Eyebrow gel is a tool for those who are generally satisfied with their shape, density and volume. How to choose the right shade?

Who needs brow gel?

If by nature you have thick, wide and bright eyebrows, they can only be combed, “styled” and fixed. This can easily be done with a regular clear brow gel. But for those who also want to visually make the eyebrows even thicker and more voluminous, while giving them color, you should use a tint gel.

How to use it?

Choose brow gels with a brush, like Maybelline's Brow Drama, and apply like a mascara. More details in our video instruction:

How to choose a shade?

When choosing a tinted eyebrow gel, you need to consider hair color.

  • Girls with golden or dark blonde should choose a light or caramel gel.
  • Platinum or light blondes - a shade of "blonde" .
  • Blondes with reddish to golden brown hair - caramel or chestnut.
  • Women with light brown to medium brown hair color - caramel.
  • Brown-haired women with medium to dark brown hair - brunette gel.
  • If the hair color ranges from dark brown to black - a shade of espresso (English espresso).
  • Granite shade gel will be organically combined with hair of a gray shade, gray or dark gray.

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