Blush refreshes the face and gives it a he althy look. But only if their color is chosen correctly

When we apply foundation, we lose our natural glow. Blush comes to the rescue - a must have for any cosmetic bag, you just need to choose the right color.

As a rule, blush is matched to the color of the skin and hair, but the easiest and most reliable way to choose the shade of blush that suits you is to pinch your cheek a little. The color that appears on your face is your natural blush. By choosing a similar shade from the cosmetic blush palette, you can imitate natural freshness at any time.

But it would be boring to use only one color of blush, besides, makeup can be done in both colder and warmer colors, and blush of the same shade will no longer be able to help in both cases.

Therefore, the basic recommendation for every girl is to have two colors of blush in her cosmetic bag: pink and peach. By the way, look for photos of the best "winter options" in this article.

If you have chosen pinkish, purple, blue and other cool shades in your eye and lip makeup, complete the look with pink blush.

When your makeup is done in warmer colors, golden, brown, marsh, use peach blush.

Combining the colors of the entire make-up with a touch of blush is necessary so that the whole image looks more harmonious, and the blush on the cheeks does not seem extraneous and artificially drawn on the face.

Also, in order to make the blush look as natural as possible on the face, apply it not only on the cheeks, but walk the rest on the side surfaces of the forehead, the center of the nose, chin and neck. The changes may not be too obvious, but visually it will complete the image.