No time for a full makeover? You can make up your eyes not only with shadows! Some fresh makeup ideas on the run


With the help of a highlighter, you can highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow area. And if you apply it to the entire moving eyelid, you get a very radiant and fresh look. You can learn how to use a highlighter of different textures here.


This product can highlight the crease of the eyelid just as well as eye shadow. Type the sculptor on the brush and blend along the entire orbital line, this will enlarge the eyes and emphasize their depth.Also, with the help of the sculptor, you can visually lift the corners of the eyes and make the look more cat-like, if you apply it to the area from the corners of the eyes to the temples and gently shade.


Peach, reddish, brownish shades of blush look very advantageous on the eyelid, adding brightness and depth to the eyes. Walk blush from the "apples" of the cheeks to the temples, along the sides of the forehead, along the central part of the back of the nose, the tip of the chin, make a few strokes with a brush over the eyelids and add a little on the neck. This "complex" approach to applying blush helps to create a very natural look with a natural freshness effect.


Apply to lips with fingertips, dot on cheeks and blend. Then run your fingers along the eyelid. You will get a fashionable monochrome look with harmonious makeup. You can read about other ways to use lipstick here.


Shining warm bronzer can be used all over the lid, blending into the crease. This will harmoniously complement the "sunny" look if you have already applied bronzer to the sides of the face.