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  • How to choose "your" shade of lipstick this season?

When you want to focus on the lips in makeup, it is important to choose the right shade. In the case of Rouge Pur Couture by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, there are more than forty options: for any type of appearance, any mood and any occasion.So the choice can be difficult. Let's tell you more about how to decide on a shade and create a make-up with its "participation" that will complement both a casual look and a festive one.

Rouge Pur Couture by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Facts

It is no coincidence that Rouge Pur Couture has gained a reputation as haute couture: Yves Saint Laurent himself presented the first version of lipstick in 1978 and she immediately won the hearts of millions of fans thanks to luxurious shades.

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Bright, rich colors, a radiant creamy finish, soft texture, and a formula that provides intense hydration - over several decades of lipstick history, the combination of these qualities has helped Rouge Pur Couture to maintain its status and stay at the height of fashion.

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Today it's easy to choose a lipstick that will match exactly your beauty preferences: Rouge Pur Couture has both a matte and glossy palette.

Makeup with Rouge Pur Couture by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté: 3 looks

  • Shade 81 Violine Désinvolte

    Dark plum shade is one of the most trendy in autumn.

    If you choose such a shade, it is important to understand that light skin in contrast with it will look rather pale. But for girls with warm skin tones (for example, swarthy), brown eyes and dark hair, like the blogger Alice Maxoni, this color is the best fit - plum lip makeup will become a noticeable accent, but will not "get out" of the overall picture. If you do not do bright eye makeup, the image can be called everyday.

    “In this case, the shade looks calm,” says Kirill Shabalin, national make-up artist for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

  • Shade 207 Rose Perfecto

    Pale pink lipstick with a light pearl shimmer will also come in handy in the fall - it will fill the image with spring freshness, make it "warmer" . This shade is very suitable for blondes with blue eyes, such as blogger Victoria Goravskaya.

    An indisputable plus of this shade is that it can be combined with an accent on the eyes, for example, beige-brown smoky eyes. However, for “makeup without makeup”, a soft shade of pink lipstick is also perfect. This version of the pink nude is good because it does not “erase” the lips from the face, but slightly highlights them, making them more sensual.

    " Victoria has blond hair and grey-blue eyes - pink pigment beautifully refreshes her features. With such a shade on her lips, she will be comfortable, as she does not like catchy makeup, ”Kirill praised the make-up with pink Rouge Pur Couture lipstick.

  • 82 Rouge Provocation

    Classic red, in which cold and warm pigments are mixed in equal proportions, is always relevant. But if you want beauty experiments, then No. 82 Rouge Provocation is a win-win choice.

    In this shade, the red pigment is complemented by a juicy fruit and berry undertone, which will look harmonious in autumn-winter makeup. The shade will suit both blondes, like blogger Ekaterina Nikulina, and brunettes. And it will create an expressive contrast with green or blue eyes.

    " It's still the same red, but with a warmer watermelon undertone. In combination with the green eyes of the girl, he gives an expressive contrast. This makeup option is always relevant,” explains national makeup artist Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

And you will find another red lipstick makeup idea in this video.

How to choose "your" shade of lipstick this season?

You can focus on fashion trends - for example, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté advises paying attention to plum-burgundy (mallow), red and orange (three makeup ideas with the latter look here).

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At the same time, no matter what we are shown on the catwalks, we must always take into account the peculiarities of our appearance. And also - the mood, which often changes during the day; the right decision is to carry several shades that are relevant to you in a cosmetic bag at once.

What shade of lipstick are you wearing this fall? Write a comment.