If nature has not rewarded you with big lips, do not rush to resort to the help of cosmetologists. Pencil, highlighter and gloss will help increase lips without pain and rehabilitation periods

How to make plump lips? Follow these simple rules - especially since there are only five of them.

Don't forget to moisturize

A good balm can not only relieve dry lips, but also significantly smooth out wrinkles, nourishing the lips and giving them volume. Start your makeup by moisturizing. Apply a generous layer of lip balm to your lips and let it absorb while you tone your face and color your eyes.

Before you paint your lips, blot the remnants of unabsorbed balm with a paper towel. Do not overdo it so as not to "dry" your mouth again. Lips should remain slightly damp.

Highlight your upper lip

Highlighting the checkmark above the upper lip gives the impression of natural volume. To achieve this effect, apply a highlighter or light shimmery shadow just above the top line, then gently blend out to the sides to the corners of the lips.

Trace the outline with a pencil

With brownish pencils slightly darker than the color of the lips, you can realistically draw the contour a little beyond the natural border. Bring the lower lip a little lower to create the effect of the shadow of a plumper lip, and also step back a little beyond the natural contour from above. The light highlight on the upper lip from the previous paragraph should remain above the contour drawn with a pencil.

Choose the right lipstick

If you want to visually increase the size of the lips, do not use matte lipsticks. Due to their dry texture, they will not only emphasize wrinkles on the lips, but also reduce their volume. Choose creamy and glossy lipsticks. Avoid using too dark lipstick colors that also reduce the size of the lips. Apply lipstick directly from the stick within the drawn outline, or dab it on your fingertip and pat onto lips for a more natural effect.

Glitter up

Apply a dab of translucent gloss to the center of the lips above and below, blend with a lipstick brush or fingertip. This highlight will add extra volume to the lips. And for the maximum possible effect, cover your lips completely with gloss.