The third beauty test is ready! Complete it for a chance to win a special prize - a portrait of yourself painted by an illustrator

We continue the series of beauty tests. Hint: look for answers in our articles. The first person to answer all the questions correctly (like the September winner Rimma) will receive their own portrait painted by a professional illustrator. Detailed rules can be found at the link. Good luck!

UPD: October winner is yzroic[email protected]

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Who is peach lipstick best for?

  • Fair skin girls
  • Girls with dark skin

What part of the body helps determine skin type?

  • Wrist
  • Ears

Which foundation is best for girls with olive skin?

  • Matte effect
  • Shiny effect

Which eye makeup is best for girls with bronze skin?

  • Nude
  • In bright colors
5 / 7

Which brush is best for tinting eyebrows?

  • Beveled
  • Straight cut
6 / 7

In September we learned how to create boho makeup. Remember what accent should be on the lips?

  • Bright red or plum
  • Nude
7 / 7

When eye makeup, girls with impending eyelids should choose

  • Matte shadows
  • Shiny shadows