Not only bright colors allow you to see yourself differently. When it comes to makeover, don't underestimate the power of caramel lipstick

How to emphasize the lips, while maintaining the naturalness of the image? Colorless nude shades are a well-known beauty solution for this case, but far from the only one. Caramel color will cope with the creation of a soft accent.

Who would wear caramel lipstick?

You can't say that caramel shades are wildly popular. The reason is that they are not for everyone.

If we talk about skin tone, then on a “cold” background, caramel-colored lipstick does not look very organic and does not bring harmony to the image. It is best to choose this shade for those who have olive skin (we told you how to determine your skin tone here).

Dark-skinned girls will also like makeup with this lipstick, only its color should be darker than skin tone.

If you also take into account the color of the hair, then caramel on the lips is more an option for brown-haired and dark blond women, and with light eyes.

Variety of caramel lipsticks


Lipsticks with a radiant texture, including caramel shades, give different results: it can be a wet creamy “finish” or a mirror-smooth gloss.

The latter, of course, is more spectacular. If the caramel color itself does not seem expressive enough, it is compensated by the "character" of the coating.

Try, for example, Bare With Me from the NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Gloss collection.


Due to the matte texture, the caramel shade is revealed as effectively as possible - all the attention is attracted by the color.

In the matte version, the caramel color looks deep and rich.

Pay attention to the shade Carnal from Urban Decay's Vice collection. And how to apply matte lipsticks we told here.

With shimmer

Small shimmery particles that complement the texture of the lipstick, allow the color to play in the light. Such an optical effect always makes a winning impression.

Makeup with lipstick in beautiful caramel shades

Caramel lipstick color can perform different makeup tasks. If you are not ready to make a noticeable emphasis on the eyes and would like to limit yourself to applying mascara, then the lips can be highlighted with a slightly more intense color. A caramel-colored lipstick will do the job perfectly in a daytime look.

As for the evening make-up, here the caramel on the lips will play a secondary role - it should not argue with smokey saturated shades or cat eyes with sweeping arrows.

Nude everyday makeup

In a casual look, caramel lipstick may well be the main accent. However, all other elements of the make-up must be carefully thought out and worked out. Try to achieve the perfect skin tone to hide even small imperfections (like redness).

With a caramel tint on the lips, expressive contouring and underlined eyebrows will be beautifully combined.

Even if you were going to use only mascara in your eye makeup, add a barely noticeable shadow for a depth effect. To achieve the desired result, apply a sand shade in the crease of the eyelid and blend well.

Evening makeup with caramel lipstick

For the caramel shade to show itself most advantageously, you need to use adjacent colors in your eye makeup. In an evening look, for example, you can create a dark brown haze along the eye contour using a feathered kayala or draw soft arrows with it, but wide, sweeping - in a word, such that they match the evening makeup. A circular stroke will do as well.

Perfectly complement the image of a product with a shimmer.

Given that the eyes will be bright enough, contouring (at least light) plus color correction of the eyebrows will be required.

If you decide to sculpt with a cream texture, watch our tutorial video.

To understand how else you can use caramel-colored lipstick in makeup, photo and video instructions from makeup artists and beauty bloggers that can be easily found on the net will help you.

Review of the best, according to the editors, caramel lipsticks

  • Sweet Almond Shade from Color Sensational, Maybelline New York

    This warm shade can soften any look. Nutty notes, combined with the caramel sweetness of the shade, have a magnetic effect that is enhanced by a dewy shine - the creamy texture of the lipstick is responsible for it.

    The formula with honey and natural oils guarantees skin comfort. It also provides a sliding application and even distribution.

  • Shade 07 Nude Interdit from Tatouage Couture, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Devoted fans of matte textures can be offered Tatouage Couture lipstick in caramel pink shade No. 07 Nude Interdit, which, on the one hand, is distinguished by nude tenderness, on the other hand, refreshes the image thanks to warm pigments.

    Despite the softness of the shade, the emphasis on the lips will be noticeable due to the matte effect. It's all about the matte finish, which always draws attention to the color. Another advantage of lipstick is its durability (it is no coincidence that the name of the product hints at a tattoo effect).

  • Shade 101 Sand from the Rouge d'Armani collection, Giorgio Armani

    Classic Rouge d'Armani combines intense color (even with 101 Sand) and a creamy texture that gives a very natural finish with a slight sheen.

    This is a good combination for those who are looking for a caramel lipstick for every day - it will be noticeable on the lips, but will not draw attention to itself as a catchy accent.

  • Shade 286 Brun de Coquette from Shine Lover collection, Lancôme

    A distinctive feature of Shine Lover is a translucent texture. This is a lipstick for those who like a hint of color on their lips rather than a dense rich coverage. No. 286 Brun de Coquette is suitable for girls who avoid shades from the brown scale, fearing a violation of harmony in the image. Now you don’t have to worry: in the case of this lipstick, the caramel color will delicately decorate the lips. If desired, the color saturation can be increased by layering.

Which do you think is the best caramel lipstick? Write a review in the comments.