Understanding what makeup taboos are for girls with short hair and why sometimes they should be broken

Everyone knows that when creating makeup, you need to take into account the color of the eyes and the shade of the clothes. However, a haircut sometimes plays no less a role.

Makeup rules for girls with short hair

Short haircut attracts attention anyway. However, this does not mean that makeup can be exclusively neutral. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. Prefer bold looks? Then you can safely be inspired by grunge makeup in the style of Ruby Rose.

Afraid you won't look feminine with a short haircut? Then choose shimmery textures and delicate shades: lavender, pink, satin white and cream.

How to choose makeup based on hair color if you have a short haircut

For brunettes

Short-haired brunettes should not choose overly pigmented products. For eyebrows, for example, it is better to use shadow or pencil in combination with gel.

Eyebrow pomade runs the risk of making them too graphic, which, combined with a daring styling, can look too harsh. But with lip products, you can safely experiment. Against the backdrop of a short haircut, the classic scarlet lipstick will look very impressive - this is a great option for a party.

And if you want to get a more natural look, then a light lip gloss will also perfectly complement dark hair.

For blondes

Makeup for a blonde or fair-haired girl with a short haircut will be significantly different. First, special attention should be paid to eyebrows and contouring. The latter will help to highlight the face against the background of light stripes. And the eyebrows of blondes, as a rule, are light and it is important to make them more noticeable, since they determine the “architecture” of the face.

Sculpt the cheekbones and, if necessary, blend a little on the wings of the nose to visually narrow it.

For redheads

The main rule is moderation. A bright shade of hair combined with a short haircut will already attract attention. We advise you to make a choice in favor of shades from a warm peach range. They will be in harmony with the shade of the hair.

And do not forget to hide all the redness: against the background of red hair, they are especially noticeable. How to mask imperfections on fair skin, you will learn by watching this video.

Eye color makeup for girls with short hair

Eye color largely determines makeup requirements. Including girls with short hair.

Green eyes

For everyday makeup, green-eyed girls with such styling can use shades of champagne or with golden shimmer.

And in the evening you can safely make plum smokey ice. By the way, there is a little trick that will help make the color brighter: just emphasize the lower mucosa with a green kayal.

Brown eyes

Brown-eyed shades of purple are very suitable. They make the eye color deeper and emphasize the nuances of the shade. A very feminine look will turn out, combining classic black arrows with a translucent purple haze at the outer corners of the eyes.

For those who prefer daring looks, shimmering purple smoky eyes are shown.

Grey and blue eyes

On a daily basis, gray-eyed and blue-eyed owners of short haircuts can safely accentuate feathered arrows in makeup and apply pink shadows on moving eyelids.

Draw unusual arrows for the party, like the ones in this video.

How to do makeup if you have a short haircut: step by step photo instructions

You will need:

  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation

  • NYX Professional Makeup Conceal Palette. Correct. Contour - Light

  • NYX Professional Makeup Brow Precision Pencil - Espresso

  • NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette – Warm Neutrals

  • NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede Metallic Matte - 33 Buzzkill

  1. Apply foundation, spreading it over the face with a brush or sponge from the center to the periphery.

  2. Brighten your under-eye area with concealer, covering imperfections if needed. Apply dark cheekbone corrector for a more sculpted face and blend gently.

  3. Line up your brows with a pencil, style and set with brow gel.

  4. Dark brown matte shadow close to the outer corners of the eyes. With matte brown shadows of a lighter one, emphasize the orbital line. Fill the mobile eyelid with light shining shadows and highlight the inner corner of the eye.

  5. Color the lower eyelid with coffee matte shadows. Paint the upper mucosa and ciliary contour with a black pencil or gel eyeliner. If desired, to create a brighter make-up, you can also emphasize the lower mucosa - in whole or in part (closer to the outer corners). Color your eyelashes with black mascara. You can add tufts of false eyelashes to the outer corners of your eyes.

  6. Make up your lips with an unusual berry shade with a shimmery texture.

  7. Add blush to match the lipstick on the cheekbones and blend a little on the sides of the forehead and chin.

    Makeup ready!

Makeup ideas for girls with short hair and bangs

Evening and everyday makeup are seriously different. But for girls with bangs, the difference will be even more noticeable.

Makeup for every day

Bangs are quite an active element of the image in itself. Therefore, we do not recommend overloading the make-up. A no-makeup look is best: even skin tone, natural brows, natural eye shadow, and a layer of mascara.

Evening makeup

In the evening you can afford a little more. If you have long fashionable bangs that go over your eyes, then it is important to emphasize your eyes - for example, with the help of graphic arrows of an unusual shade or bright smokey ice.

In the case of short bangs, you can limit yourself to a light haze.

Contrasting makeup

If you have bangs, it is important to focus on the lips (but don't forget about the eyes too). Otherwise, there will be no balance in the image, and the upper part of the face will be perceived as too heavy.

Are you afraid to overdo it? Then apply at least a tinted balm on your lips.

Did you do short haircuts? Do you think that makeup needs to be adjusted depending on the length of the hair? Write in the comments.