Unbearable to wait when it comes to drying nail polish. What means and tools save the most impatient?

Drying is a remedy for those who do not want to waste time? Yes, if you use ordinary nail polishes in your manicure. In order to cope with gel polish, you need a special drying lamp. All of them are of different types. Which one to choose?


Some people find it most convenient to use a dryer, which must be applied to the nails as one of the layers of varnish. Such a drying-coating reduces the time of the final "hardening" of the varnish to 10 or 15 minutes.For comparison, without this tool, you can’t give free rein to your hands for about an hour, or even more - there will still be a chance that the varnish will be smeared with careless movement. Plus - such drying serves as an additional protective layer that prolongs the life of a manicure.

Drip Drying

Drops for drying nails - ideal for those who, when doing a manicure, get tired of being careful not to stain the cuticle. Even if the drops spread over the skin after application, they simply dry out and leave no traces behind.

Spray Dry

Spray is the least hassle: you can quickly spray your nails one by one with it and complete the manicure. Some sprays are able to thoroughly dry not only the top coat of varnish, but even two or more! After applying such drying, the nails will be “in complete safety” in a matter of minutes: nothing will be smeared.

UV lamp

Doing a permanent manicure with gel polish? So, you can’t do without a lamp for drying this coating.Gel polishes do not harden in air (you can read about this here). Even for a couple of days under the sunlight, such a manicure will not dry up to the end. All because of the polymer composition of shellac - it can harden only under intense influence, which special lamps are capable of. In UV devices - fluorescent lamps, which, however, need to be changed every two or three months. Otherwise, they will overheat, but their radiation will weaken, so there will be no talk of a good quality manicure with shellac.

LED lamp

Another type of gel polish drying lamp is LED. Inside such lamps there are LEDs, and they work better: they dry shellac several times faster than UV devices. If the first cope with their task in 2-3 minutes, then the second - in a short time from 30 to 60 seconds. In addition, LED lamps are more durable - LED replacement is not required.

CCFL lamp

Not all lovers of long-lasting manicure are still familiar with this category of lamps.CCFL is a device that uses lamps filled with gas, which emits light under the influence of electricity. The benefits are longevity, power (dries polish very quickly), less energy, soft light that doesn't blind your eyes, and no risk of overheating.

What lamp do you use to dry gel polish? Write a comment.