Until recently, only matte textures were at the peak of popularity. But glossy lipsticks did not remain in the shadows for long and should be in any makeup bag today. And here's why


  • Features of glossy lipstick
  • What is a glossy lipstick?
  • How to use glossy lipstick?
  • Makeup with glossy lipstick in different colors
  • Good glossy lipsticks: our choice

Glossy lipstick is a great solution not only for the “going out” look, but also for everyday makeup. In this article, we will tell you more about the features of this lipstick. And how to create a harmonious make-up with its help.

Features of glossy lipstick

It would seem that this tool is related to lip gloss. However, only the glossy shine makes them similar. There is a fundamental difference - a bright, saturated color. You should also not confuse this lipstick with cream - the latter has a very natural wet finish. Gloss also declares itself with a dazzling radiance. It is the radiance, by the way, that provides the effect of volume.

What is a glossy lipstick?

The most common form of glossy lipstick is liquid, in tubes, like lip glosses, with a soft "plush" applicator built into the cap.Manufacturers are constantly working to ensure that the liquid texture of such lipstick does not cause discomfort - it is not sticky and does not feel on the lips.

Glossy lipstick often has caring properties: a liquid texture allows you to saturate the formula with moisturizing ingredients. Unlike matte lipsticks, which can dry out lips (however, not all of them), glossy lipsticks do not make the skin feel tight.

How to use glossy lipstick?

1First, use a lip primer to even out the surface of the skin and “fix” the borders of the future coating. In the case of a liquid glossy lipstick, this is simply necessary, given that its texture can easily go beyond the contours without proper lip preparation. As a base, you can choose, for example, Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil from Urban Decay.2For insurance (especially if you are not a pro in makeup yet), outline the outline with a pencil - either nude or matching lipstick.

By the way, lip makeup for every day can be done with just one pencil. How? We talked about this in our video.

3Gently apply lipstick first along the contour (it may be easier for you to do this without blots not with the built-in applicator, but with a separate brush). Then fill in the central part with color.

Makeup with glossy lipstick in different colors

Let's look at a few ideas with which you can easily create a spectacular makeup.

Calm everyday makeup with nude lipstick

Lipstick with a glossy effect has no place in everyday make-up? This is not so: it is enough to choose a shade from the nude range so that the mirror shine of the coating does not attract too much attention to itself.No. 100 Acqua lip lacquer Ecstasy Lacquer from the Tokyo Gardens collection by Giorgio Armani can be suitable for every day.

Compatibility with classic black arrows for this tool is optimal.

Romantic look with pink lipstick - for a date

In make-up for a date, too, as a rule, do without bright colors. Therefore, if you decide to emphasize the lips with a glossy varnish, opt for a pink or, for example, a peach shade. You can find this one in Shu Uemura's Laque Supreme collection - it's BG02.

It is easy to combine with different eye makeup options: it can be shimmery shadows, and a slight haze along the contour, and cat eye arrows.

Makeup with burgundy lipstick - for a party

Burgundy glossy lipstick is an option exclusively for the evening: even if your style allows for bold experiments, such coverage on the lips during the day will seem something unjustified.Dark cherry polish can become the basis of an evening look, and in this case it can be supplemented with an accent on the eyes.

Three good glossy lipsticks: our choice

  • Lip Lingerie Gloss, NYX Professional Makeup

The Lip Lingerie collection includes a wide variety of nude shades that are good for creating casual looks. According to the editors, this line is one of the best for nude fans.

And the glossy "finish" is not a hindrance to this - it will only add feminine appeal to the image.

  • Lip Paint Lacquer, L'Oréal Paris

Combination of rich color and "smooth" glossy shine - this is about Lip Paint Lacquer from L'Oréal Paris.Thanks to its soft texture, the product “lays down” on the lips so that there is no feeling of discomfort. The external effect is complemented by the caring properties of the lipstick: the composition contains oils that provide 8-hour hydration.

  • Vernis à Lèvres The Holographics, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Along with classic polishes, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté offers an unusual version with a glossy effect combined with holographic overflows - in a separate collection Vernis à Lèvres The Holographics. By the way, this line also includes neon lip lacquers, a test drive of which can be viewed here.

Neon reflections will provide a result that is guaranteed to be remembered by others.