Fashion and beauty are inseparable - look for proof in the new Wanted makeup collection, which L'Oréal Paris launched in collaboration with Isabel Marant

The atmosphere of freedom of the Wild West and the romance of the French capital are combined in one Wanted collection, a cosmetic collaboration between L'Oréal Paris and designer Isabelle Maran, who founded the fashion brand of the same name.

Together they presented the optimal set of tools that allows you to create a complete image in any style in just a few minutes.

Features of the Isabel Marant x L'Oréal Paris makeup collection

Isabelle Maran tried to create a collection at the junction of two styles - to "make friends" audacity and cute charm. In addition, she conceived a universal set of tools that allow you to do both natural and more expressive makeup with "talking" accents. At the same time, it was important that the image easily turned from daytime to evening.

The textures and shades are such that makeup is easy to apply, even without a brush and sponge at hand, doing makeup almost on the run.

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Isabel Marant x L'Oréal Paris collection review

Color Riche Smile lipsticks

The Isabel Marant x L'Oréal Paris collection includes a line of matte lipsticks Color Riche Smile (by the way, you can learn how to apply matte lipstick here). There are seven shades in total.

Five of them are bright: red, hot pink and plum. Two more were included in the collection especially for nude lovers.

All of them "lay" on the lips with an even, smooth layer and attract attention not only by the beauty of the color, but also by the soft matte finish.

Neat black cases with an optimistic Smile inscription are pleasing to the eye and look good in a cosmetic bag.

How lipsticks from the collection look in real life, popular beauty bloggers demonstrate.

Asmat Chkotua

Galia Rover

Diana Korkunova

Karina Istomina

Karina Nigay

Maria Melnikova

Natalya Rudova

Amaze Lip & Cheek Gloss

Double use - in tubes with the inscription Amaze: with this tool you can make up your lips and add a natural blush to your face. The built-in plush applicator allows you to distribute the product easily and quickly. Thanks to the formula, the shine adapts to the skin tone and thus provides a natural result.

Smoke eyeshadow palette

This compact palette has only two shades of shadows: matte black and emerald with shimmery particles.

Even this, Isabelle Maran is sure, is enough to create dozens of eye makeup variations. It can be one-color smokey with a grunge effect, obtained by careless application with fingertips, and a neat evening eye makeup with a cat eye effect - both colors can be used here. Shadows can also be used to draw arrows with a beveled brush.

Eyebrow and eyelash gel Wanted

With this colorless gel, you can fix the curve of the eyebrows, and also slightly emphasize the eyelashes, creating an attractive “wet” effect. Or use as a mascara base. A win-win choice for creating natural looks.

And how exactly to use the eyebrow gel, we told in this video.

You can find ideas for beauty looks using new products in the photo below.





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