Tricks from top makeup artists who aren't afraid to break the rules. Experiments bring interesting results that may be useful to you as well

  • Lipstick can be applied directly from the stick, with an artificial lip brush or with your fingers. However, if you want a weightless finish that changes the color but not the texture of your lips, try applying lipstick with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Any classic or liquid lipstick, as well as lip tint, will look completely different with this application. And yet, shading lipstick with a fluffy brush, you can achieve a neat effect of kissed lips, spending a minimum of time.

  • The same natural fluffy eyeshadow brush will come in handy if you want to blend liquid concealer under the eyes as naturally as possible. The soft bristles allow the concealer to go on in a thin layer and blend into your skin tone, perfect for trendy nude makeup.

  • A thin and long eyeliner brush is a great tool for spot correction of the skin. Type a corrector in the color of the foundation on it and gently apply to the redness.

  • If the imperfections are larger, try a natural bristle barrel brush. It perfectly extinguishes shadows, but is no less effective in disguise. The soft fluffy texture of this brush blends the edges of the concealer completely imperceptibly and creates the impression of perfect skin.