Shimmer blush instantly gives the skin a rested look. We tell you which ones to choose

Baby pink or peach blush? Sometimes, you want not only to give your face freshness, but also shine. We talk about the best blush that will do the job!

By the way, it will be useful to learn how to properly apply blush on the face. This is 50% of makeup success.

  • High Definition Blush, NYX Professional Makeup

    It contains a small shimmer that looks very natural on the cheekbones. Another plus: blush is economically consumed. There are many shades to choose from, so every girl will find the right one for her.

  • Blush Subtil Palette, Lancôme

    Delicate and long-lasting compact blush - in two three-color palettes. Each has three different shades (contouring, blushing and highlighting), but each of them with a shimmer. Choose the palette that suits you (Nectar Lace for tanned girls, and Rose Flash for pale and normal complexions). So you can achieve a natural blush and light relief.

  • Blush Volupté, YSL Beauté

    Blush Volupté comes in a handy palette with mirror and brush. You will find the palette in five versions for different skin types. Mix them with a small shimmer in the center to give the face not only freshness, but also radiance. A bonus is a fashionable gold case with a convenient lid.

  • Afterglow Blush, Urban Decay

    16 shades of blush - from classic pink to unusual purple and brick - what you need not only for every day, but also for a party. You will find blush with both fine shimmer and a soft shimmery finish. A stylish silver case with Urban Decay engraving deserves special attention. And how to apply unusual shades of blush, read here.

  • Blush Alliance Perfect, L'Oréal Paris

    The blush contains vitamin C, so they are suitable for girls who want not only to refresh their skin with a blush, but also take care of its he alth. The texture is crumbly and the finish is soft and natural. Choose from six shades ranging from peach to vibrant pink, depending on the effect you want.

    Do you like this blush? Looking forward to your feedback!