Rocker make-up does not exclude femininity. Let's tell you how to achieve an attractive "negligence"

Rock makeup is useful not only at the concert of your favorite band - there are many reasons to make bold smokes and make up your lips with wine lipstick.

When is rock makeup appropriate?

What image do you imagine when people talk about "rock party makeup" ? You are probably thinking of cheeky smoky eyes, sculpted features, nude lips and expressive brows. After all, this is exactly what a girl of a rock musician or just one of his fans at a concert could look like.

But this makeup works for other occasions too. A make-up with an emphasis on the eyes is good for a club, and for a party (if the dress code does not require restrained severity), and even for a date.

Rock makeup looks

Rocker make-up for girls has certain genre nuances. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Glam rock

Makeup in this style implies a daring femininity. Blush and pink eye shadow will not interfere. They soften the look.

Select the contour of the eyes with a black pencil and lightly blend. In the crease of the eyelid, do not forget to put shadows of a slightly darker shade to make the look deeper. Eyelashes make up with mascara in several layers. The spider legs effect is welcome.

Punk rock

Punk rock make-up would fit the definition of "artistic sloppiness" .It is important to strike a balance here: the makeup should turn out to be dramatic, but at the same time not look sloppy. Dark shades will help you (not only classic black, but also brighter colors - for example, burgundy, emerald or navy blue).

This kind of rock makeup deviates from the classic canon: you can safely complete the look with active lipstick - red, wine or even purple.

Pop rock

In this genre of rock make-up, the main thing is the game of contrasts. Pale lips (this effect can be achieved if you apply foundation or lipstick of a light shade on them) and black or bright brown smoky eyes, combined with a careless hairstyle, is what you need. After all, for a real rocker, the styling should match the image.

Rocker makeup rules for girls

  1. Rocker makeup involves bright accents, which means that the skin tone must be flawless - no redness or bumps. To achieve this result, use a matte foundation, and then fix it with loose powder. And don't forget about concealer (before applying foundation)!

  2. Eyebrows should also be taken care of. Otherwise, against the background of active eye makeup, they will simply be lost. To achieve the desired result will help lipstick for eyebrows. If you prefer pencil, be sure to style your brows with gel.

  3. Now all attention to the eyes. The easiest option is a careless haze or feathered black arrows. To create a beautiful transition, brown, gray, silver and burgundy shades come in handy.But there are no clear rules. The choice of colors is limited solely by your imagination.

  4. Since the eye makeup will be active, the lips can be left neutral. It is enough to highlight the shape with a pencil, and then apply caramel gloss. But if you're willing to take the risk, arm yourself with cherry or dark plum lipstick. Lip lacquer will look no worse (there are, for example, in the YSL Beauty collection). After all, makeup at a rock band concert should be spectacular.

How to do makeup for a rock concert: step by step photo instructions

Before you start rock makeup, prepare everything you need. And then just follow the instructions step by step.

For face tone:

  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup Conceal Concealer Palette. Correct. Contour - 301 Light ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup Mineral Finishing Powder .

For eye makeup:

  • Urban Decay eyeshadow palette - Naked Basics ,

  • Giorgio Armani Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil - 01 ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup Worth the hype mascara .

For lips makeup:

  • NYX Professional Makeup Lip Liner – Peekaboo Neutral ,

  • L'Oréal Paris Infaillible lip gloss - 110 I got the power .

  1. Spread the foundation over your face, then mask the remaining visible skin imperfections with a corrector.

  2. Sculpture to emphasize the relief of the face. You will find all the secrets of sculpting in this video.

    Blend the cream corrector under the cheekbones, at the temples, along the hairline on the forehead, along the lower border of the lower jaw with a tone brush (if you need to correct the oval of the face and make it clearer).

  3. Get some bright eye makeup. Paint over the entire moving eyelid with black shadows, blend the pigment from the outer corners to the temples, then blend the borders around the entire perimeter with brown matte shadows so that the haze effect becomes obvious.

  4. In the same sequence, emphasize the lower eyelid with shadows, emphasize the mucous membranes with a black pencil, paint over the eyelashes with mascara.

  5. Powder your face to set your foundation. Use a drop of blush (but don't overdo it, because rockers don't get very blushed). Instead of blush, you can use a bronzer. Walk them along the cheekbones, the sides of the forehead, the wings and the tip of the nose, and the chin.

  6. Contour the lips with a light brown pencil. Then apply a clear gloss. This makeup adds visual volume to the lips.


Daring make-up for a rocker party

Rock eye makeup will depend on their shade. Let's sort it out in order.

For brown eyes

Great option for brown-eyed smokey ice in purple tones.

But do not forget to work out the eye contour well with a kayala, otherwise the makeup will look unfinished. Light contouring will not hurt either - it will make the cheekbones chiseled.

For green eyes

Do you have green eyes? Smokey ice in wine tones combined with burgundy lipstick will definitely not let you get lost in the crowd at a concert.

And if you are not very strong in make-up with bright shades yet, you can make classic black smokey ice with a liner.

For blue eyes

Glam-rock make-up with juicy pink shadows is perfect for owners of blue eyes. You will learn more about it from our video tutorial.

For gray eyes

Girls with gray eyes will suit slightly hazy eyeliners in combination with shimmering shades of pink or golden hues.

Makeup and hairstyle in rock style for every day

Despite the fact that rock star makeup can be called more than noticeable, some of its techniques can be adopted for everyday makeup.

  • For example, feathered arrows are a great alternative to the classic ones, and they look very fresh.

  • Another idea is smokey. If you replace black with shades of brown or gray, then the resulting makeup is quite suitable for every day.

What makeup would you wear to a rock concert? Share in the comments.