French on short nails 2023! What will he be like? Bright, noticeable and varied!

French manicure is not afraid of any fashionable storms, it is appropriate always and everywhere. And if you consider yourself to be a loyal French fan, you will definitely like this article: it contains dozens of ideas that will help diversify your favorite nail design.

Before you implement these ideas, you need to make an exemplary jacket. Our detailed video tutorial will help with this.

Short jacket in spring: fashion trends

In spring everything starts with a clean slate: you want to update your wardrobe, get a new hairstyle and an unusual manicure in French style for short nails. Full speed ahead! Here are five ideas for a great spring jacket.

  1. Let spring flowers bloom not only in flowerbeds, but also on your nails. Complement the usual manicure for short nails using the French technique with floral patterns, depict rosebuds, lilies of the valley and tulips. A detailed photo instruction on how to create a flower manicure is here.

    By the way, floral patterns may well be convex and voluminous: it's even more interesting.

  2. Replace the classic white stripe on the tips of short nails with colorful and bright. Or even decorate the edges of your nails with varnishes of completely different colors.

  3. How do you like the idea to decorate the tips of short nails not with an ordinary strip, but with an interesting pattern? You can create simple patterns (for example, fill in the edges with colorful strokes) or entire paintings.

  4. Another fashion trend of 2023 in French is to draw not one strip on short nails, but several at once: different colors, shapes and thicknesses.

  5. If you prefer a classic two-tone French manicure for short nails, the original design will help make the image more fashionable. Make the strip on the edge of the nail very wide: paint the nail with colored polish to the middle.

New summer jacket for short nails

Most often, summer nail design is juicy, bright, unbanal. French manicure for short nails can be just as easy.

  • Glitter and shimmer polishes are an absolute must-have in 2023. Use them when creating a fashionable short jacket. You can, for example, cover the entire nail with a ready-made jacket with a shiny varnish, or decorate the edges of the nails with a shiny texture.

    And how do you like this unusual reception?

  • Minimalist patterns and simple geometry still never go out of style. In summer, create your own avant-garde compositions on the tips of short nails. Or complement a simple basic jacket with Suprematist details.

  • Juicy fruits are one of the main summer symbols. Draw watermelons, lemons, oranges on your nails - our instructions will help you.

  • Even if you don't like rhinestones and shiny confetti, try using them in a french manicure for short nails in the summer. It can turn out elegant and fresh - as in the photo below.

French for short nails for autumn: design ideas

In autumn everyone becomes calmer and slower. And the classic dark autumn manicure fully reflects this state. But it can also be made more interesting with the short jacket technique.

  • Burgundy, brown, gold, copper, beige - use the entire palette of colors of the autumn season to create the most spectacular jacket for short nails.

  • To turn an ordinary French manicure on short nails into a seasonal one, complement it with thematic drawings: images of fallen leaves, bare tree branches, a fox's muzzle.

  • Jewelry for short nails imitating precious stones is one of the main fashion trends of 2023. Gold voluminous accessories in the autumn French manicure will come in handy. After all, they are ideally combined with shades of red and brown scales.

  • Gold glitter or shimmer is also a great idea for an autumn French manicure for short nails.

  • A short jacket in calm "autumn" colors can be diversified due to the unusual texture. You can, for example, paint one of the nails with a varnish with a sand coating effect.

Trendy winter short jacket

What jacket to do in winter 2023 for short nails? For example, one of these.

  1. Classic French manicure already looks quite wintery in itself: the white color on the tips of short nails resembles freshly fallen snow. To maximize the resemblance, complete the image with drawings of a "winter" theme - snowflakes or frosty patterns.

    By the way, if you decorate the tips of your nails using the ombre technique, the association with a snowdrift will be even more obvious.

    How to make such a design yourself, we showed in this video.

  2. A great combination for winter is a short jacket plus a “knitted” manicure. How to create a pattern from the photo below, we analyzed in this article.

  3. The most important event of winter is definitely the New Year. Use New Year's symbols when creating a festive French manicure for short nails. And look for even more ideas for New Year's nail design here.

    If you can't do complex patterns yet, just decorate the tips of short nails with silver or gold polish: it will turn out quite festive.

And in this video - three more options are more difficult.

French 2023 for short nails: 15 ideas

How and how to decorate short nails, creating a French manicure? Ornate patterns, rhinestones at the cuticle, silver stripes and other interesting ideas for a jacket for short nails look in our photo gallery.

The design can be supplemented, for example, with foil. You will learn more about how to use it in manicure in this video.

Actual ideas for a short white jacket

The canonical French manicure for short and small nails, as you know, is done in delicate white and pink colors. But current trends require more unexpected solutions. How to diversify the classic short jacket? Here are five simple and relevant ideas.

  1. Rhinestones and glitter

    Sequins, glitter, rhinestones - shining decorative elements are used in abundance in modern nail design. But if you are in favor of minimalism, complement the short jacket with glitter on one or two nails or just a few rhinestones. The most fashionable technique is to glue them as close as possible to the holes.

  2. Patterns and drawings

    White jacket for short nails with a bright pattern no one will call boring. Place any images on the very tips and in the center of the nails, decorate them with only one nail or all at once. You can do the water manicure that we talked about in this video.

    And look for a few more ideas in the photos below.

  3. Interesting outline

    Can't draw a smooth classic stripe on the edge of a short nail? It's even good: unusual options are in fashion. Draw hearts, squares and triangles on the tips for the most spectacular French manicure.

  4. Silver stripe

    Silver lacquer will serve you well when preparing a fashionable short jacket. Duplicate a white stripe with a silvery one: with such a manicure - at least for a date, at least for a wedding.

  5. It's the opposite

    What happens if you break the basic rules and do a manicure in the French style for nails below the average length completely white, and the stripe is beige or pink? Beautiful and attractive image!

Look for another 100 ideas of a fashionable white jacket in a separate article.

Colored jacket for short nails: a selection of the best ideas

How to make a white jacket more interesting, we figured it out, and in this section we advise how to diversify the color with short nails.

  • Make a short jacket not just bright and colorful, but neon! This look is especially relevant in summer: neon polishes match perfectly with tanned skin.

  • One more trick is to combine neon yellow, blue, pink and green polishes with pastel and nude ones within the same manicure with short nails: the contrast is very expressive.

  • Use more than five polishes of different colors when creating a nail design, combining them in different ways.

  • Don't forget the glitter and shimmer! Bright short jacket shining textures also complement perfectly.

  • Beveled stripe is an interesting and fashionable beauty solution. In addition, it visually lengthens the nails.

  • Bright geometric stripes, "made up" of several colors, will be the very highlight that French manicure often lacks.

French manicure for short nails with a pattern

If you are interested in manicure trends, then you don't need to talk about this trend: a short jacket with a pattern is at the peak of popularity. What looks will be the best solution in 2023?

  • White jacket for short nails in combination with white patterns is a classic that is suitable for both office everyday life and wedding manicure. In the latter case, you can also add some rhinestones.

  • Thematic and "seasonal" drawings also perfectly complement the basic jacket for short nails. In spring and summer, paint flowers and fruits on your nails, in winter - Christmas decorations and snowflakes, and in autumn - maple leaves. Any other occasion can be an inspiration for beautiful nail art: birthday, promotion or travel.

  • Black and white drawings on short nails eloquently declare: you are aware of the latest fashion trends. This color combination will be one of the trendiest throughout 2023.

  • Fill not the entire surface of the nail with a pattern, but only the tips of the nails: such an interesting version of a short jacket will definitely not go unnoticed.

Black French short nail designs

French manicure for short nails, made in black, is the second most popular after white. How to make an image not gloomy, but chic?

  • As we mentioned in the section above, black and white manicure is the trend of 2023. Therefore, when buying black lacquer, bring white to the checkout immediately: when creating fashionable nail art, it will definitely come in handy for you.

  • A black square on the tip of a short nail will give you a fan of the avant-garde and a connoisseur of beauty trends.

  • Another beauty hack: a black short jacket looks especially impressive in a matte finish.

    By the way, in one nail look, it is quite possible to use two variants of black varnish at once - glossy and matte.

  • Add some silver to black: this combination is very festive and luxurious.

  • Trendy graphic French-style manicure for short nails also looks especially good in black.

  • Black polish is a great background for bright nail art.

Red short jacket: 10 ideas

Burgundy, scarlet, terracotta and pomegranate - all shades of red are good for creating a French manicure with short nails.Combine them with each other, place bright accents and mix with other colors - bright and pastel. The stripes can be both wide and very thin, and the design itself can be minimalistic or artsy. We have collected ten options for a successful red short jacket for you in this section. Choose and repeat!

Varnishes that will come in handy for creating a red jacket:

And what French manicure for short nails will you do in 2023? Share your favorite looks and ideas in the comments.