The main hit of autumn!

Traditionally, in autumn, with the onset of cold weather, wine lipstick comes to the fore. It goes well with autumn clothing and with the same autumn gamma - black turtlenecks, beige coats, khaki shirts. But which one is better to choose? Take our quiz and we'll find the perfect match for you!

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How often do you use lip products?

  • everyday
  • only on important occasions
  • several times a week
  • difficult to answer

What are your favorite lip products?

  • lipsticks
  • glitter
  • balms
  • tints

Which lip effect do you like best?

  • matte
  • glossy
  • most natural
  • depending on mood

Do you use lip pencil?

  • yes, everyday
  • only for evening makeup
  • I use a pencil not only for contouring: I paint over my lips with it
  • not using
5 / 7

How many lip products do you have in your makeup bag?

  • to 2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • more than six
6 / 7

What is your favorite eye makeup?

  • emphasize only eyelashes
  • arrows
  • smoky eyes
  • don't make up my eyes every day
7 / 7

How long does it take you to do your makeup every day?

  • I don't wear makeup for no reason
  • up to 10 minutes
  • up to 20 minutes
  • more than 20 minutes