Autumn season is in full swing, and everyone who is not indifferent to beauty will remember it with bright beauty novelties. Which ones are worth paying attention to in October?


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Last September was a truly "fruitful" when it comes to beauty industry news. And October is not inferior to him - no less new cosmetics have appeared this month. Let's talk about them in more detail.


  • All Hours Foundation Stick, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    The tool gives a semi-matte finish with a powdery effect. But the format allows you to layer the tone until the desired density is obtained. The formula is oil-free, which partly explains the 24-hour hold of the product; the same property of the composition, in combination with other ingredients, avoids the appearance of oily sheen during the day. By the way, you can use All Hours Foundation Stick not only as a base, but also as a camouflage tool - on any part of the body.

  • The Lightbulb foundation by Shu Uemura

    Shu Uemura's position is that foundation, like other cosmetics, should rather emphasize the merits of appearance, and not just mask imperfections.Therefore, the formula of the updated The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation, which has become a light fluid, is aimed precisely at focusing on the beauty of the skin. In addition, the tool enhances its own natural radiance. There will be no mask effect - the texture of The Lightbulb is very light and "breathable" .

  • Lightbulb Cushion Foundation, Shu Uemura

    Due to the popularity of the classic foundation, The Lightbulb Foundation Shu Uemura decided to release another version of it - in cushion format. It has the same properties as The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation, but applied with a sponge allows for more control over coverage. The formula ensures that the skin feels hydrated throughout the day. A separate advantage is the ability to correct the tone at any time, since the compact cushion format allows you to carry the product with you even in a small purse.

How to use the cushion correctly, our video tutorial explains.


  • Naked Cherry palette, Urban Decay

    The story of the legendary Naked palette continues: its new reincarnation is Naked Cherry, a large palette with 12 juicy cherry shades. They are complemented by beige, soft pink, coral and other colors that allow you to create different combinations in smoky eyes makeup.

    As for textures, there is a wide choice here too: there are options with a matte “finish”, and with satin reflections, and with a metallic effect. The shadows are durable and rich in color, as well as easy to blend - you can create expressive transitions from one shade to another in minutes.


  • L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipstick, Lancôme

    Lancôme keeps the trend for matte lip makeup, but at the same time combines a velvety finish with a slight glow effect. This can be achieved with new light-scattering pigments. Also, this lipstick is distinguished by the softness of the formula - with nutrients like jojoba oil. They are also responsible for care - lips will be comfortable throughout the day.

  • Lipsticks Les Chocolats, L'Oréal Paris

    Like Urban Decay, L'Oréal Paris decided on an unusual color scheme for the new collection; in focus is a range of brown shades, which are hardly used often in lip makeup. But this is another reason to try them. The coffee-chocolate accent will definitely turn out to be expressive, given that the texture of the new products is matte, with a dry “finish”.

    This will not cause discomfort to the lips - all thanks to the presence of a silicone elastomeric gel in the formula. Les Chocolats are also uplifting, given that the new products have a sweet dessert aroma. Read more about the "chocolate" collection in our article.

Which of the novelties of October-2018 would you add to your cosmetic bag? Write about your impressions in the comments.