L'Oréal Paris eyelash products are loved by makeup artists, celebrities, bloggers and all the women of the world. Mascara certainly belongs to the bestsellers of the brand. We tested six top sellers and gave them an honest verdict


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L'Oréal Paris eyelash benefits

Macara is the hallmark of L'Oréal Paris. In the assortment of the brand, even the most fastidious beautyholics will find their ideal eyelash product. Lengthening, volumizing, curling, creating the effect of false eyelashes - at L'Oréal Paris you will find the mascara of your dreams.

With different brushes and effects, all of the brand's eyelash products are long-wearing and highly pigmented, which is why L'Oréal Paris mascara is loved by professionals.

Beginners, on the other hand, love the brand's products because they are easy to use: thanks to the "smart" applicators, girls can get a result comparable to the work of a professional makeup artist.


L'Oréal Paris mascara formulas deserve special attention. All of them are suitable for girls even with very sensitive eyes.

L'Oréal Paris mascara contains a complex of silicones: it is responsible for durability and for the fact that the products are easily distributed through the hairs.

Different versions of the brand's mascara not only perfectly perform a decorative function, but also take care of eyelashes. So, for example, the Paradise Extatic formula contains castor oil, which nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes along the entire length.

Mascara Tips

  • Carefully coat the upper lashes in a zigzag motion from root to tip, curling them with a brush.

  • If you are going to color the lower eyelashes, then start makeup with this one.

  • For an extra curling effect, use a curler. Remember: curl your lashes with a curler before applying mascara!

  • Do not forget about the expiration date of eyelash products: after opening the package, mascara can be used for no longer than six months.

  • A life hack that will allow you to refresh your mascara if it suddenly begins to dry out quickly: add a couple of eye drops to the bottle.

L'Oréal Paris Mascara Review

  • Miss Baby Roll Mascara

    Great product for girls who expect volume from mascara.

    The secret of Baby Roll is in a unique brush: the bristles are of different sizes and arranged in a spiral. Thanks to this, the mascara is distributed very evenly and without lumps. In addition, the spiral helps to create a curling effect.

    The tool is durable: the volume and color of the eyelashes remain unchanged throughout the day.

    This mascara is best applied in a zigzag motion: this way the bristles of different lengths can color each eyelash, give them volume and twist.

  • Paradise Extatic Mascara

    Intense black volumizing mascara. It is enough to apply the product in one layer to get a full eye makeup.

    The brush with soft bristles easily covers all hairs. The mascara does an excellent job not only with a decorative function, but also with a caring one: it contains natural castor oil, which nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes.

    First, carefully paint over the roots of the eyelashes with mascara, slightly lifting them. Then apply the product in zigzag movements along the entire length, moving towards the ends.

  • Unlimited Mascara

    This mascara will make your lashes look like they were done by a professional make-up artist.

    The brush handle bends at a 35 degree angle, which allows you to accurately work on the corners of the eyes and lower lashes.

    The consistency of the mascara is creamy, so the result is neat and without lumps.

  • Telescopic Mascara

    Love long, carefully parted lashes? Then the famous Telescopic is for you.

    The innovative flexible plastic comb is responsible for the "magic" , which carefully separates the cilia and creates a laminating effect. With a flexible brush, even access to the corners of the eyes is no problem.

    The formula isn't as pigmented as Paradise Extatic, so it looks like you have incredibly long natural lashes. Apply with a light pulling motion for maximum effect.

    Do not be afraid to layer the product: the mascara will look neat and natural on the eyelashes, even if applied in several layers.

  • Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara

    Volume, length and ultra black in one bottle. This universal mascara solves all possible problems at once.

    Unlike many products that create the effect of fluffy and voluminous lashes, Volume Million Lashes also perfectly separates them, making the look "open" and open.

    A brush with a thick and fairly long bristle "combs" the cilia well and gently stains them, avoiding sticking and leaving no lumps.

  • Bambi Eye Oversized Mascara

    Lengthening mascara for a touching look Bambi will separate the eyelashes without lumps and give them incredible volume.

    Handy silicone brush will help you easily achieve the effect of false eyelashes.

L'orÉal Paris mascara makeup

The main advantage of L'Oréal Paris eyelash products is that you can create any make-up with them: from the most natural with barely emphasized eyelashes to a dramatic evening look.

The pigment of L'Oréal Paris products is so rich that even if you apply only mascara and do not use shadows and pencils, the eye makeup will turn out bright and expressive.