Dyeing red can be a must for self-expression. But is expressive makeup also needed in this case? Let's figure it out

The rule of one accent applies not only to makeup: any image as a whole needs one bright detail to give the impression of thoughtful and harmonious. If there are several accents, they should not argue with each other. In this sense, it can be difficult for girls with red hair to choose the right makeup.

Let's tell you more about what a make-up can be that "makes friends" with red hair.

Is it hard to match makeup with red hair?

If a girl has red hair, the main difficulty when choosing makeup is not to overload the image with flowers.

Black and brown, beige tones, silver and gold, copper and bronze, green, blue, emerald, burgundy, plum are perfectly combined with red. Makeup inspiration using these shades can be found in the photo below.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons all the time in order to understand, for example, that red or wine lipstick can turn an image into a defiant one.

Saturated shades are more suitable for eye makeup. But keep the measure: arrows wide throughout the eyelid, combined with red hair, will look vulgar. Thin lines, translucent coatings are needed. Noticeable accents can also be created using classic neutral colors like black and brown.

As for the makeup of the lips, it is better to avoid red shades, otherwise you risk getting the image of a vamp. Subdued colors and matte textures (how to use them, by the way, we talked about here) allow you to achieve a noticeable, but discreet result - just what you need with red hair.

Don't forget about the correction: use blush and, if desired, bronzer. With the latter, the main thing is not to overdo it. Indeed, against the background of bright hair, any makeup details also become brighter. In order not to make a mistake, use our video instruction.

With these products, the skin will not appear pale. Without blush, pallor cannot be avoided, even if we are talking about medium-tone skin.

Light sculpting will not let facial features get lost against the background of such an active hair color.

Makeup to complement red hair with eye color

We figure out which means and shades will most advantageously emphasize the color of your eyes.

Green eyes

As a rule, they already stand out against the background of red hair. But their color can be made brighter. To do this, you will need cosmetics with a shimmery texture: shadows or eyeliner with a shimmer or metallic effect. For example, Heavy Metal by Urban Decay.

Green arrows, a translucent plum haze along the eye contour, golden brown smokey without much darkening - these are makeup options that will harmoniously complement the red hair color of green-eyed girls.

By the way, one more trick that will come in handy: summing up the mucous membrane with a white kajal. This will make the eyes visually brighter.

Brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls can afford to experiment more with color in makeup. So, if a special occasion is coming, you can draw graphic blue or green arrows.

Beige-brown smoky eyes are more suitable for weekdays. Another option is to shift the color accent from the eyes to the lips: they can be made up with a matte beige-brown lipstick (matte finish attracts attention despite the restrained color).

Blue eyes

Girls with blue eyes should exclude black pencil from their arsenal and replace it with brown. Now you can draw arrows and create haze by blending the pigment along the lash line.

To make makeup add shine and look lighter in general, use metallic bronze shadows.

Silver will do this task even better, giving a more festive effect. Make-up with matte products is suitable for every day. So, with pink-beige shadows, you can slightly darken the crease so that volume appears in the makeup. And if you plan to go to the premiere or a date in the evening, then emphasize the contour of the eyelashes with pink shining shadows.

Makeup Ideas That Go With Red Hair

Makeup should fit the occasion and perform certain tasks.

Makeup for every day

If there is a “warm” redhead in addition to the red shade in the hair color, it must also be taken into account when working on makeup. To create a casual look, you can draw a thin brown arrow or circle the inner contour with the same color, and then blend it into a light haze along the lash line.Another option is to spread shadows with a soft shimmer throughout the moving eyelid. Such makeup can not even be supplemented with mascara.

Evening makeup

In the evening you can show more courage in choosing colors.

The same arrows can be plum, burgundy, red or emerald green.

Complement them with a haze of shadows - cat eye makeup in such rich colors will turn out even more attractive. Another beauty solution is also possible - bright lip makeup. Girls with red-red hair will suit a brown shade with a red undertone, and also neon pink.

For more makeup ideas that will successfully complement the image with red hair, look at the photos.

Do you consider hair color when you do makeup? Write a comment.