What is the most convenient way to draw arrows? The best eyeliners in felt-tip pen format according to the editors of FashionVIPdergisi.com

Still haven't found the perfect marker eyeliner? We tell you which one is better to choose - both for elegant thin and wide graphic arrows.

  • Master Precise Eyeliner, Maybelline New York

    This felt-tip pen is designed for those who need neat, thin arrows for every day.Master Precise has the thinnest applicator: at its tip, the volume is only 0.4 mm. Suitable for drawings, not like arrows! Color saturation is added to the accuracy of application - all thanks to the formula with ink-based pigments. By the way, the line includes not only black eyeliners, but also colored ones.

  • Colored Felt Tip Liner, NYX Professional Makeup

    Colored Felt Tip Liner is called the best among colored felt-tip liner: NYX Professional Makeup made sure that this tool can draw blue, green and even white arrows! The saturation of shades, a pleasant matte finish, and the durability of the formula are added to the variety of colors. Not only do the arrows last all day, they also “freeze” so quickly that you don’t have to be afraid of fingerprints on the eyelid.

  • Super Liner Blackbuster, L'Oréal Paris

    L'Oréal Paris has not just a felt-tip pen, but a marker for drawing bold lines for half a century - just right for those who love bright graphic accents in make-up. The fact that the applicator of the Super Liner Blackbuster is wide will not affect accuracy: the outlines of the arrows will turn out to be clear, there will be no blots. The arrows will retain color saturation throughout the day, but for reliability, do not forget to apply a primer on the eyelids.

  • Grandiôse Liner, Lancôme

    Grandiôse Liner is not only one of the best among markers. It is also not at all like other eyeliners. All thanks to the handle with a hinge that allows the brush to bend at an angle of up to 35˚ - you can draw arrows without “breaking” your hands. The lightweight, water-based formula is also long-wearing: it contains a latex polymer that creates a protective layer to keep the eyeliner from smearing and smearing.

  • Eye Marker, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    How to get bold wide arrows, and not just bold lines on the eyelids? Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has the answer - Eye Marker with a sharp cut on the applicator. Easy, gliding application and long-wearing color make this eye makeup a favorite.

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