Anything but a boring classic? Those who are ready for bold experiments with manicure are waiting for neon nail polishes


  • Features of neon manicure
  • Design in neon shades: 2023 trends and ideas
  • Trendy neon nail polish colors

If a manicure is done with neon polish, you can't just call it bright - it's a real explosion of color on the nails, which even without design will not go unnoticed.True, like many other unusual beauty solutions, neon manicure requires moral preparation - it is difficult to predict whether the varnish will be too “flashy” or not. Let's talk more about how to use neon colors in manicure and what options exist for neon design.

Features of neon manicure

The main feature of neon manicure is, of course, its brightness. Not everyone can afford to wear this color on weekdays, so experimenting with neon varnish is often left for the holidays.

But there is a nuance here: you need to keep in mind that neon nails contrast even more strongly with tanned skin. This property of neon shades is well known to those who have ever bought a swimsuit in such colors.


Before creating a neon manicure, it is better to check if the varnish glows in the dark. Otherwise, it may come as a surprise when a moderately bright daytime manicure in the evening begins to show its “acidity”.Decide if you need such a result, even at the stage of choosing a coverage.

If you want a manicure with neon polish to look catchy at any time of the day, use a life hack: apply white polish as a base, and then spread the color.


Design in neon shades: 2023 trends and ideas

Neon nails don't have a chance to go unnoticed even with a plain finish, but this is no reason to refuse interesting design options. The most fashionable beauty solutions for 2023 are in front of you.

Neon french

Judging by the photos in beauty blogs and on the pages of popular nail masters, there can be a great many variations of a jacket using neon varnish. And they all look quite original on the nails so that a manicure with a familiar design is not considered banal.

"Acid" tips in tandem with a neutral matte background or a combination of two neon colors in the french technique - both options are possible; also in such a design, neon and nude are often combined - a neutral powdery shade of varnish. The result exceeds all expectations: a soft and delicate contrast is obtained.


Matte neon manicure

Contrary to expectations, the matte "finish" does not reduce the brightness of the neon manicure. On the contrary, the color due to such a coating becomes even more catchy. Someone completely mattifies their nails, while someone chooses more complex beauty solutions - and matte makes only the color blocks of the design itself. Even if there are not many of them, the contrast of textures will make the nail art more expressive.


Neon gradient

One of the main advantages of neon shades is that they all blend freely with each other.Therefore, you can use any colors to create a gradient manicure: pink and yellow, green and blue, blue and red - they look good in a pair, and the ombre effect will make the duet even more harmonious. By the way, as in the French manicure, in a gradient one you can successfully combine neon and a soft skin tone.


Detailed instructions for creating a gradient on nails can be found in our video.

Neon geometry

Ombre is about blurry lines and soft transitions of shades from one to another, but a design with graphic and geometric elements made using neon varnishes is its complete opposite, but no less interesting solution.


The manicure with neon "shards" folded into a pattern in stained glass style is especially popular.

Neon moon manicure

Another classic design take on neon nail polish. The easiest way is to make neon holes, and leave the main coating transparent. Of course, the background can also be colored.

And there are no restrictions on the choice of shades. You can complement the neon moon manicure with small rhinestones or, for example, silver glitter - in case such a design in its “pure form” seems to you not expressive enough.

Neon splashes

This is not just a polka-dot manicure for you. The design with spots, blots and drops looks much more modern - this approach allows you to develop a relevant art theme.

Make the background white, and "splatter" green, pink, yellow and other neon varnishes on top. Aim for sloppiness for a more abstract-artistic result.


Neon signs

Be inspired by the streets of the night city and use these impressions in your manicure. Neon signs can be depicted on a black coating selected as a background. Or make a few inscriptions with neon varnish - again, over black.

Speaking of black. You can do it differently and draw, on the contrary, in black on a neon background. Palm trees, flamingos, cocktail glasses - motifs inspired by summer holidays appear most often in such a neon manicure. However, it can be ordinary fantasy patterns. The main thing is to create contrast.

Trendy neon nail polish colors


Neon-pink manicure is probably chosen most often: the result, despite the brightness, looks very feminine. A great option for those who want to diversify their nail design, if they usually prefer calmer colors.



This shade is unmistakable: it looks just like an acid yellow marker used to highlight important things in text. This, by the way, is in the NYX Professional Makeup collection. Read more about how to use this color here.



Neon with a "redhead" is what is most suitable for summer. It's bright and seems to "glow" on nails, even though the formula doesn't include special effects for dark.



A less extreme choice is neon blue polish. Pay attention, for example, to No. 96 Kinetic Blue from the La Laque Couture collection by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté - unlike pastel blue, this one will only be a slightly more noticeable accent in your beauty look.However, you should not expect extreme brightness from it - and this is more a plus than a minus.


Have you ever decided on a neon orange or glowing yellow manicure? Did you like the experiment with neon pigments in nail art? Write about your experience in the comments.