motion.

  2. In a circular motion, spread a little concealer under the eyes and at the nostrils with a brush.

  3. Use the new Unlimited mascara - thanks to the curve of the brush (at an angle of 35°), you can easily cover even the shortest lashes in the corners of the eyes. And after applying the first layer, you will get an excellent effect.

  4. Lightly tint your brows with the Brow Artist Xpert pencil and comb them through. Set with clear gel from the L'Oréal Paris x Isabel Marant collection.

  5. Smudge some Infaillible Blush Paint in 02 Peach with a brush, gently working towards the temple.

  6. Get a lipstick from the Isabel Marant collection in Palais Royal Field. Life hack: use a regular wide art brush to apply it - this way you will spend much less time on the procedure.

  7. Emerald shadows from the Smoke palette spread over the entire moving eyelid with patting movements and then blend with a brush. In the corners of the eyes, add anthracite black from the same palette, blend the borders between the shades properly. Gently "pull" the color over the lash line to the outer corners of the eyes.

  8. Glow Mon Amour liquid highlighter apply to the area above the upper lip, on the highest point of the cheekbones and under the eyebrows.

  9. Use the Infaillible liner to draw a spectacular line right under the lower eyelid.

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