Do you think shimmery products are impractical? In vain - they are indispensable when you want to throw off the burden of gray everyday life. How to use them in makeup?


  • Shimmer Base
  • Shimmering Face Powder
  • Sparkling Eyeshadow
  • Shimmery Eyeliner
  • Shimmer Lip Gloss

" Flicker effect" even sounds nice, not to mention how it looks.But many do not dare to try it, fearing that the image will turn out to be defiant. In fact, the only question is how to use such tools. We will tell you how to create a beautiful shimmery makeup that will be appropriate in everyday life.

Shimmer makeup review

When discussing radiant makeup, we tend to keep eye shadow in mind. But shimmery textures are not only found in this category of products.

Shimmer Base

In a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's Touche Éclat Blur Primer, gold particles seem to be dissolved - it is these sparkles, very small, but still capable of creating a visible radiance effect, that provide the skin with a fresh look. A good addition to any make-up - both festive and daytime.

In addition, this base smoothes the skin, tightens the pores and evens out the tone, and also provides nourishment - thanks to a complex of four oils in the composition. We talked about different ways to apply primer in this tutorial video.

Shimmering Face Powder

Shine powder (like Shu Uemura's The Lightbulb is not originally made for the holiday season, it's a must have for those who want to rid their skin of dullness.

As a rule, sparkling particles in such a powder are very small - they cannot be seen with the naked eye; from the side, it seems as if the skin glows “from the inside”. In the case of The Lightbulb, everything is as intended - the effect should be natural, and for this the powder is made translucent. This is more practical than a foundation with a shimmering effect, because you can apply powder only to those areas that you want to lighten slightly. The cream, if spread all over the face, can give the impression of a greasy sheen.

But Urban Decay's Naked Illuminated is a different story: this powder should give the skin a more noticeable and expressive glow.Baking technology made it possible to obtain a product with a shimmer without a cold tint with a metallic effect. A layer of powder falls on the skin, like the sun's rays, slightly highlighting it with a soft, warm golden sheen.

By the way, you can use it not only on the face, but also on the body (for example, it can be used to emphasize the collarbones and shoulders in an open outfit). To emphasize the radiant effect of a tan, use another special tool - it can be, for example, shimmering bronzing powder Illuminator from NYX Professional Makeup. With its help, you can not only refresh the skin tone, but also perform a correction.

To get a similar result using the tools that are at hand, put a little dry highlighter on the brush along with the usual powder.

Sparkling Eyeshadow

Urban Decay's Moondust collection is what you need if you're looking for the perfect metallic eye shadow.

The shimmering texture of Moondust Glitter Eyeshadow creates smooth coverage with dramatic color shifts and dazzling highlights. One stroke of the brush is enough for the product to give the look a joyful shine, and the image - a festive flair. By the way, make-up artists recommend applying these shimmery eyeshadows wet if you want a higher color saturation and with it a more pronounced glow. Find metallic makeup ideas here.

Shimmery Eyeliner

Eye makeup created with shimmery eyeliner will be more discreet - it will suit more those who like graphics, strict clean lines. So, Holographic Halo Cream Eyeliner in a jar from NYX Professional Makeup allows you to draw lines using a brush.

Small reflective particles in the light create a holographic effect.

It will be even more noticeable if you use the gel texture of the eyeliner as shadows and blend over the eyelid.

Shimmer Lip Gloss

With the help of lipstick, as a rule, either a creamy shine or a coating with a mirror gloss effect is achieved. To get shimmer, glitter is added to it, but this is more an option for a catwalk or beauty shoot. In everyday life, it is better to use a shimmery lip gloss. This is, for example, L'Absolu Gloss Sheer from Lancôme. A color texture that glistens wetly in the light, complemented by a small shimmer.

Do you experiment with shimmery makeup from time to time? Write a comment.