What kind of manicure is considered classic? How to do it right? What alternative types of manicure are worth paying attention to and why? Answering these and other questions

how do you do a classic manicure in a salon?

If you sign up for a classic manicure, the master will do the following:

1Remove old coating2Gives shape to nails3Prepare a softening bath in which you dip your hands for 10 minutes;4After the skin softens, the master cuts the cuticle with nail scissors or nippers and cleans the nail plate from pterygium with a spatula;5Degrease nails;6If necessary, cover the nails with colored or transparent varnish;7Apply cuticle oil and hand moisturizer.

To do a classic manicure at home correctly, follow the same step-by-step instructions.

" Pitfalls" of classic manicure

  • Inaccurate use of cutting tools often results in cuts. Not only are they very painful and spoil the look of a manicure, the main danger lies in the likelihood of infection if the sterilization and disinfection of the tools and hands of the master was not done properly. Therefore, pay special attention to the condition of the master’s workplace, whether the tools were opened in front of you, whether the master put on gloves - we’ll talk about what else you need to keep in mind when doing a manicure in the salon.
  • Many experts insist that the cuticle is a necessary protective barrier created by nature for a reason.It protects the sensitive area of the matrix from the penetration of contaminants and mechanical damage. An inexperienced master, trying to cut the cuticle, can damage the soft nail plate where it is just being formed. This can interfere with nail growth and cause grooves and dimples to form.
  • After soaking in the bath, the nail plate absorbs water and expands. The applied varnish does not have such mobility and the ability to adapt to changes in the nail plate, so it can quickly start to chip off.

Given these facts, many consider classic manicure to be outdated.

alternatives to classic edging manicure

In recent years, the so-called European manicure has gained popularity, which is based on the principle of unedged cuticle removal. In the European unedged manicure, a special remover is used, which is applied to the area around the nails and literally in a minute softens the skin and allows you to remove dry areas of the cuticle and pterygium with an orange stick.Cutting tools in such a manicure are used only to remove burrs, and therefore unedged manicure is recognized as the most gentle and safe.