Even if your outfit speaks for itself, make-up shouldn't be seen as an afterthought. Perhaps it is he who will complete the image

Thinking out a beauty look in detail, based on the color, style and overall style of the outfit, is not an easy task: in the case of a coral dress, for example, the fact that its shade borders on brightness and pastel softness creates difficulties .

So the intensity of makeup will have to be adjusted based on your color type in general, and also the color of your hair and eyes in particular.

What shades to choose for makeup under a coral dress?

Coral always catches the eye, but at the same time it is not such a “flash” of color, as is the case with red. Therefore, when creating makeup, take into account the features of appearance - so, spectacular brunettes will not need accents like smoky eyes or glossy lip lacquer. Bright lipstick will be enough.

But blondes, on the contrary, will need makeup that will not let them “get lost” against the background of the dress. Keep this in mind and start by choosing your makeup. Nude scales, brown shadows or a pencil, peach blush will definitely come in handy for you. For lips, choose red, pink neon, the same coral shade or, for example, a completely transparent balm that gives lips a wet shine and visual volume. And if you prefer contrasting solutions, look for blue, green or turquoise eyeliner.

office makeup for a coral dress for a brunette

If you are ready to diversify your office wardrobe with a coral sheath dress, you can easily choose the appropriate beauty look: the clean, strict lines of such an outfit dictate the nature of the make-up that will complement it advantageously. Choose graphics and matte textures - this is the business style in makeup.

  1. Highlight the lash line with pointed arrows - black or, for example, brown. To highlight the eyes more, brunettes can bring the inner contour of the eyes with a kayal to match the liner.

  2. Work out the eyelash contour with a kayal - again, black or brown. Color your eyelashes. How to do it right, we told in this video.

  3. Apply matte lipstick on your lips. Among the most successful colors for this combination are nude, peach, caramel, red-brown (it is better to drive the latter into the skin with your fingertips so that the coating does not turn out to be “heavy” - this effect is best avoided with a coral dress).

Bright make-up for a coral dress for blondes and blondes

Girls with blond hair usually look great in coral shades, but there is a problem: their features fade against a bright background. This means that you can not do without eye-catching colors in makeup.

  1. Red or neon pink lips with a velvety matte finish is an accent that can really help out. Put a highlighter highlight over the “tick” of the lips.

  2. In this case, you don’t need to highlight the eyes with color - shining pearl shadows on the moving eyelid, as well as mascara applied in two layers, are enough.

  3. If you want to emphasize your eyes more, graphics will help out again - draw arrows by choosing an eyeliner that favorably sets off your eye color: purple, blue, turquoise, copper red or even pink with a shimmer.

  4. Another option is to create eye makeup in red tones: for example, cat eye or arrows.

Makeup for every day that will complement the coral dress

Makeup will depend not only on the shade of the dress, but also on the features of appearance - for example, eye color.

Brown eyes

For brown-eyed girls, make-up artists advise choosing products with a shimmery metallic texture: this works much better than darkening makeup with black and gray smoky eyes. A haze of navy blue, purple, emerald, turquoise or, say, burgundy shadows is a great choice.The main thing is that they should be with a shimmer.

The same shadows can be used to draw arrows or create smoky eyes. And yet, shades of brown are better combined with coral color.

Another solution is to accentuate your lips with red or bright coral lipstick. In this scenario, using bright colors in eye makeup is no longer worth it.

Blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, we recommend emphasizing their expressive contrast with the shade of the dress. It is necessary to emphasize the blueness of the eyes - a white kayal applied along the inner contour will cope with this.

You can draw graphic arrows with white eyeliner. This is an option for those who are ready to experiment in everyday makeup.

If you are more conservative, then visually "stretch" your eyes, giving them an almond shape, and at the same time, blue eyeliner and blue mascara can make their color brighter - they harmoniously fit into the framework of casual looks.

You can do it the other way: do a “makeup without makeup” - against the background of beige tones, blue eyes will definitely stand out. Create a light shadow with a medium brown shade in the crease of the eyelids, touch up the eyelashes. Done!

Green eyes

Green-eyed people have the same situation: they need an accent that can draw attention to their eyes. It is important that the makeup elements do not argue with the color of the dress. Suitable green (only it should differ in shade from the shade of the eyes), dark brown, gray, silver.

Wine shades will also look harmonious. They go well with the color of the dress. Don't be afraid to add them to your daily makeup: just apply them in one layer and blend into a soft haze - it won't be "too much" .

What do you most often start from when creating makeup - from the outfit or features of appearance? Write a comment. And if you don't decide on such a bright look, then read what makeup to do with more neutral white and beige dresses.