A new beauty test is ready! Pass it and get a chance to win a special prize - a portrait of yourself created by an illustrator

We continue the series of beauty tests. Hint: look for answers in our articles. The first person to answer all the questions correctly (like the October winner Julia) will receive their own portrait painted by a professional illustrator. Detailed rules can be found at the link. Good luck!

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What product is NOT in the Isabel Marant x L'Oréal Paris collection?

  • foundation
  • eyeshadow palettes
2 / 8

Should I use a lip primer when using glossy lipstick and lip lacquer?

  • yes, definitely!
  • no, otherwise the agent will spread

Let's remember the lessons of chemistry. This month we learned to understand the composition of cosmetics. Ethanolamines in the composition - is it good or bad?

  • very good!
  • no, that's bad

So what about phthalates?

  • phthalates are very useful in hair formulas
  • it's better not to buy a product with phthalates in the formula
5 / 8

Coral lipstick is the main trend of this fall! What shade of coral is best for swarthy girls?

  • the brightest, almost red
  • pastel, delicate, close to peach
6 / 8

Remember what shades are the most fashionable for manicure and pedicure this season?

  • purple and black
  • red and coffee
7 / 8

By the way, is it better to do manicure and pedicure this season in the same style or in different styles?

  • same style
  • in different styles
8 / 8

Only two months left until the New Year! What makeup will be the most fashionable at the New Year's party?

  • colored arrows
  • bright lip accent